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  1. I love the semi reunion that we witnessed this last year. But, there is no doubting the strong performances of the past.
  2. First of all, Axl has been on time for shows for a few years now. Second, he himself has said he does not like doing meet and greets.
  3. People always do this thing, and I've watched these clips that people praise "best Jungle since 1993!", when I've heard it way better in 2006, 2010, etc. I don't get it.
  4. In all honesty I think what she brings to the table is great. She's plugged in, and sounds great. Haters gonna hate because she wasn't on Appetite.
  5. San Juan 2010 PROSHOT Campaign

    Proshot NITL please!
  6. Is there a HQ of this? Badass photo!
  7. That performance was hard to listen to. I hope this never sees an official release because itsounds better on the Vegas 2012 dvd. Even Slash sounded terrible. A release from the stadium tour would be WAY better.
  8. Chinese Democracy, Contraband or Slash

    Chinese Democracy.
  9. Their last album both came out on the same year. He's right though.
  10. What's the going price for these? I couldn't find it on the website.
  11. Chinese Democracy World On Fire Do It For The Kids Better Street Of Dreams There Was A Time Big Machine Dirty Little Thing Fall To Pieces Superhuman I.R.S. Prostitute
  12. I feel the title track would be so bland without Bumble's contributions.
  13. I absolutely agree with the original post. Contraband comes in at a close second. Better Street Of Dreams There Was A Time Catcher In The Rye Sorry This I Love Prostitute In my honest opinion, these songsare better than anything the other guys have done.
  14. Axl from 1992, while the other two are modern?