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  1. Probably it was later. I know the premiere dates are very close together but the pilot episode of Twin Peaks was shot in 1989 and for international audiences it was shot with a closed ending (Cooper's dream sequence with the midget basicaly) in case it never got picked up for series.
  2. “I'll see you again in 25 y̶e̶a̶r̶s̶ HOURS!” Countdown clock for Twin Peaks http://welcometotwinpeaks.com/countdown/ ...and with that this will be my last post on this thread. I hope everybody has enjoyed this long and bumpy ride for a show that is set to have a new season after 27 years. I know that a large majority of this thread was just me giving updates and shit but I did it for the few fellow Peaks freaks here. I'll see you in The Black Lodge..
  3. Earth, Wind & Fire - Getaway
  4. You got that backwards my friend Twin Peaks - April 8, 1990 – June 10, 1991 Northern Exposure - July 12, 1990 – July 26, 1995
  5. Twin Peaks’ David Lynch & Kyle MacLachlan Reveal What It’d Take To For Season 4 To Happen http://www.alternativenation.net/twin-peaks-david-lynch-kyle-maclachlan-what-itd-take-season-to-happen/ Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch and star Kyle MacLachlan discussed the future of the series beyond its revived third season on Showtime in new interviews today. David Lynch told USA Today, “You never say never.” Kyle MacLachlan said in a Hollywood Reporter interview, “It’s a good question. I don’t know. David has said: ‘Everything is Twin Peaks.’ It leads me to believe that there are other stories to tell. I think it’s just a question of whether David and Mark want to tell them. I don’t know. But I’m happy. Revisiting the character, working on this character again, was really such a thrill. And working with David again. It had been a long time since we had the director-actor relationship. That was spectacular. Hopefully it’s not the last time. I hope there’s more that we can do together, whether it’s Twin Peaks or not.” David Lynch told Rolling Stone, “I have no idea. It depends on how it goes over. You’re going to have to wait and see.” Lynch also told Rolling Stone about shooting the new series, “Oh, the woods are full of mystery. It’s really great. Daytime woods are really beautiful, but at night, the mystery quotient goes way up and it’s a real beautiful experience. The woods in the Northwest, they’re friendly woods. I guess you could come across a bear, though by and large they’re very friendly. But they still hold a mystery. They’re kind of overwhelming when you’re in them and it’s night.”
  6. Put me in a time machine and send me back to 1994. Merril Bainbridge
  7. First 8 Parts Of The New Twin Peaks Now All Have Brief Yet Intriguing Descriptions http://welcometotwinpeaks.com/news/twin-peaks-parts-1-8-descriptions/ Showtime recently added vague descriptions for Twin Peaks: The Return Parts 1 through 4 to their website. Here’s a refresher: Part 1: My log has a message for you. Part 2: The stars turn and a time presents itself. Part 3: Call for help. Part 4: …brings back some memories. As we all know, the first two hours will air on May 21st, with parts 3 and 4 immediately available on-demand for those who can’t get enough. If you need some time to digest the two-part premiere, 3 and 4 will also air back-to-back on May 28th. Today, the next four installments were given descriptions. Although meager —some are just two words long— it’s enough to capture your imagination anyhow. Part 5: Case files. Part 6: Don’t die. Part 7: There’s a body all right. Part 8: Gotta light? These parts air respectively June 4, 11, 18, and 25. Will we see the first body, wrapped in plastic, in Part 7 or earlier? And whose quote is that? Who’s the smoker in part 8? Your thoughts?
