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  1. They come, they see, they destroy. Great times!
  2. Nice to know that happyending fairy tales actually do happen.
  3. Great that Slash decided to update the solo. It's flawless.
  4. Yeah, they have pretty awesome keyboard duels during the show.
  5. Opinion on Shotgun Blues?

    Great fun song.
  6. Alive is akick-ass song. It's great that they made a sing along version too.
  7. All hail Satan! C'mon everybody! Anybody?
  8. 06/12/16 - Aarhus, Denmark - Ceres Park

  9. Frank is a badass drummer. Keep it up, man!
  10. China Exchange: 60 Minutes with Axl Rose

    Without a parachute? Yeah, definitely sounds like him.
  11. Last full album you listened to?

    Armored Saint "Win Hands Down"
  12. China Exchange: 60 Minutes with Axl Rose

    Axl, Duff and Slash can co-write the book to avoid any... A three-volume tell-all novel about GN'R. Now that would be awesome.
  13. AXL/DC Setlist wishlists

    The Furor. Anywhere.