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  1. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Yeah I'm sure because the games on PC are like 30 bucks cheaper that will certainly offset that a good computer is about $1000 more expensive than the 360 .
  2. Film Thread

    I couldn't finish A Scanner Darkly. The whole movie just felt like an opening credits because of the cartoon-y way it was done if you know what I mean, and because of that I couldn't concentrate on the movie. I could have watched it if it was done like a proper fucking movie. Admittably I was very high and it was a bad choice of movie.
  3. Film Thread

  4. Weeds

    I have recently started taking advantage of streaming TV episodes, Weeds being the one I keep watching episode after episode. It's so so good. I'm onto the last ep of Season 2 right now, and it's such a great show. I hope they keep Zooey Deschanel around for a while longer because I don't think I could ever get sick of looking at her, she is so very pretty . Chick who plays Nancy has the most gorgeous smile, it's so natural. Doug however takes the cake as the best fucking character, everything he says is hilarious.
  5. Film Thread

    Fuck , I haven't watched it yet.
  6. Film Thread

    I just hired out: - Interview With A Vampire - Serpico - Sexy Beast - Knocked Up - A Scanner Darkly
  7. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    I got Fallout 3 over Far Cry 2 BTW, hopefully should be coming in the mail any day now. At least Rock Band needs one less cymbal .
  8. Film Thread

    I'm so glad that it sucks! You should see the unbelievable hype it's got over here, it's absolutely insane.
  9. Film Thread

    I just went and saw How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, and it was ok, but jesus holy fucking christ Megan Fox is breathtaking.
  10. Film Thread

    The first 2 or 3 episodes are a little slow, but after those few it gets really good. I dunno, I just got really caught up watching it.
  11. Film Thread

    You fucking rule, I hope you love it.
  12. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Well... My Guitar Hero drums just broke. They cymbals have both cracked underneath, the yellow one doesn't register at all anymore and I fear the orange one is going the same way. Also the guitar strum bar sometimes doesn't register. Apparently the Activision replacement procedure goes like this: - I send in the broken drums (I pay for the shipping, of course ) - They take a few 2/3 weeks to test it - They send back a replacement set eventually. All of this will probably take about a month, which is complete bullshit. I wouldn't care too much if I didn't have to pay for shipping, that is fucked up. I just bought Rock Band 1 and 2 to play as well. Fuck.
  13. Film Thread

    Haven't even heard of that, so maybe I'll rent it out seeing as I'm on holidays.
  14. Film Thread

    I just watched The Assasination Of Jesse James, and wow, it was amazing. It had to be nearly up on the same level as Legends of the Fall, but not quite as brilliant (IMO, I ate up every second of that movie). It may seem like a bit of an average thing to say, but Brad Pitt is definitely my favourite male actor. He is fantastic in a good movie, and hell, he can turn a crap movie into a decent one.
  15. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Gonna order a few games now, figure I need some new ones. I'm gonna get: - Rock Band - Rock Band 2 - the new Banjo Kazooie - Oblivion - Far Cry 2 or Fallout 3 (which one should I get?)