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Chris Axl

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  1. [SPOILER ALERT] Iron Maiden - Maiden England 2012 Tour

    Infinite Dreams.... Anyone else agrees on that this is one of the best songs ever?
  2. Slash's new album is titled......

    Yeah, cus he came up with the name for both GN'R and VR
  3. Is this really 2k11

    I never saw this..... Pretty cool!
  4. [SPOILER ALERT] Iron Maiden - Maiden England 2012 Tour

    Holy fucking CHRIST!!! MY FAV ALBUM! Come too Norway or die
  5. Least talented GnR Member?

    gotta be the drummers
  6. So I've just watched "A Serbian Film"

    Yes, its a SERBIAN film...
  7. So I've just watched "A Serbian Film"

    Seen it. Buit thats a Disney movie compared to this...
  8. So I've just watched "A Serbian Film"

    the newborn porn scene was so incredibly obscure...! Of course it's a piece of trash, but it was really, really sick. No movie have ever made my stomach turn like this one. And ive seen some crazy shit.
  9. What can I say? It was...different.
  10. The GNR fanbase, by areas of the world

    Unlogical poll. There should be a scandinavia choice. Norway.
  11. 21. Security at Oslo Airport. But currently serving my time in the army.... Oh, and I'm the prince here
  12. Official TV Show discussion

    Entourage and Naruto is all you need!
  13. Patience or Silkworms?

    you are calling silkworms an amazing rock song and call ME a cupcake? God you're a looser.
  14. Favorite band?

    I feel sorry for you. I would choose Iron Maiden, but if its after GN'R... then Avenged Sevenfold maybe.