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  1. I would go with Dave Sardy because it would be so out of the box https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Sardy
  2. When pop music has become self-aware you get this... Sophie - BIPP
  3. New Teaser. Basically it's for the first 2 seasons and Fire Walk With Me.
  4. Nobody will EVER be above my queen.
  5. 009-1 The End Of The Beginning Sometime in the future, the world primarily consists of two geographical powers, the Western Block and the Eastern Block. And between the two lies J-Country. J-Country is often the setting for the two powers as they wage constant battles against each other. Mylene is a cyborg and undercover agent from the western block and is often waltzing around J-Country on different missions. On one such mission involving human trafficking, she meets an attractive man and is seduced by his charms. As she returns to headquarters to prepare for her next mission she is unable to get the young man off her mind. To add to this, certain memories begin to flash back as she sets about trying to rescue a Dr Faust who was responsible for her creation and who has now been abducted by the Eastern Block. Great action flick - 7/10 (good story, fast paced and violent action scenes, tons of blood, nice use of CGI) plus the main character can shoot bullets out of her tits Trailer -
  6. Thank you both Really I just use very rudimentary gear and record all of it in my living room. I've done other stuff than what you've heard. Some going back as far as 1996 during the Tascam 4-track casette days. I'd post the other projects and collaborations (different genres) but they're all on Internet Archive. If you wanna hear that stuff just drop me a PM. I just put out whatever pops in my head. Now here is some of the sound design/sound art I make. These videos are from an upcomming low budget surrealistic horror movie I'm making. There is no dialog, just all experimental soundtrack. All of the scenes that occur in my house (the one in these videos) are finished but not all are edited. Hopefully I can shoot at the other 2 characters house soon. Was almost done doing the stuff over there last year but some shit went down so I have to reshoot all of it at their new place. Enjoy.
  7. This isn't a movie scene but from a TV Show called Lucky Louie. I'm surprised that this made it to air even though it was on HBO. It's funny but soooo fucked up.
  8. How about both? XD I don't know how well my stuff will be recieved since it is not even remotely close tol what everybody else here makes. Some of it is noisey psychedelic scuzz, some of it is feaky folk shit, some of it is shoegazey. Either way, enjoy.
  9. Not my music but I did make a music video for this underground artist from NYC called Watergh0st
  10. NonChalant - 5 O'Clock 5 O'Clock in the morning, where you gonna be? Outside on the corner
  11. Just found out about this British chick. Her music is OK but her face and her body is just slammin' Charli XCX
  12. Hard to pick a favorite scene from this movie cause the whole film works in a tipsy topsy way. I present you Dolemite
  13. QT - Hey QT This is what happens when bubblegum pop and avant garde collide
  14. Twin Peaks To Premiere At The 2017 Cannes Film Festival http://welcometotwinpeaks.com/news/twin-peaks-cannes-2017/ Twenty-five years after Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, director David Lynch will return to the Croisette with a continuation of the Laura Palmer mystery. It was announced today that Showtime will preview the first two parts of the “18-part feature” at the 70th anniversary edition of the festival which kicks off May 17, 2017. Ever since Showtime announced the May 21st premiere for Twin Peaks, it’s been noted that the timing would be perfect for a world premiere at the prestigious film festival. A date for the screening hasn’t been announced yet, but the festival runs May 17 through 28. Monica Bellucci, who is part of the new cast, is the festival’s Mistress of Ceremonies. Other special guests in attendance are to be announced. There will be a Hollywood premiere for Twin Peaks as well.
  15. Therapy? - Nausea