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  2. Reports are that Jinder is penciled in to carry the big strap to the Rumble, where Cena will beat him and break Flair's record. If I'm booking it, Jinder might just be hated enough by then to make people happy when Cenawinslol, then Cena can pass the torch to Shin. Either have Nak win MITB, or have AJ win it and feud with Nakamura once he's the champ.
  3. 105.5 in NYC also teasing a major 7am announcement that was supposed to have been made today, with ticket giveaways all holiday weekend.
  4. Aerosmith are way up on my list of bands I've never seen live. Them and Guns in arenas sounds like a nice rock show to me.
  5. 104.3 in NYC just teased a "major concert announcement" for 7am eastern time, FYI. Pretty much confirms that we're getting more NA tour dates tomorrow morning at 7 eastern.
  6. And if you read the interview, you'd see that he totally agrees with you. He thought he was being invited to join a band, turned out they just wanted him to be a touring musician (not even a glorified one, as you suggest). He didn't like that, stuck around longer than he should have out of a misplaced sense of loyalty and duty, and quit to be a real bandmate somewhere else.
  7. This. All of the other "events" in the video are tour dates, so I expect more of the same. I'd love to be wrong, but I won't be. I'll take a hard pass if it's stadiums, but a US arena leg will have me there for round 2.
  8. Manage Your Expectations Of The Red Panda's Chinese Democracy II
  9. Either it was a work or it's been resolved, because Kenny was Long Beach today shooting with Cody and the Bucks.
  10. Jinder is great. He's getting heat from casual fans by playing the classic foreign heel, and he's getting heat from the smarks who saw him as a jobber. He's a fine worker with good character work to go on, and I'm really enjoying his role. Frankly, the way the story has been booked, he should win. But that would be logical storytelling and character building, so of course not. AJ-Orton has to happen at some point. They teased the forearm-to-RKO spot so perfectly when they worked on Smackdown a while back, it's got to pay off at some point in us actually seeing it happen
  11. As a match? Absolutely. As a storyline? Not so much. AJ is the #1 contender, yet KO is cutting promos on Y2J to open the show. Will be a fun one-off match, it'll be great, but I'm not emotionally invested at all, and to the extent that either AJ or KO are invested, it ain't in each other. To be honest, AJ has been treading water with no real program since Cena. For the love of God, steer AJ back to full heel status and get him and Shin together. AJ is directionless, Dolph doesn't have enough heat to really launch Nakamura, and the two of them can put up 5-star matches in their damn sleep.
  12. Breezango and Jinder Mahal are the stories I am most interested in going into this weekend's PPV, and that's a sentence that I actually just wrote.
  13. Yeah it's good, but far from their best. Would have been one of the weaker songs on Sin and Bones and might not even have made Wanna Start a War. Still a catchy listen, good first single to hook new fans, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the record.
  14. Interesting. I thought that was just kayfabe for Being The Elite. Odd that they could get all that Japanese talent in but had progress with the Canadian. My first thought when Marty joined the Cliz was "oh man, that crossover shirt is going to be one of the best looking wrestling shirts ever." That was correct.