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  1. Bayley is boring in the ring. That's her problem. It isn't the writing with her. When they got called up, people were skeptical of Charlotte playing heel and Sasha playing face. Charlotte has gotten her end figured out (probably because playing heel is easier), Sasha has struggled more. But Sasha has a great move set and workrate, so her writing can be fixed. Bayley will be headlining indy shows sooner than the rest, I expect.
  2. Yehehehehes!
  3. I think the best case scenario is Braun dominating until Show and Kalisto interfere. I want to be wrong, but I just don't see Reigns' first appearance post-beat down being a loss. It makes him look weak, or at the very least mortal, and I can't see WWE doing that. I want to be wrong. I hope I'm wrong. The last several months have made one thing abundantly clear: Alexa Bliss is the crown jewel in the women's division. Charlotte is great too, Sasha is great if you keep the stick out of her hand, and there are a nice handful of workers on both brands, but Alexa is the total package. Her promo work is top notch. That "Alexa is the best says what" bit last night was excellent and all of her little unscripted responses to Sasha and Bayley were perfect. Her in-ring workrate is top-shelf, and her look is harsh enough to play the heel but cute enough to play face eventually. I can't wait to see where they take her. I've really soured on bayley. She and Enzo are two workers that I really liked in NXT, was excited to see on the big show, and now just can't stand. And it isn't just the booking, it's that in NXT you assume a level of limitation, and the main roster has exposed them as one-trick ponies. Enzo's promos are now repeating old insults and hacky local references for cheap pops, and every Bayley match is the same beatdown-followed-by-ponytail-adjustment-rally repetitive nonsense. Just stop it. How Bayley is the face of Raw's women's division while Deonna Purazzo is still grinding on the indies will never make sense to me.
  4. I would rather watch 3hrs of Braun Strowman pushing other superstars off of platforms in things on wheels than 3hrs of Raw. This shit is gold, and his timing - periodically walking away from the dumpster - is the exact right balance of intimidation and hilarious. Fucking love this build. Just don't remind me that it's all to make Roman's win this Sunday that much "better."
  5. They could also eat the $6mil/show that the band gets paid. Your point?
  6. The ROH connection, IMHO, is only as valuable as Bullet Club. If the rumors are true that Cole is jumping to the E, then ROH BC might well just be over. The guys with separate deals - Cody, the Bucks - aren't going back and forth through ROH, they're just structuring the 2 contracts to work together, and they and the NJPW guys can keep BC going when they're over there and just do their thing in ROH. Especially with NJPW dipping their toes into independent US shows, why bother with a middle man?
  7. And knowing that I could probably end up seeing The ELITE, I may well do it. It's tough schedule-wise at this point, but I have to give it some thought...
  8. I didn't realize that the Philly show was WOTW when it was first announced, and opted to use the money for a cheaper NEW show being main evented by Cody vs Dijak. Philly now sold out. Suffice it to say, I fucking hate myself right now.
  9. I want to see this more than Marty Scurll wanted to see Kenny's DM
  10. Richard by a country mile. He's such a versatile player, and gets so passionately into every song he plays, whether it's with Guns, Rihanna, the Dead Daisies, or elsewhere. The dude is just a workhorse.
  11. Being The Elite #47 made me laugh out loud consistently. The whole Kenny's dick storyline is the best thing to happen to the IWC since the Broken Brilliance.
  12. Throw RKO a forearm like the one he gave to Finn, reopen the SummerSlam gash in Randy's noggin, and he might just go into business for himself and take the damn belt!
  13. I think that's true, at least in practice, but they were a band before they were Ghost, and I think that's where the bitterness comes from. Magna Carta Cartel wasn't Forge's solo project, Ghost functioned like it was, and the band didn't take too kindly to getting stiffed. I can see both sides here.
  14. Colt Cabana's latest AOW podcast is with Jeff Hardy. Well worth a listen. Funny to hear now, as it was recorded when they were with ROH.
  15. Fuck. That's awful. What a way to go out, but damn. That's strong style for you, though. What a shame.