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  1. Before he was BH ....he was at MIT with my guitarist and bass player . I remember him as an introverted geek. Painfully awkward and just ass backward in demenor. You got the impression that he was intimidated by everyone....while at the same time a bit arrogant about his playing and his musical knowledge. Obviously his expression is best through the guitar.. but socially he has that creepy Michael Jackson feel... like GOD DAMN this guy is talented but he is just not right in the head. Take the whole BH mystique.. the macabre, gore and the whole chicken sympathy schtick... as an act... its good.. but I think it distracts from his very real and obvious talent. At the time (86,87) he hated the scene... the whole Hollywood scenario... and according to my guitarist hted bands like GNR because of thier aggressive way they seemed to express themselves...the drugs the sex and the women that they commanded. In his opinion most were talentless hacks who managed to get famous by accident. More than anything he hated the swagger gunslinger he man attitude..the mysogynistic . He was terrified of women. THey were everything he could never be in other words... His practice bands were good but they got boring after about 20 minutes of his techno riffing . BAck then you were at a show to party. You were there to get your groove on and to get laid. A GNR show pre AFD.. promised that and a fight as well. You went to see those bands for thier arrogance, thier defiance, their message.. their image... the swagger and the expression... music ?? that was nice too.. At the time and on the scene were guitarists like Paul Gilbert( his mentor) Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Tony MacAlpine setting the bar higher for technical approach..and there were guitarists in MIT that were absolutely amazing talent equal or better to BH even. His interview while a member of GNR given by Herbie the Scok Puppet... that was where BH jumped the shark with me as a member of GNR.. that , and his own act in the middle of a GNR show seemed like Axls reach as exceeding his grasp to keep GNR going. His image is fine but it was vastly so different from the street rats that GNR had built their reputation on. I as an original fan, hated the image that GNR was fronting when it came back... just seemed a joke.. and unbelievable and I think it dragged the whole GNR legacy into a black hole.
  2. I think for me, park the name... leave it on the side of the road. Not dead. Then pull a Robert Plant and fire up a band that moves you a mile or more down the road. Get a band that all lives within an hour of you and enjoys jamming together in the same room. Put aside the Axl Rose megarock star... and go on about being Axl...join the band ... be a part of the band... write and record with the band... let the band do what a band does..... I think GNR is too heavy a burden... the primear band of the late 80's and early 90's has become a stale nostagia cash cow... Axl may have tried to move on and forward but really.. even though the fans show up to the show... its the oldies that they are there for the most part to hear. THe bread and butter is the classic line up material... and thats got to sting a bit... the world wants SCOM WTTJ NR....and if you cant deliver equal or better and certainly not vastly different... then so long.. fare thee well its been nice ( and thanks for all the fish) Most casual fans dont give two shits about CD....Most hardcore fans tolerate it at best... others love it.... but the market said what it said about CD.......\ THe fans want a UYI 3 or an Appetite For Destruction 2. If you dont have a statement to make.. or something to say...then leave it beside the road.. who knows... may be like Zepplin you can pick it up furhter on down the road.... I dont think anyone would be shocked or even shattered in the rock world if Axl just did a PR piece and said ... Were done.. I am Done.
  3. Giving up? Pehaps. Definatley lowered expectations.
  4. All 1991 audio, for those that don't have them.

    You are a rockstar. I lost much of my collection when my comp went to its happy putin ground! Keep Up the good work!
  5. Hey guys!

    Still wanna punch him in the throat. He and Usher are exactly what is wrong with the industry now days. Sissybitches that make huge amounts of money and easily to forget music.
  6. Putting the "fun" back into fundamentalist!

    i had doubts about an universal intelligence up until I got into cadver lab and disected a human being... seriously. looking down on the how the whole dynamic was put together and how it functions helped me to believe that there has to be an organizing power.. As for religion.. relgion is a man made concept that serves to explain and to exploit. Spirituality is another matter. Devoid of controling dogmas and cookie cutter concepts about how to recognize , appreciate and to examplify what ever that universal intelligence represents..certainty and peace can be attained. I find most religions a social event and not a spiritual revelation/explanation.
  7. top 10 rock debut albums

