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  1. Whats next for ac/dc?

    They've lost two lead singers and continued on. They've lost the original rhythm guitarist (who is family) and contined. I wouldn't be shocked if somewhere down the line they move forward. My question is, will Axl be involved. I personally would love that.
  2. What are THE best Axl/DC videos so far? Let's make a list!

    I'm hoping some quality videos from this leg turn up. I'm stoked!
  3. The videos are badass! I personally would love to see Nightrain or Mr. Brownstone next. Keep up the great work dude!
  4. Not really show specific but interesting to note (to me anyhow) on this day in 1970 The Doors played in San Diego. To all those going tonight, have a blast! What a ride this leg has been.
  5. Dead Horse, Perfect Crime and Reckless Life? I understand why people wouldn't like Riad or Scraped but they're not the worst by far. So Fine, Shotgun Blues, Get In The Ring, You Ain't The First and Move To The City are all worse than those mentioned above in my opinion.
  6. This is so hard to do, and I know it will change. 5) Sweet Child O' Mine - The Ritz 1988 - I never liked Axl's vocals for this song during the Illusions tour. And it's been a hit or miss song since then. Ritz 88 was a fantastic blend of great vocals and energy. Awesome. 4) Paradise City - Wembley Stadium Freddie Tribute 1992 - This is the Illusion line up at it's finest in my opinion. 3) This I Love - Adelaide, Australia 2010 - I just recently rewatched this performance and WOW! 2) Welcome To The Jungle - MTV VMA 1988 - The energy is off the hook during this rendition. 1) Mr. Brownstone - Paris 1992 - I've always loved this show as a whole, but Brownstone is the highlight for me. Matt's hard hitting drumming, Slash's improv guitar intro, Godamn! An othet nomination would be Knockin' On Heavens Door from Boston 2002.
  7. In fantasy land, I would love to hear a few older gems like Shadow Of Your Love and Ain't Goin Down.
  8. I think Axl has been sounding pretty badass on this tour. Very much looking forward to theAC/DC shows in a few weeks!
  9. I really enjoyed Apocolyptic Love. World On Fire has a few good tunes on it, but as whole I did not enjoy it as much. Same for Slash's first solo record, maybe 4- 5 really good songs. Let's hope GN'R start putting together a new record soon.
  10. I thought you meant Slash's solo records. Slither would rock!
  11. Zakk is great. The first few BLS records in particular are awesome. They opened for Guns in 2011 and I was a bit bummed they weren't playing at the gig I was going to.
  12. Great videos! I look forward to Coma. Thank you very much!
  13. Star Trek Beyond

    Same here. The first Star Trek film I watched was 2009, and I thought it was great. The second one was fairly good as well so I will most definitely go see this one.