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  1. 8/19 Dodger Stadium release in DVD on dimeadozen and same taper have BLURAY version
  2. I think for recording with a smartphone to come out well you must have a good microphone. There are some recordings that circulate with a Iphone w/ mics and sounds good.
  3. ok! Yes i have it with this lineage: Sharp MD 831 > CDR > EAC WAV (Secure mode) > APE I was looking this: 2000.04.17 Bay Hall, Yokohama, Japan 2000.04.19 Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan (Ride On and Live On - SYLPH RECORDS CDR 2) Thanks for reply!
  4. Thanks a lot!
  5. Thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks a lot!
  7. Ok. Do you have in lossless or lossy?
  8. Great!!! Thanks a lot man. Do you have more boots of Izzy? I was looking this Ride On and Live On (Japan 2000 - Sylph records).
  9. Done! It's working. Thanks a lot!
  10. I registered in the forum but I still can not enter. Administrator authorization needed? I have not received any mail
  11. Hi. I'm in search of Izzy Stradlin & The Ju Ju Hounds - Train Tracks (single)(physical cd) released in 1993. If someone have to sell let me know here o send me a PM. Thanks! Tracklist: 1- Train Tracks 2- Train Tracks (remix) CODE/CATALOG N°: PROCD 4509
  12. Here ¥ 3,380 for 2 BDR. It's NOT X-AVEL is other label.
  13. Only I have 6 cd's from Smokin Guns, not dvd
  14. Thanks Stonewall!