    i know nothing about... ok... but I do.. and Wiki make you the hero of the day .
  8. and there we have a possible explanation as to why CD2 hasnt dropped...When BH hit the exit door he may have just said...contract or not..I dont want my music associated with Guns in the future?? With grievances and issues unresolved-royalties that are severely reduced IS it possible to maybe think that BH may have leveled some lawsuit to block his finished work on future releases thus forcing a complete reworking of the songs??? What if Axl is faced with rerecording, rearranging and redoing 30 plus songs(rumoured ) and no Record company support to do so . at least to Axls exacting standards- is this the major time and buzz kill that keeps the music from even being played live?? f BH (and for Fink as well) had a gripe about Axls work ethic or lack of focus on recording and releasing material that demanded and extracted their time and efforts-aside from just leaving they clamp down on their material that they did contribute. As we in America know , a weasle eyed lawyer can get just about anything he or she wants. Its possible. We heard many times of the music being completed and it was Axl and his muse that need to top the material off... and it not being done consistenly( Merk saying that they had booked studio time and Axl never showed up?)
  9. top 10 rock debut albums

    On Leathur records ..in this respect its like Live Like a Suicide... that morphed into Lies.... it was recorded for demo by the band. After Motley got signed to a major contract with national exposure... then Shout At the Devil is what is considered their debut album. If AFD is considered the greatest debut album by a hard rock act ... you would have to say No, ` Live like a Suicide is their debut. After Crue were on the a roll To Fast For Love was released to major audiences. I had a copy of the Leathur Records version: It was clear up to Dr. Feelgood and most people had never heard it.
  10. From the get go.. i always thought that whole scenario was doomed to failure. That album has some great sounds on it especially Holligans Holiday . Corabi is the kind of singer that could have had some major impact if he was backed by a serious band.
  11. Whats the point of VR? original sounding? shadows and hints of THE great band ? I say throw the bone to a completely unknown singer that can write, perform and entertain . Ive seen umteen amounts of bar bands with great singers backed by shit bands that could have gone somewhere and done something . One of the advantages of that is a singer that more than likely has the ability to morph into different styles . I look at what Journey did with Arnel Pineda and it flat out worked for what they needed to do. He was a 40 something singer in Manila that had been grinding it out for decades . His friends posted a video of him singing a journey song and Niel Schon saw it. He was immediatly offered an audition and the position shortly after. His first show was in Chile before an audience of 70,000. 3 months prior to that he was sleeping on a park bench in the Philipines .... just saying .. that might be the over the top expose that could push a band like VR into the top and stay there. But the question has to be asked... do Slash and Duff really want that again?
  12. Ben Affleck on Real Time: Islamaphobia

    Ill add only this: we in the west have been blessed with abundance often at the expense of much of the Muslim world for centuries...be it colonization , reaping profit at any cost even if it reqquired war and genocide to attain it. The muslim world has attained affluence and population to a degree where they are no longer going to take a back seat to the way things have always been. There in lies the source of conflict... fundamentalism also breeds misery and domination... and the east west clash is gearing up for all out war. I find it amazing that often the very same people in the US that are crying outrage and calling for war on Muslim attrocities forget , and do so very easily that the US and its founding doctrines based on manifest destiny butchered, hung, enslaved, drove off murdered and raped at will the native Americans, the Mexicans and the black populations. Want to talk ISIS? Discuss Sand Creek Massacre with me. I in no way admire and condone any of this but I am a realist to this degree. There is a side and I am going to have to choose where I stand. History has taught us that NO we are not all going to get along and YES ultimately there is going to come a time when war is going to be the only option left to settle this matter. i followed this segment.. and again.. celebrity mouthpieces jawing off makes for good sensationalism and garners the attention that to many people in this world give a good god damn about.
  13. Redbull's no wings lawsuit

    Ahh the wonders of cross marketing. I still never got my Dr. Pepper either. hold on while i call my lawyer...hes on speed dial. .... i am after all a patriotic America and I refuse to be victimized by some faceless nameless PR clown hiding behind big money corporate skirts!! Oh the indignity of it all
  14. Olden money values, Would you?

    Go back.. buy land that has gold and oil on it or that you know is going be valued in your time. Put the deed in a safety deposit box and then come back and use it. or go back and live the life of luxery ...forget coming back to the grind and the shuffle.
  15. Police Kill Unarmed Black Guy, Again

    None the less.. regardless of race issues at teh core of this is the one fact: We are at civil war and yes we are moving into a police state more and more each day. Men practice law reluctanly ..thats a given. Some communities refuse to police themselves and thus its a problem for the general society. Poverty is what it is ..be it financial, educational or societal . Justice is seldom ever served . In this case its just more gasoline on a raging fire. Its a catalyst for further civil unrest.