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  1. Goin' Down Inc. is called after the song from the first album by The Pretty Reckless released in 2011 and conceived around 2009. So, no, it has no connection with Tommy's song. As for the original post, being a huge fan of both bands, I don't find any similarities between two songs, except for the title. Yeah, it sounds more like a tribute to Motorhead. If anything, I find the video similar to Pantera's videos, including 5 Minutes Alone.
  2. A girl without makeup is the most dangerous thing in the world.
  3. Yeah, at last he got proper boobs.
  4. Great pic, including the bullet logo on his in-ear monitors.
  5. Axl is awesome. Whatever you do, there're always people who hate it and people who love it. It's all about bitching. But he delivers. And that's all that matters.
  6. No dates in Russia? My life's complete now.
  7. The part from "Where do we go now..." and on sounds quite good. It's my favourite part of the song so it's all good.
  8. Argentinians can do that and they will.
  9. Well, certainly. But they're not going on a family vacation. If someone finds it convenient and can afford it, good for him.
  10. What's so wrong with traveling apart from the band?
  11. Who You Selling For by The Pretty Reckless
  12. They should hire Robert Trujillo. He would fit in just fine. Angus can do his duckwalk, Axl can do his snake dance. Now all they need is the crab walk.
  13. Well-deserved. Axl's been working miracles this year.