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  1. This is a hard one as I love pretty much the entire discography. In no specific order: Locomotive Coma Rocket Queen Nightrain Better There Was A Time Out Ta Get Me You Could Be Mine Novembet Rain Civil War You're Crazy Estranged Mr. Brownstone Prostitute Breakdown
  2. It won't happen. It's one of their radio tunes. I'd love for them to cut it shorter and play it like they did during the Appetite days.
  3. Who here likes every GNR song?

    Songs the band wrote? Yes I don't care for most of TSI?
  4. Did Silkworms ever leak?

    I'm interested in hearing a studio version. The Rio soundboard sounds like a work in progress.
  5. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

    At first I didn't think much of Leto being cast as Joker, but I remember feeling the same for Ledger and he was amazing.
  6. I'm happywith the setlist so far, but in a perfect world I'd like to see this. It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome To The Jungle Double Talkin Jive Estranged LiveAnd Let Die Rocket Queen You Could Be Mine Duff solo (rotate w/Attitude and Raw Power) This I Love Civil War Coma Slash solo - Godfather Sweet Child O' Mine Sorry (rotate w/ Catcher, Street Of Dreams) Out Ta Get Me Better November Rain Right Next Door To Hell (rotate w/ Locomotive, Pretty Tied Up, Perfect Crime) Knockin' On Heavens Door Nightrain Encore: Patience (rotate w/ Don't Cry) Slither Nice Boys (replacing The Seeker and rotate w/ anything from Guns catologe) Paradise City
  7. Books/Reading Thread

    Currently reading Stephen King's IT.
  8. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

    I've only seen the theatrical version so far but I liked it! It's not the best movie I've ever seen but I enjoyed it. Can't wait for Suicide Squad!
  9. I'm glad those who are attending got to hear Catcher In The Rye! Hopefully a video surfaces soon.
  10. The Seeker

    I like the song. I like the way they played it with last lineup and I like the way they do it now. I do however think they should replace it with another Guns tune. Give us Perfect Crime, Slither, Think About You, etc.
  11. I went with the 1987 version. It's magic. When speaking of studio versions, I perfer the Alt version.
  12. Does anyone know if there isa high quality image of the Toronto litho?
  13. Is there a video where you see Axl's mic being caught by the fan? A friend of mine is the guy who caught it. Thanks a lot!