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  1. Reby is dropping Shether levels of diss against Impact on Twitter. Sounds like some real carny promoter shit went down with the new regime. She's threatening to melt the TNA tag belts down and make them into earrings...
  2. It was totally different than any wrestling program you've seen before. It's the most extreme "cartoon character" esque gimmick I've seen in decades, with most of its biggest stuff happening in pretapes. It's absolutely absurd in every possible way, self-aware, tongue-in-cheek, and the perfect balance of fun wrestling and high-level sketch comedy. Worth watching. The Final Deletion doesn't require too much context. Tag team apocalypto and the Great War are a little more nonsensical out of context but still worth a watch.
  3. It means that the #BROKENbrilliance may bring its expedeeeshun of gold to Orlando and render the Club of Bullets' Raw Tag Team Title reign obsolete.
  4. It's official. And they still have the physical tag team belts... Fuck. This is a disaster.
  5. Galloway is out of TNA, leaving the Grand Championship up in the air. Sources also confirmed that the Hardys' contracts expire this week, before Impact tapes on Thursday, and now Matt tweeted this...
  6. As an avid TNA fan who loves how many different characters Cody is playing right now, my biggest question mark going into last night was whether Impact was gonna get Bullet Club Cody or not. This moment right here popped me good and hard. Curious to see what happens now that TNA is working with NOAH, while BC is a NJPW/ROH trademark
  7. Okada is the best wrestler in the world today. Period. Wherever he works is going to produce the best matches because they have the best worker. If he came to WWE, you'd wish everyone was there to work with him. If AJ and Shin face off at Mania, I trust that it will be every bit as good of a match as their WK10 showdown. I would keep Finn off TV until RAW after Mania, but I won't complain about getting him back sooner.
  8. Highlight of last night's NXT: Kassius Ohno stops Bobby Roode from beating down Jose, Roode yells "who the hell do you think you are?!" and the crowd yells back "Chris Hero!!!" Also, some MAJOR shit from last night's NXT tapings for next month:
  9. One of the best "turns" I've seen in a long, long time. I don't often feel legit emotions from wrestling these days, especially on turns you know are coming, but that tore my heart out. Magnificently executed.
  10. If you haven't listened to Talk Is Jericho with Lana and Handsome Rusev yet, you are depriving yourself of grade-A hilarity.
  11. Irving knows that a basketball is round. That's all I care about as far as his round/flat knowledge is concerned.
  12. Impact had to blur the referee in the Hardys vs Psychosis/Super Crazy match for the Crash tag titles because the ref (most likely Marty Elias) is under contract with AAA/Lucha Underground. Gotta love wrestlecrap.
  13. ...while making main roster main event money. Shin will have his day on the main roster. He's in a group of guys that work NXT but don't actually train at the PC (Joe was in that crew too, as is Roode). He's "in developmental" for reasons beyond his ability (most likely to help train the young'ns).
  14. I'm so conflicted with the end of SD last night. Like the story implications in the short term, but holy shit. You wasted #30 on Roman just to make RKO winning the Rumble feel exciting. This cheapens the entire Rumble, to just have the winner turn it down... Fingers crossed this plays out ok, but like every character in Star Wars, I got a baaaaad feeling about this.
  15. This has happened once before, with a handpicked Somoan top-guy getting booed when the crowd pushed back against the company forcing him as a face. What ever happened to that Rocky Maiavia guy, anyway? Wonder what he's up to... In all seriousness, I think you're right for now. But if you steer into the skid like they did with the Rumble finish, you can use the hate Roman gets right now in order to get what you want from the crowd. Eventually they'll forget that you're playing them, an he'll just be a top heel with lots of heat. Go all in and it just might work, and what do you have to lose?