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  1. Opener for Summer N.A. Tour?

    Pretty sure Axl wouldn't let Corey anywhere near the building after that stunt he pulled with the piano.
  2. Axl Joining AC/DC? New pic posted on TMZ

    Noel Gallagher is always good for an acerbic quote. Like the time he did a DVD commentary for Oasis' videos, and hated them all. http://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2014/jan/22/noel-gallager-hates-oasis-videos Or the time he ripped on the launch of Jay-Z's Tidal streaming service – "Do these people think they're the fucking Avengers?" http://www.nme.com/news/noel-gallagher/85178
  3. Opener for Summer N.A. Tour?

    Plus that means GN'R can cover Gimme Shelter with her. Win-win!
  4. Depends, really. Is Slash willing to do the "tease" version of the WTTJ intro pioneered by Finck? In that case, WTTJ is the perfect opener. I'd love to hear Perfect Crime, just for variety's sake – it's been Chinese Democracy and WTTJ for the last decade and a half, now.
  5. Guest Appearances

    Kanye. I'm not even kidding. He's pop-culture's currentAxl Rose figure, he's even been known to wear a kilt. I'm genuinely surprised that Axl hasn't turned up as a guest vocalist on a hip-hop track, at some point, actually.
  6. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    I think we can probably rule Reading/Leeds Festivals out; the last headlining slot will be co-headliners, which I couldn't imagine GN'R agreeing to:
  7. Isn't he thinning a bit on top these days, hence why he always wears a hat of some sort when he's out and about (even if it isn't the iconic topper)? You'd think with that GN'R reunion money he'd be able to shell out for some Wayne Rooney-style hair transplantsurgery.
  8. Depp was a guitarist before he was an actor; he fell into acting by accident. He's pretty bloody good at the guitar, too: Wouldn't mind hearing what he could do if you put him in a room with Izzy...
  9. Well, you know... she probably gets that from her dad.
  10. Jackie Chan/Checkmate. As it's one we've, y'know, heard a bit of. I'm always baffled by people who go, "I thinkElvis Presley and the Monster of Soul aka Soul Monster is the best unreleased song" or whatever, based on nothing more than a title. How can you possibly judge anything about the songwithout hearing at least some of it? Or even a description?
  11. The magic of GN'R covers - what's next

    I don't think Izzy's too keen on collaborating with teen-pop-singers, and I would absolutely hate to see Guns N' Roses working with Gaga/Beyonce/Bruno Mars/Adam Lambert or any of those guys. I don't think I stand alone with this opinion. I wouldn't consider myself a pop fan, but Fergie and Lady Gaga have fucking phenomenal voices. A lot of those singers are wasted doing pop, as a cursory glance at Fergie's live performances with Slash shows. There are an awful lot of people who adopt a tribal stance to music – god forbid that a pop act should ever sully a rock act by collaborating with them. The difference between music fans who base their entire identity on hating one music genre or another, and the actual musicians in those bands, is that musicians recognise and appreciate talent regardless of genre. Hence why you'll see Slash collaborating and performing with everyone from Michael Jackson to Bob Dylan to Chic to, yes, Adam Lambert, while his more blinkered fans froth at the mouth.
  12. The magic of GN'R covers - what's next

    I hope they collar a female guest vocalist (Fergie? Lady Gaga?) and belt out Gimme Shelter. It's always baffled me that Slash had Izzy and Fergie right there in the studio when he was doing his solo album, and he didn't think to cover it.
  13. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Anyone heard anything about Reading Festival? They're supposed to be announcing the second of their three headliners this week...