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  1. Duff vs Izzy

    Duff. All song writing talks aside, I think Izzy would be the least appealing to watch in a live setting, especially on a stage the size of these stadiums. Slash, Duff and Axl are great to watch.
  2. Thanks, I certainly had things mixed up.
  3. Just a question. When Axl was asked by TMZ about a reunion and his rebutal was "Not in this lifetime" this was in 2014 correct? It's possible things were already being discussed?
  4. Pitman suing Axl

    Regardless of what's been said, I doubt Axl is "broke". Sure, Guns weren't making the money he had been used to, but broke? I think not. As someone else pointed out, the guy goes on stage wearing jewlery that costs more than what Pitman is sueing for.
  5. Welcome To The Jungle New song Paradise City
  6. Is there any news on this release? Sorry if I am a pain in the ass, but this looks great!
  7. Axl Securing His Status With AC/DC?

    Axl's a fan of AC/DC and I believe he wanted to help them out. Our boy is back on top though, and it's great to see.
  8. 09/09/16 - Detroit, MI - The Palace Of Auburn Hills

    I am very happy to see you guys met Axl! I've always wanted to, but it never works out.
  9. I like the forum. My problem was with the pre- sale perk. I pulled up the WORST tickets on that thing. Really disapointing.
  10. My favorite post Appetite version of this song is from 2002.
  11. Axl's always been great. Being a human being he's had off nights for sure.
  12. This show is one of the best Guns N' Roses shows ever. Better, IRS, November Rain and Sweet Child are all highlights for me.
  13. I wouldn't say better, but he sounded pretty great. I have a hard time listening to certain song from the Use Your Illusion tour, particularly 92 and 93. His voice on songs like November Rain and Sweet Child O' Mine sound much better without the over the top rasp and in 2006 those songs were fucking great!
  14. I like it but songs like Ain't Goin' Down and Crash Dietare way better in my opinion.