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  1. Bud owns Molson, so any Canadian paying attention should have been pissed already!
  2. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    WWE has edited their website and video to remove all reference to Rollins saying that he wants Omega at the Rumble. I'm sure it's all been a work and he won't be there, but what a work it is!
  3. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Jericho just inkeda new deal, or so he said on TIJ this week. He could obviously be working us, but I wouldn't assume that Owens/KO is necessarily ending at Mania or going as they'd planned... I'll be curious to see how the RR PPV plays out.
  4. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    WWE doesn't have to build or establish AJ, TBH. While many people haven't seen his entire body of indy work, most adult fans are aware of who this guy is. He's an established, bona fide star. So just like Brock is still a monster after losing in 90 seconds, and just like Roman is still a believable forceafter losing clean to Finn in his second match on his first Raw, AJ is fine. If you're going to accuse WWE of "burying" AJ, I highly recommend listening to Rockstar Spud on this week's WZ Weekly. He gets asked point blank about getting buried by a toddler. He responds "Was I on the show? Did people talk about my match after the show? Do you remember that match a month later and are you still asking me about it in interviews? Then I wasn't buried." He then reminds the host that Rockstar Spud is a fictional character, and that wins and losses don't necessarily mean anything. It's refreshing to hear someone whose gimmick last year was losing every single match (all the while becoming one of the most entertaining characters on his show) talk about the business that way. Us smarks need that reminder every so often. AJ is the WWE champ on a huge run. He's beaten Cena clean. He's over as a motherfucker. You cannot say he's been buried, period. On a related note. Watching smackdown this week and hearing the boos for Cena when they mentioned Flair's record, I couldn't help but think: how much would the fans HATE Flair today? He was big, he wasn't too fast, and the company pushed him hard constantly. Smarks would boo the hell out of him.
  5. Ozzy Osbourne appreciation thread

    Has Ozzy ever appeared on the same recording as a harmonica? This looks cool, but seems kind of like a Woody Guthriecommemorative distortion pedal. Not exactly the instrument I associate with the Prince ofFucking Darkness...
  6. I'm not a huge Maiden fan, but they're on my "would like to see them once" list. Ghost as opening act might make me do it this time.
  7. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    WWE isn't perfect. They don't protect anyone's business, and they sure as shit don't protect finishers. AJ Styles walked into a company that loves to hot-potato its belts and has held THE belt for almost half of his first year in the company. He was catapulted into the main event scene without so much as a promo in NXT. He's the biggest draw in the company today. If you can still find room in that to complain, you should probably just stick with ROH and PWG and leave the WWE to people who have any hope of enjoying it. Ill grant you that the Good Brothers have been horrendously mishandled. They came in at the wrong time - they got the same immediate main event treatment as AJ, but WWE had already decided on New Day breaking the record and there was no going back.
  8. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    They hardly "jobbed him out," they gave him an even feud with Chris Jericho - who happens to be one of the top heels in the company, if you haven't noticed. Yeah I disagreed with Y2J going over at Mania, but Vince likes to deny fans what they want a fair amount of the time, and it was still a solid match. And AJ was on the main card at Mania on a hotly-billed match two or theee months after his debut. Whatever the result in the match (which you'll recall isn't a boba ride contest),that's pretty impressive. Sure I'd have done it differently, but AJ is the hottest commodity in the entire company.
  9. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    May his soul find as much rest as Nancy Argentino's. I have to say, even a year later, seeing AJ Styles wearing the WWE's Big Belt just below the P1 logo on his shirt is still indescribably surreal. And to have a McMahon stand in the ring and put him over the way Shane did... Two years ago, I'd have said we'd never see the day. No matter what happens with Cena at the Rumble, you have to love how WWE has handled AJ, and the match will be good enough to justify whatever they do.
  10. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I absolutely agree - but how do we get there? Presumably Joe winning the Rumble and challenging AJ, but how do we get the title to Rollins with Finn at Mania? Either Roman or Owens will leave the Rumble with the belt. There's only Fastlane for Rae between RR and Mania, and the HHH feud has to pay off somewhere... I just don't see how it happens.
  11. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Match makes sense, and the match would be killer, but having Finn start with anything short of a title feud (not necessarily a run, but at least a shot) is a wasted opportunity. Fans will hate it if Roman beats KO, but imagine that Mania pop if Finn pins Reigns in the main event as a heel?! That shit would blow the walls down.
  12. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Heel-heel AJ-Joe could be very very fun. I think my dream Rumble at this point, assuming Cena over AJ which sucks,ends with Gallows 27, Anderson 28, AJ 29, they eliminate everyone else left, 30 hits, lights out, Finn in at 30, and kickstart some sort of Bullet Club angle. But honestly, I don't really care. The Rumble match itself will be super fun. Even with a finish I don't like, the path to get there will be unpredictable and worth it.
  13. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    The Observer is reporting that Vince has changed his mind and both Taker/Cena and Taker going for a belt are by in the plans. So, @Bono, we're both wrong . Word is Strowman isn't his most likely opponent either. The same report has a fatal 4-way penciled in for Charlotte's strap. Yet another has Joe set to debut at the Rumble to set up a "major match" for him in Orlando... will be an interesting couple of weeks, that's for damn sure! This Rumble is super unpredictable. I could see so many different things happen. The only thing that will disappoint me is if Dillinger isn't #10.
  14. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Word is RKO vs Bray is the matchup for Mania, so Bray winning the Rumble wouldn't seem likely. How can you say that the biggest star (or at least top 3) the WWE has ever produced vs the (until recently) biggest star WWE had never signed isn't a "big match"? The Phenom vs The Phenomenal One is a moniker that practically promotes itself. And how is it not fitting? Taker goes out by putting over the company's hottest commodity on the biggest stage. Wrestlers typically lose their final match. Cena going over Taker (or going over AJ at the Rumble) would just piss people off. AJ over Taker would pop the crowd, be a fitting end, put another notch on the Face That RunsThe Place's belt, and be a fitting end to Taker's career. That said - I think Mania being in NOLA again next year just extended Taker's shelf life. He has to be there, right? He even referenced it on Raw this week.
  15. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    The Observer is reporting that Kyle O'Reily and Ray Rowe will be leaving ROH for WWE, and that Cole likely will do the same when his deal opens up in May. Crushing loss for ROH, but Cole/O'Reily bringing their rivalry to NXT will be outstanding, baybay.