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  1. i downloaed flac box it works well for me
  2. honestly you cant hear the rhythm guitar on Estranged from live Era either, Id rather listen to the new Xavel bootlegs they sound better and more raw
  3. hey guys i found the mega downloads for the japan shows (Xavel-288) [FLAC/MP3] Guns N’ Roses "Not In This Lifetime...Osaka" @ Osaka, Japan (january 21st, 2017) > info: [FLAC/MP3] Guns N’ Roses "Not In This Lifetime...Kobe" @ Kobe, Japan (january 22nd, 2017) > info: [FLAC/MP3] Guns N’ Roses ‘’Not In This Lifetime...Yokohama’’ @ Yokohama - Japan (january 15th, 2017) > info: [FLAC/MP3] Guns N’ Roses "Not In This Lifetime...Tokyo #1" @ Saitama, Japan (january 28th, 2017) > info: [FLAC/MP3] Guns N’ Roses "Not In This Lifetime...Tokyo #2" @ Saitama, Japan (january 29th, 2017) > info:
  4. Finks studio is great, but what Slash brings to the song live is magical the energy it brings
  5. can someone upload these to mega, fille factory wont load for me, much appreciated
  6. thx gibbo
  7. bumble is ok, but i hated how he sounded when he played Estranged, his tone wasnt right.
  8. listen guys, the original 5 is why i got into the band in 1987, but there sound evolved in the 90,s and just the original 5 playing appetite and lies would not sell out stadiums. I dont believe Izzy would ever want back in full time it be nice if he could come as a guest for a few shows. i like the way the band is now they can play all their albums and having seen them last year in pittsburgh they blew me away how good they sounded, in fact they sounded better last year than when i saw them in pittsburgh in 92 for the gnr metallica show.
  9. ill be there comming in from pittsburgh to see the show, and its my birthday
  10. I would have likes to see Axl playing the piano for this i love like he does for November Rain, I think that would help with his vocals
  11. The croud reaction to TIL were the strongest from any CD in the set, im fine with the lyrics they are simple and heartfelt. i like SOD but i like TIL better
  12. Street of Dreams is ok, but its not better than This i Love, besides This i Love received great crowd reactions live on this tour, and that song is from the Illusion period not SOD
  13. Richard is not Izzy but I feel he does fit in with the band, I like how the band sounds now.
  14. 1. This I Love 2. Prostitute 3. Better 4. Chinese Democracy 5. Catcher in the rye 6. Street of Dreams 7. Madagascar 8. Sorry 9. T.W.A.T 10. If the World 11. Scraped 12. Shacklers Revenge 13. I.R.S. 14. Riad N' the bedouins
  15. lol your fucked up dude