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  1. Thanks a lot! We used to do a lot more solos but not as much anymore. There's still a lot if you catch us live though. There isn't a complete album yet, but 4 songs on this EP which will be available on vinyl and online some time in february most likely
  2. Still interested in your thoughts on 'do'. But here's the second single for you as well.
  3. It's been a while since I've posted on here, but I thought I'd like to hear you guys opinion on our latest single 'Do'. Hope you like it!
  4. Chinese Democracy midi files

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CRTUKRWC - There's Street of Dreams for you.
  5. GNR coming to Aalborg, Denmark?

    I think you people keep denying the fact that he is slowly getting worse vocally, which is a natural thing. The breaks near the end of knocking on heaven's door are clearly not how he intended to do them when they frst got the idea 20 years ago, they lost alot of the energy they had during the early days. But I never intended to discuss his voice, 'cause I actually find it one of the more stupid discussions around here, he is getting old like someone said...
  6. GNR coming to Aalborg, Denmark?

    I never said he or the whole show was terrible. I only said that clip sounded terrible and that I could agree with the newspapers when they said that he probably wouldn't last for too long more. (surely only based on the youtube clips, oh and some guy's words, the guy who btw reviews concerts for a living and was there) But watching Heaven's Door, you gotta agree, the man has never been that out of breath in such a slow song before.
  7. GNR coming to Aalborg, Denmark?

    Wow.. The danish papers seem to be right when they write that this is probably some of the last we'll see from Axl Rose! That was fucking terrible!
  8. Slash Pics vol.2

    Being married to like $20.000.000 or something - I'm sure she realizes!
  9. Manic Street Preachers - its so easy!

    His vocals are extremely monotome. They make it sound like a Sex Pistols song or something.
  10. Muse will play 2 WEMBLEY STADIUM shows in June 2007

    Well, despite the fact that Muse probably are more popular than GNR right now, I'm sure a hell lot of people would go to the show anyway. GNR could play at Wembley, didn't the already this year?
  11. get well soon Axl

    I'm sick too.. Where's my get well soon thread? Nah, he's been doing great this year. Happy I got to see him/them kick ass this year!
  12. Well.. at least they are putting out albums unlike Axl.

    Damn Duff looks terrible in these pictures.
  14. I Predict A Riot

    I never understand why they'd want to be piss drunk. But being a little drunk is fine. Specially if you're in a crowd filled with annoying pushing people. I need to be a bit drunk otherwise I find that extremely uncomfortable