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  1. Happy Birthday W. Axl Rose 2/6/16

    Many happy returns, Axl! Have a great day!
  2. 'BELIEVE IN ME' Re-issued on Color Vinyl

    They'd better find a way to release 'Beautiful Disease'.
  3. Just to let us now that Slash is in a good mood, less bloated and cracking jokes during momentary lapses of rasp.
  4. Chris Pitman - Your opinions?

    Thank Chris Pitman for Madacascar. A hell of a song.
  5. Megadeth's new album "Dystopia", title track streaming

    It sounds like a rehash of Hangar 18 and a patchwork of riffs towards the end. Drumming is dull, solos sound technically complex, but pointless. I don't really see the point in ditching Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover if the new album will consist of the songs like the ones they've released so far. They could've recorded absolutely the same stuff having those two guys on board.
  6. Reckless Life It's So Easy One In A Million
  7. Slash posted rehearsal photo?

    Axl's basement.
  8. Duff thinks he's "too old" to comment on todays music

    Yes, he is.
  9. Favourite album closers

    Megadeth - FFF Megadeth - Rust In Peace... Polaris Megadeth - My Last Words Megadeth - Victory Marilyn Manson - Coma White Marilyn Manson - Man That You Fear Marilyn Manson - Eat Me, Drink Me Metallica - The Struggle Within Metallica - Damage Inc. Guns N' Roses - My World Guns N' Roses - Coma The Exploited - Was It Me Iggy Pop - Sick In A Dumpster Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss
  10. Sure. But we need a precision-guided weapon.
  11. Yeah, a follow-up to Get In The Ring.
  12. In the Paradise City Video

    It's just for us to know that he can read.