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  1. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    TNA is heavily teasing Cody making his debut tonight. I for one can't wait!
  2. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Minor spoilers for tonight:
  3. Recommend me some albums from The Boss.

    I've seen him 8 or 9 times, and I still can't wait until he comes around again next year. It is a truly uniquely incredible live music experience.
  4. Fuckin' Music.

  5. Recommend me some albums from The Boss.

    Oh it's far from his best live work, but it's still a great live record. If you want his best live recording ever, it's probably Passaic Night, his show from the Capitol Theatre in September of '78. It's one of the best setlists he ever put together, and it's E Street at its best. I also highly recommend the 3-pack of shows from last month at MetLife, which you can buy as a package at (full disclosure, I was at #2, which featured a guest spot by Tom Morello). Great variety, and songs from the full spectrum of his career.
  6. Recommend me some albums from The Boss.

    If she didn't have it yet, you've done her a great favor no matter how old it is
  7. Recommend me some albums from The Boss.

    It was released in 1986 But its spectacular and worth a listen.
  8. Recommend me some albums from The Boss.

    Warning: this is a little long. Bruce is my favorite artist of all time, so asking me to pick a small number of records is asking me to pick a favorite from among my hypothetical children Classic: Born To Run This is tough. His first four records -Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ; The Wild,The Innocent, & The E Street Shuffle; Born To Run; and Darkness on the Edge of Town - are all masterpieces but incredibly different. Greetings is very much the rock record you would expect from "the next Bob Dylan" (his reputation when he was signed). The songs are wordy and range from deep poetic takes on urban violence ("Lost in the Flood") to whimsical stories of youth by the Shore("Spirit in the Night") to borderline nonsense ("Blinded By The Light"). WIESS is jazzy, with lots of long instrumental breaks and a deeper, more orchestral musical arrangement than most of his work. Born to Run is, for my money, the greatest record ever made, and was the album that made Bruce famous, as he found himself on TIME and Newsweek in the same week. It's his first real straight-up rock record, and has two of his best songs, Thunder Road and Jungleland. Darkness starts to show his darker, angrier side, and showcases the best guitar work of his career. Can't go wrong with any of the four, but if you're looking for something to hook you as a newbie, it's Born To Run without a doubt. Underrated: Lucky Town or Ghost of Tom Joad This depends on if you prefer folkier tunes or straight up rock. If you want rock n roll, go Lucky Town. His first record with "the other band" (a standard 4-piece without the size of E Street), it's probably his most "adult" record. The love songs he wrote for it are some of the most brutally honest I've ever heard, but in a truly humanizing way, and the grooves are just great. Better Days and If I Should Fall Behind get special props (Fall Behind was ourfirst dance at my wedding). If you like folk, Joad is a must. It's some of Bruce's best lyrical work, and he gets the band out of the way and just takes over himself. Guthrie-esque songs and themes, the title track a modernized version of the Grapes of Wrath. If you dig this record, follow it up with Nebraska and Devils & Dust, a couple of other solo folk records. But this one is my favorite of his folk records. Recent: The Rising The album that brought back the E Street Band. Magic and Wrecking Ball are also fantastic, but The Rising is the gold standard of latter-career boss. You're Missing, Empty Sky, My City of Ruins, Lonesome Day, all great songs about coping with 9/11 (or at least that's what they became, City of Ruins is originally about Asbury Park), balanced out with melodic pop-rock songs like Waiting on a Sunny Day and Mary's Place. If you want great, late-career Bruce, this is the one.
  9. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Folks in the NYC area: there will be a Lucha Underground panel at NY Comic Con, Sunday Oct 8. Rey, Taya, and some behind-the-scenes folks are confirmed, with more participants to be announced. I have other plans that day already, but if you're in the area, sounds like it'll be neat.
  10. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    My commute is about 80 minutes each direction, so my consumption is at unhealthy levels. I watch everything on the train the day after it airs: Raw on Tuesday, Smackdown Wednesday, NXT and Lucha on Thursday, iMPACT on Friday. Between that and podcasts, the last couple of months have seen pro wrestling consume an ever increasing percentage of my life Dont compare Dana to Roman. Roman doesn't deserve the boos and "you can't wrestle" chants. He's like Cena: the crowds hate him because management loves him, but all he ever gives is 110% in the ring, and the result is almost always something like his matches with AJ and KO. Dana legit cannot wrestle. Every time she botches the face-to-the-turnbuckle spot, I chuckle.
  11. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    What a fucking trainwreck Raw was last night. A whole bunch of "maybe we'll change this match" followed by "lol kidding." Can't tell if Rollins is supposed to be face or heel. Can't tell if Dana is face or heel. Lots of wheel-spinning all around. Pretty solid wrestling, but mighty shitty storytelling. Only worthwhile segment was the Highlight Reel and the backstage interviews with KO and Y2J. Those two are top choice heels.
  12. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Color me impressed. I was way down on this card going in, and was proven absolutely wrong. Women were solid, and THRILLED to see them not take the easy out and put the strap on Lady Cena. The Uso turn was perfectly executed, getting them heat on the Hype Bros then putting over Heath and Congressman Rhyno. Miz and Ziggles were unreal - a perfect match that doesn't weaken Miz in the ring but continues his "coward" storyline (and what the fuck, man, stop this cock teasing if you aren't going to actually give me Miz/Bryan at WrestleMania, it's perfect but I can't deal with the disappointment ifit doesn't pay off). And of course - will I ever get used to saying "WWE champion AJ Styles"?! How fuckin cool is that! Can you imagine, going into Survivor Series, AJ with Smackdown's big belt and the Good Brothers holding the RAW tag straps?! Hoo boy. The Bullet Club had arrived.
  13. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I think they'll do it, honestly. Ambrose is losing steam, and it's time to make AJ the face that runs the place in the truest sense. Make him that perfect heel champ we know he can be. I hope they don't fuck it up. Other than him, the card is awful. Nikkiwinslol, Miz retains, honestly the only interesting match on the card is what they'll do with Rhyno/Slater, and even that's only from a booking standpoint. AJ/Ambrose could be good, but that match with DZ really has me down on Dean of late.
  14. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Punk is a good dude. His post-fight speech was marvelous, and I give him all the credit in the world for going toe to toe with a pro fighter and taking that asswhooping like a man. That being said, there's a reason that fighters pay their dues before getting high profile spots on UFC PPV shows, and Punk should be fighting dark matches and FS1 shows for a while before he gets back to the big show. That was embarrassing to watch.
  15. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Lucha Underground is still the best show in wrestling, bar none. That Rey-Pentagon match was magnificent. MAJOR AZTAC WARFARE ANDULTIMA LUCHA TRES SPOILERS: