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  1. What do to in New York?

    Hi, guys! From 22-30 January two friends and I will visit New York for the first time. We are all 22 year old students and will be living in Manhattan. So besides the obvious stuff - like seeing empire state building - what should we do? Im especially thinking about events. What can you guys recommend? Also, we would love to attend a football/basketball/icehokey-match - any recommendation? Is it expensive? Christopher (The guy who made your signature!)
  2. RIP Christopher Hitchens!

    It's sad that Hitchens died. He was a great intelligent man, and contributed a lot in important discussion. The fact that he accepted to be waterboarded is amazing, and I hope I will grow balls his size! As a theist he was a good debater, even though I found him to be a arrogant against John Lennox - another great man - in a debate. He made many interesting arguments in the atheist/theist-debate! And even as a theist I do support at lot of his opinions about organized religion. However, I would like to link to a debate where I felt D'Souza really crushed him. (use earphones, the sound is low) (and sometimes they both offer irrelevant and weak arguments) (still a great debate, though!)
  3. Official Bergen, Norway may 31'st thread

    I don't know for sure, since I was in the front row But I did turn around to get a glimpse of the back and it looked sold-out. I did read that some people (with small children) left before Guns got on stage. Two hours is a long time for small children. Btw, I saw about 8-10 people getting carried out at the front. Mostly girls who were on the edge of passing out. I guess they could not handle the 2hour wait without water and with bad air. Eventually we got a breeze, but I doubt it helped a lot for the people in the middle.
  4. Official Bergen, Norway may 31'st thread

    I had the best fucking "seat" under the show! I stood right under Axl, first row, in the center. It was amazing! He was like 1.5m away from me during most parts of the show. I also got DJ Ashba's cigarette and I also gave him a clap on the shoulder when he ran just pass me! ^^ Amazing concert!
  5. Official Bergen, Norway may 31'st thread

    ^ What time will they rehearse? I live in Bergen, but right now I'm back home for the summer. So I got an 8 hour drive today
  6. Official Bergen, Norway may 31'st thread

    I got tickets! I've also played football in the venue.
  7. Question about Finck solo

    *bumb* C'mon, someone must know?
  8. Question about Finck solo

    Nope, not Sossego. It's just a small solo right after Buckethead's long solo.
  9. Question about Finck solo

    In Rock In Rio 3 Finck plays a little solo that is awesome after Buckethead's "Hog Bitch Stomp". Have Finck made that solo? Or is it a cover from a song? Please enlighten me.
  10. T.W.A.T could replace Paradise City

    They should release Chinese Democracy before using T.W.A.T as the closer.
  11. Help me on Two Robin Finck and GnR issues

    Didn't he and Bucket play on Ghosts of Mars soundtrack - Love seige? Edit: Ghosts of Mars IMDB Yup, they're on the list.
  12. New single

    I don't think so. If Merck wants to get his job back he would never do that.
  13. You have NO EFFECT

    B)--> QUOTE(Billy B @ Dec 10 2006, 08:06 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Maybe you should just shut you face rather than ramble on about shit that you have no clue about. Axl?!?
  14. Audio guitarist comparison '92, '02, '06

    YCBM: Slash Nov. Rain: Ron Nightrain: Buckethead rock1
  15. Silkworms

    First i didn't like it so much, but now I love it. :krider: Chris 'MotherGoose' Pit[t]man