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  1. Jackie Chan/Checkmate. As it's one we've, y'know, heard a bit of. I'm always baffled by people who go, "I think Elvis Presley and the Monster of Soul aka Soul Monster is the best unreleased song" or whatever, based on nothing more than a title. How can you possibly judge anything about the song without hearing at least some of it? Or even a description?
  2. The magic of GN'R covers - what's next

    I wouldn't consider myself a pop fan, but Fergie and Lady Gaga have fucking phenomenal voices. A lot of those singers are wasted doing pop, as a cursory glance at Fergie's live performances with Slash shows. There are an awful lot of people who adopt a tribal stance to music – god forbid that a pop act should ever sully a rock act by collaborating with them. The difference between music fans who base their entire identity on hating one music genre or another, and the actual musicians in those bands, is that musicians recognise and appreciate talent regardless of genre. Hence why you'll see Slash collaborating and performing with everyone from Michael Jackson to Bob Dylan to Chic to, yes, Adam Lambert, while his more blinkered fans froth at the mouth.
  3. The magic of GN'R covers - what's next

    I hope they collar a female guest vocalist (Fergie? Lady Gaga?) and belt out Gimme Shelter. It's always baffled me that Slash had Izzy and Fergie right there in the studio when he was doing his solo album, and he didn't think to cover it.
  4. Anyone heard anything about Reading Festival? They're supposed to be announcing the second of their three headliners this week...
  5. Who's going to be the 3rd guitarist?

    Yeah, I always got the impression that the three-guitar set-up was as much to do with stopping any one guitarist from becoming a Slash-style icon who could become a rival to Axl as it was to do with the band's sound. Which came back to bite him, in a way – it led to people saying, "It takes three guitarists to replace Slash."
  6. Buckethead was fucking magical. As good a player as Ron is, and as nice a person as he is, he just wasn't on the same level. I do find myself wondering if, with the return of Slash and Duff, the floodgates will open on all that hoarded material that's been in circulation among a limited circle for years. Surely the CD remix album, VMA 2002 rehearsals and the Vegas '01 proshot aren't going to be worth anything to hoarders now.
  7. GNR Arrangement/Style

    I'm really looking forward to hearing how Fortus' style meshes with Slash. Imagine his Mick Taylor-esque KOHD riffs with Slash's bluesy hard-rock licks layered over the top of them. It'll be fantastic.
  8. Wasn't Bumble's beef that he wanted to present Axl with completed songs that he'd get a sole writing credit on, and Axl prefers to work a different way – composing songs from multiple different riffs and ideas?
  9. Frank makes perfect sense; the Fortus/Ferrer rhythm section is tried and tested, and has even proved it can work with Duff. For something with as much riding on it as the GN'R reunion, you need reliability; with the amounts of money being thrown around, you want as few volatile elements as possible. Axl has proved to promoters that his GN'R touring line-up can deliver the goods in a reliable, efficient manner. Effectively all they're doing is subbing out Slash for DJ and Bumblefoot from the 2014 SA touring line-up – why risk having the wheels fall off the wagon by introducing potentially destabilising elements like Sorum and Adler into the mix? It's just not worth the bother, and they can always bring them (and Izzy) in for fan-pleasing guest appearances.
  10. He doesn't owe you an explanation any more than he owes other fans a happy ending.
  11. Ginger, obviously. Carpet matches the drapes, no?
  12. Why? Axl has said that Sorry wasn't about the old band – it was pretty emphatically a response to the fans and management who wanted him to "shut up and sing". If Madagascar's about the old band, it's very oblique – and it'd be a good opportunity for Richard to take a solo spot, since he's done that before. Scraped... yeah, no. And Prostitute is less about the old band than it is about Axl's determination to not sell out. I think pretty much anything from Chinese Democracy is up for grabs, apart from maybe Shackler's, Scraped and Riad.
  13. Genuinely, I'd love to hear Richard's version of KOHD with Slash soloing over it. Their styles would complement each other so well.
  14. Press or no press???

    I'm going to cling to the notion that Axl saw the response to that recent picture of him, and realised that he needs to be in shape when he makes his first big public appearance – the story needs to be "Guns N' Roses are back and in top form!" and not "Fat Axl crawls back to his old bandmates."