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  1. That Chicago show was incomprehensibly bad. Then two weeks later in Philly he threw down what might have been his best show of the 2011-2014 era. What a finnicky bastardized that Axl is!
  2. The whole show, less Easy and the beginning of Brownstone. Pretty good sound.
  3. Amazing show. Had some drunk assholes behind me who were there to see a handful of songs - would literally yell in the middle of a song "Hey brah, how many songs left until Sweet Child?" I asked them to stop, even though I know most of the setlist by heart just to keep a little of the mystery, and that just made them do it more and louder. That's what I get for going with the cheap seats, I guess. Still a killer show. Axl was in a great mood - we got "home fuck" and "DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE FUCK YOU ARE?!" And he was cracking jokes about how long they play KOHD for. All in all, just amazing to see those guys up there playing together and having fun. It was quite a treat, and one that I never thought I'd get to see - not in this lifetime, anyway.
  4. The Jersey Devil. I dig it. @Tyler Dramacan you get a pic of the shirt for tonight? Also, have you ever seen Guns without being on the rail? You're a beast!
  5. I know that feel. What a fucking waste of time getting there early. Should have gone on my normal lunch break, I would have met duff then at least.
  6. Just makes me more pissed that I wasted my time earlier! So fucking cool for thepeople there.
  7. Seriously?!?! Where did you see that? Fuck, why did I go earlier...
  8. It's a tour shirt. Black shirt, I forget which old logo on the front, dates on the back. Didn't get a picture of one, but saw people carrying them around.
  9. I'm the guy in the yellow shirt
  10. I didn't end up taking any pictures. It was a giant letdown. Not a single piece of merch that you can't buy elsewhere. No extra memorabilia or decoration beyond the normal JV knockoff CBGB hipster ambiance. Fernando was hanging out in the middle of the store with a guy who made a few painted leather jackets, unsurprisingly I don't think anyone in the store knewor caredwho he was (I only nominally cared - thought about asking if he could get me a Nightrain upgrade since my lanyard won't make it in time but decided against it). After how all-out they went for LA, I was expecting something more. Definitely was not worth early in line for. Once the initial chaos calms a bit and you can just step in and step out it'd be worth it, but not worth the 90min I just sank.
  11. I'm still in line to get in, but saw @Fernandoup by the door, and pretty sure Kat's here taking pictures too.
  12. It's a grey shirt, skull/top hat/pistols logo, and it says GUNS N ROSES over the top and Paradise City, Los Angeles CA underneath. Staff are wearing them, I'll get a pic when I get inside (assuming they ever open the door, I have to get back to work lol)
  13. I'm behind the first 50, but I got a card. I think using the hashtag ups your chances of winning the VIP packages they're raffling. Sounds like they're selling one JV guns shirt and standard your merch, nothing unique or special.
  14. I'd expect LA (their hometown) more than a stadium that replaced a stadium where they once filmed a music video.
  15. I'll have a fully-charged phone with me! I may not be able to post them right away, but as quickly as I can I'll get some up here. My brain hasn't fully processed that I'm seeing Axl and Slash together in 2 days, but this is gonna start my weekend off right!