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  1. Is there a HD version out of this show ? besides the youtube one? where can i get it ? or atleast watch it ?
  2. Where can I read the latest?

    Where can I read about the latest rumours, watch new videos and find out whats going on nowadays? Rumours and confirmed stuff.. I used to come here to read the latest in the world of GN'R, but now all I see is topics about Axl's hair and other nosence.. Going on for 50pages.. The reason I'm here today is cause I heard that there are some HD concert footage in the works? When and where is the London show airing and is the Las Vegas show beeing released? Are there any rumours out there on new material?
  3. That Metal Show with Axl Rose

    Nothing ?
  4. That Metal Show with Axl Rose

    Nothing ?

    Where can I download the show? the quality sucks on youtube..
  6. That Metal Show with guest Axl Rose [Sneak Peek]

    A few can's of coca cola.. yes..
  7. That Metal Show with Axl Rose

    Anyone have it ? Torrent or something ? the youtube one wasnt to good
  8. That Metal Show with Axl Rose

    Anyone have it for download ? Torrent ? The quality on the youtube one wasnt to good WAS SUPPOSED TO POST THIS IN THE VIDEO SECTION, NEED NEW GLASSES thankyou goodnight
  9. That Metal Show with guest Axl Rose [Sneak Peek]

    Can I download the show from anywhere ?!?!? thanx
  10. Just bought a new full hd Samsung 8series tv. and i was wondering how i change the resolution on PS3, the menu on my ps3 startwindow is crap compered to a friends of mine's, and my tv is "better" Its connected with a hdmi cabel.
  11. Norway vs. Danmark tonight

    Anyone know where i can watch the game for free? livestream
  12. Pink Floyd: Why did Roger Waters leave ?

    By the way.. everyone who likes Pink Floyd should see theese two videos of them reuniting on May 10th this year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUYzQaCCt2o&feature=share http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZqS7LAyup4&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL Listen too the audience when they hug in the secong video! You try to google what went down in the Gnr camp back then and see if what comes up is accurate.. Most of it is worth nothing..
  13. I am really in to Pink Floyd, and have been for many years now. I just dont know to much about the people in the band. Why did Roger Waters leave? I Heard David and Roger used to hate each others guts after the break-up. Is there a short version of what happened ? If someone was to ask about what happened to Axl and Slash it would take me a year to explain everything, was what went on with Axl and Slash something simular ?
  14. Official Bergen, Norway may 31'st thread

    I Really hope so!
  15. Official Bergen, Norway may 31'st thread

    The crowd i Bergen was awfull.. Nothing compared to the crowd in Oslo in 2006, but that could be because there was less people here.. Bergenlive, the company behind bringing them to bergen said they will never work with Axl again, they lost a shitload of money on him, and this show. The show all together was a bit dissapointing to me. Everyone on stage was awesome, gave it theyre best, i just liked the oslo shows better, cant put my finger on why. They left out the songs i really wanted to hear on the setlist, but thats no shocker to me, cause it was the first show of the tour. I am never going to wait in que this long for any show again, 8 hours from i got there till they started to play, im getting old, i was worn out standing there. was standing all the way up front, in the middle, with the fence. I waited longer in oslo '06, that still tasted better.. Nothing special happened this time around for me, nothing mindblowing and exitig, feel like i have seen it all now. Ive been a fan for so long, seen so many dvds, so many liveshows, read so much on this forum, its just all getting boring, and its sad, i hate it.. Beta took a walk between the stage and the crowd during the show, she saw i recognized here, i smiled at here, she smiled at me, she came over and shook my hand, and i said "nice to meet you" she said it back. That was cool. Oh! and i got Bumble's pick. it says "GNR" with the logo, and "bumblefoot" on the other side