  8. Do yourself a favor and watch it Just don't watch the movie "Fire Walk With Me' first because it is very spoilery, being that it is a prequal and all of that I've been a Twin Peaks fan since it originally aired back in 1990
  9. Twin Peaks Offers First Look At Dr. Jacoby & Ben Horne In New Photos http://www.alternativenation.net/twin-peaks-offers-first-look-dr-jacoby-ben-horne-new-photos/ Twin Peaks have shared four new photos from their upcoming revival season on Showtime, featuring the first look at Ben Horne and Dr. Jacoby. You can view the photos below! Also check out new Twin Peaks podcasts from Obnoxious and Anonymous below, and remember to go to Twin Peaks Worldwide! Laura Dern also discussed finding out about the new Twin Peaks in a recent W interview, “I went up to the house and [David Lynch] gave me a cappuccino. I don’t drink coffee. I don’t smoke cigarettes but it’s just part of being in David’s life that somehow both things happen, at least when I’m acting for him and usually when I’m around him. We had a conversation. He started describing something a little while ago and I could see he was dreaming up an idea and he would hint at a mood or a feeling he had around this character. And I didn’t know if it was a movie. I had no idea what he was talking about. So he just left me with that almost eerie magic. And then he had the reveal of, ‘Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to make Twin Peaks…”
  10. WOW OK I just finished watching a film called "Black Mass Of The Nazi Sez Wizard." Holy hell where to start. I'll say straight off that this a completely non-linear film. Thankfully one of the actresses read out the director's disclamier regarding that before it began. This was like some low budget arthouse hallucinogenic horror film. It's only 60 minutes long. Every aspect of this movie is fucked up. If you are into gore and vomit and yes you read that correctly, then give it a watch. (this is supposedly a prequel to a trilogy of movies called The Vomit Gore series)
  11. New Twin Peaks Characters And Locations Introduced In “It Is Happening Again” Teaser http://welcometotwinpeaks.com/news/new-twin-peaks-characters-locations-teaser/ With the return of Twin Peaks drawing even closer, another trailer has been released--and this one actually features some real dialogue. Whereas last week's Twin Peaks trailer featured only a single word--Hawk saying, "Really"--this one has a bit more, including a pair of actual, complete sentences. Given the secrecy that's involved what the upcoming series will be about, that's exciting news for fans who have waited more than 25 years for a continuation of the series. The new trailer also distinguishes itself from last week's by featuring new characters. While we do still see some returning faces--including Cooper, Andy, Lucy, Shelly, Gordon, and Albert--we're also afforded a peek at a number of new characters, including those played by Ben Rosenfield, Madeline Zima, Leslie Berger, Nicole LaLiberte, Gia Carides and Jessica Szohr. Twin Peaks' new season is comprised of 18 episodes and debuts on Showtime with a two-parter on Sunday, May 21 at 9 PM ET/PT. The following two episodes will be released through the network's streaming service on the same day, with ensuing episodes airing on Sundays until a two-part finale on September 3.
  12. Watch “Twin Peaks” Characters Return 25 Years Later in New Trailer (ALL NEW FOOTAGE) http://pitchfork.com/news/72110-watch-twin-peaks-characters-return-25-years-later-in-new-trailer/ “Twin Peaks” returns very soon. The beloved David Lynch show returns with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, May 21 at 9 p.m. Eastern on Showtime. Today, there’s a new trailer for the new season, showing how the characters have changed since the program last aired. It features appearances from: Ed Hurley, Carl Rodd, Laura Palmer’s mother Sarah, Deputy Andy Brennan, Deputy Hawk, and, of course, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. The only speaking part in the trailer goes to Hawk, who says, “Really.” Watch the new “Twin Peaks” teaser below. The latest trailer follows another clip that revealed new location footage. The cast also reunited for an Entertainment Weekly photoshoot. In addition to its Showtime premiere, two new episodes of “Twin Peaks” will show at the Cannes Film Festival. Follow all of Pitchfork’s “Twin Peaks” coverage here, and revisit our feature “The Discomfort Zone: Exploring the Musical Legacy of David Lynch.”
  13. Fastbacks - Gone To The Moon (female fronted grungey pop punk band that isn't the atypical pop punk band)
  14. New Teaser Revisits The Town Of Twin Peaks 25 Years Later http://welcometotwinpeaks.com/news/teaser-twin-peaks-locations-25-years-later/ Showtime’s latest Twin Peaks teaser revisits a handful of familiar locations twenty-five years later and through a digital lens. Not much has changed at first sight… Or has it? Which differences strike you the most? Also note the sound of e-lec-tri-ci-ty between shots.