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  1. To me, it's always been Guns N' Roses. There are moments through-out the last 16 years that have been amazing. Boston/Albany/Toronto 2002 were fucking great!. Re-watching this VMA performance it's clear something was wrong, however the energy alone makes up for it. Plus, Madagascar was epic.
  2. Thank you so very much! These boots kick ass!
  3. Chinese Democracy is a great fucking record. There are versions of songs I've liked better than what materialized on the finished product though. I love The Blues from 2002 more than the record. Over all though, Appetite and Chinese are my two favorites. Followed of course, by UYI2 than UYI1.
  4. I really do not like Courtney Love, however I find it extremely ironic that she was removed from a GNR after party for being too intoxicated.
  5. I realize people are happy that Guns N Roses sound more like Guns N Roses used to, but discrediting the past shows is a head scratcher for me. anyways, sounds like a great show, and I look forward to videos.
  6. The video is awesome! Makes me sad I won't be going to see this lineup live though.
  7. The fan club shit aside, I'm disapointed that I cannot afford to get a ticket which I feel comfortable spending the money on. $250 doesn't get GA? Fuck that!
  8. It looks as if both GA pit and floor seating in Toronto is VIP prices. I won't be going to see Guns N' Roses.
  9. Ive been at it for an hour. Fuck this.
  10. At this point I really don't understand why I paid for the membership.
  11. Now Toronto isn't pulling up the $250 priced tickets at all. This is bullshit.
  12. I would have though Nightrain presale would offer GA for Toronto? I'm not paying to sit far from the fucking stage!
  13. He most likely sound like he did a year ago. With that being said his 06' -07' or 2010 vocal would be great!
  14. I feel that Boston, Albany, Toronto and MSG NY in 2002 were all better showsthan Rio 2001.