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  1. Well, certainly. But they're not going on a family vacation. If someone finds it convenient and can afford it, good for him.
  2. What's so wrong with traveling apart from the band?
  3. Last full album you listened to?

    Who You Selling For by The Pretty Reckless
  4. Next tour, Tommy Stinson on bass?

    They should hire Robert Trujillo. He would fit in just fine. Angus can do his duckwalk, Axl can do his snake dance. Now all they need is the crab walk.
  5. ACDC fans salute Axl

    Well-deserved. Axl's been working miracles this year.
  6. Misfits to reunite with Danzig!

    Is Doyle's guitar plugged in?
  7. The second litho is awesome. If only someone would make a hi-res scan of it...
  8. I like Melissa, her vocals and all, but I'd rather she had been a bit lower in the mix. Sometimes it's hard to hear Axl.
  9. That's a powerhouse right there.
  10. They come, they see, they destroy. Great times!
  11. Nice to know that happyending fairy tales actually do happen.