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  1. i like matts drumming over all, the only song that i dont like when he was drumming was mr brownstone it was done to slow, adler owns that song, frank does ok on it to be honest Brain was the best drummer in GnR
  2. so you leave november rain as a bside, what ya smokin man
  3. Having seen the band on both tours I can state this that the band now sounds better than they did in 92 even though Axl may not have the voice he had then, but also I remember Axl was having some throat issues then and there were some performances back then where he didnt sound well. But both were and are great tours, much better than 2001-2015 era.
  4. I personally like the band the way it is do not care to see the appetite 5 all though they were great and got me to be a big fan, The band evolved and if it is the 5 then a lot of songs would not be included. They were great in Pittsburgh last year awesome show will be seeing them in Hershey this year.
  5. I bought the cassette back in 87 just graduated high school, it had the cross cover and in reverse had the rape seen
  6. Id say Gilby
  7. that MTV live at the ritz was really turned me on to GnR back in 88
  8. maybe they will play down on the farm on one of these shows I would love to see Breakdown get played, but dream on lol
  9. Izzy wrote the song, but Axl and Slash own it. It is great live
  10. try the xavel (Xavel-292) [FLAC/MP3] Guns N’ Roses "Not In This Lifetime...Tokyo #2" @ Saitama, Japan (january 29th, 2017) > To me it sounds better than the Las Vegas shows, very close to soundboard
  11. i downloaed flac box it works well for me
  12. honestly you cant hear the rhythm guitar on Estranged from live Era either, Id rather listen to the new Xavel bootlegs they sound better and more raw
  13. hey guys i found the mega downloads for the japan shows (Xavel-288) [FLAC/MP3] Guns N’ Roses "Not In This Lifetime...Osaka" @ Osaka, Japan (january 21st, 2017) > info: [FLAC/MP3] Guns N’ Roses "Not In This Lifetime...Kobe" @ Kobe, Japan (january 22nd, 2017) > info: [FLAC/MP3] Guns N’ Roses ‘’Not In This Lifetime...Yokohama’’ @ Yokohama - Japan (january 15th, 2017) > info: [FLAC/MP3] Guns N’ Roses "Not In This Lifetime...Tokyo #1" @ Saitama, Japan (january 28th, 2017) > info: [FLAC/MP3] Guns N’ Roses "Not In This Lifetime...Tokyo #2" @ Saitama, Japan (january 29th, 2017) > info:
  14. Finks studio is great, but what Slash brings to the song live is magical the energy it brings