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  1. What's this talk of Ain't Goin' Down (Pinball Version) floating around? I've only ever heard a really bad quality version.
  2. Riad is pretty badass. I've always thought it was one o the great vocal tracks on that album.
  3. Reunion Setlist?

    Even though I never would expect anything to crazy, I woul love to hear (see) them play Ain't Goin Down. It's been so long since these guys have all been on stage together I think it would be great for them to throw us a bone.
  4. Chinese Democracy. There are only a few tunes on TSI I'll listen to on a regular basis.
  5. If songs from the album are not played going forward, I will be greatly disapointed as there are 2 or 3 tracks that would be great to hear with Slash on lead. Sad? No. It is what it is. I love the record but I do not expect another like it, or to hear most of it live withthe new/old lineup.
  6. I hope for this. However, I expect him to sound like he did in 2014.
  7. Like everything else this band has done, the whole lead in to Coachella is a cluster fuck. I'm just happy things are happening.
  8. For the love of God, please do not bore me with that hidieous version of Knockin' On Heaven's Door!
  9. Musically it's going to be hard to top DJ Ashba's solo's in Sweet Child and This I Love...Kidding. I think it will sound closer to what Guns N Roses used to sound like lol.
  10. I really do not see what the issue is with Slash playing some Chinese songs. Duff did. I mean, it's not like I expect Slash to give us his take on Buckethead's epic TWAT solo. Or to play Scraped. Street Of Dreams and This I Love would be great to hear.
  11. Pitman shouldn't be there, I said it.

    Oh cool I read tht wrong
  12. Pitman shouldn't be there, I said it.

    Other than the whole "1988-present" thing, it makes sense that he is in the band. His work is all over Chinese Democracy.
  13. Street of Dreams (The Blues)

    I love the 2002 version of the song best. I hope Slash plays it. I'm really interested in hearing that.