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  1. Chinese Democracy is a great fucking record. There are versions of songs I've liked better than what materialized on the finished product though. I love The Blues from 2002 more than the record. Over all though, Appetite and Chinese are my two favorites. Followed of course, by UYI2 than UYI1.
  2. I really do not like Courtney Love, however I find it extremely ironic that she was removed from a GNR after party for being too intoxicated.
  3. I realize people are happy that Guns N Roses sound more like Guns N Roses used to, but discrediting the past shows is a head scratcher for me. anyways, sounds like a great show, and I look forward to videos.
  4. The video is awesome! Makes me sad I won't be going to see this lineup live though.
  5. The fan club shit aside, I'm disapointed that I cannot afford to get a ticket which I feel comfortable spending the money on. $250 doesn't get GA? Fuck that!
  6. It looks as if both GA pit and floor seating in Toronto is VIP prices. I won't be going to see Guns N' Roses.
  7. Ive been at it for an hour. Fuck this.
  8. At this point I really don't understand why I paid for the membership.
  9. Now Toronto isn't pulling up the $250 priced tickets at all. This is bullshit.
  10. I would have though Nightrain presale would offer GA for Toronto? I'm not paying to sit far from the fucking stage!
  11. He most likely sound like he did a year ago. With that being said his 06' -07' or 2010 vocal would be great!
  12. I feel that Boston, Albany, Toronto and MSG NY in 2002 were all better showsthan Rio 2001.
  13. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    I've never been to a concert at Rogers Centre and I only hear bad things about the sound, so ACC would be great.
  14. I would happily listen to any unreleased song, Chinese sessions or other.