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  1. This encounter happened moreso through marriage than anything else. My wife's (now ex-wife) mother is related to Donna Summer. They are 2nd cousins or some shit. I went to New York to meet her one time back in 2000. Donna was very sweet and cordial. Plus she was an Amazon
  2. I don't know if this would be considered "old school" or not but I base this off of Lauryn Hill not releasing an album in 20 years. This song came out in 2013 so technically it's not olld but I would love to see her come back in a big way and show these other chicks how it is done
  3. It's 18 episodes for this new series. The original had 30 if you include the pilot. I can tell you why Lynch's stuff is watchable and it's because he films like they are moving paintings. You could grab just about any shot and could frame it. I also think Mark Frost deserves accolades as well because he knows how to lay the foundation and keep things grounded. Lynch is able to take Frost's contributions and shape them. They both work very good together.
  4. Avant-garde can sometimes be a refuge for the untalented

  5. Chrysta Bell She is the femme fatale. She's got a hell of a voice and is a pretty good actress.
  6. Melissa Reese - Girlfriend
  7. Yes!!! I have a theory about that (and others as well). What really made me punch my fist was Jaques-Michael called The Roadhouse as The Roadhouse. Got sick and tired of seeing newbies and lazy reviewers calling it The Bang Bang Bar. That was never the name of it. Anyways my theory
  8. John Oswald - Plexure
  9. I tend to spend any extra money on film and/or music equipment. Clapperboard Crow feathers for a prop seance board I'm making (yes the feathers are fake but that is because you cannot buy or sell real crow feathers) Fake blood (I made using a base of corn syrup, clear laundry detergent, and food coloring)
  10. The Bloody Video Horror That Made Me Puke On My Aunt Gertrude With a title like that you can tell that this is high quality cinema
  11. Monster Magnet - Nod Scene (The Resin Scrapers)
  12. Accept - Fast As A Shark
  13. T-Ride - Zombies From Hell (they were like if Faith No More had Joe Satriani on guitar and vocal stlyings of Queen)
  14. I think it's the zig-zag pattern on the red room floor makes people feel nauseous. Hopefully Agent Cooper will be re-Cooperated by then if you catch my drift. Naomi Watts finally was able to get something she can chew on except being pissed off housewife and leading DougieCoop around. The junkie woman and the kid are still mysterious. She yells 1-1-9 which obviously backwards in 9-1-1. I have a theory that the kid and her are different versions of The Chalfonts/The Tremonds from the original series and Fire Walk With Me. The letters that Hawk found look like the missing pages of Laura's diary. There is a screenshot where the name Annie was written on one of the pages. In Fire Walk WIth Me Annie tells Laura "My name is Annie. I've been with Laura and Dale. The good Dale is trapped and he can't leave. Write it in your diary" Annie was Dale's love interest in the original series. The whole reason why this clue was found was because it had to be found by using instinct, moreso than traditional logical methods, such as case files. The thing that we can assume from Dougie is that his behavior now isn't so out of the ordinary. There's been several people saying "well Dougie is just having one of his episodes" I have no idea why that woman was killed by mini Vin Diesel. She did send people to kill Dougie but the reason remain unclear. Yeah that was Laura Dern. She is playing Diane, a character who Dale always talked to in his tape recorder, but we (the audience) never got to see. For a long time the theory was that Diane only existed in Cooper's head but I never bought into that because in one episode he asked her to send him some silicone earplugs because there were guests (Icelanders who wanted to help develop Ghostwood Estates) staying at The Great Northern. They always made a ruckus when Dale was trying to sleep. Then in the next episode or two Dale recieves his earplugs
  15. And The Titles For Twin Peaks Parts 9 Through 12 Are… http://welcometotwinpeaks.com/news/twin-peaks-part-9-10-11-12-titles/ Showtime has added new captions for four upcoming parts of the new Twin Peaks. Part 9: This is the chair. (July 9, 2017) Part 10: Laura is the one. (July 16, 2017) Part 11: There’s fire where you are going. (July 23, 2017) Part 12: Let’s rock. (July 30, 2017) So far, all of the titles have been lines spoken by characters in the show. Part 1: My log has a message for you. (Margaret Lanterman aka the Log Lady) Part 2: The stars turn and a time presents itself. (Margaret Lanterman aka the Log Lady) Part 3: Call for help. (Dale Cooper) Part 4: …brings back some memories. (Bobby Briggs) Part 5: Case files. (Dale Cooper) Part 6: Don’t die. (MIKE aka The One-Armed Man) Part 7: There’s a body all right. (Unaired) Part 8: Gotta light? (Unaired) Take a guess, which characters will deliver the captions for Parts 7 through 12?