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  1. Guns N' Roses 2014 Tour Dates

    I am with you !!!!!!!!! it is so freaking exciting anyways north or south! I rather see GNR in a smaller venue(you are so close to them and they are very relaxed and cool! I have seen them in Big arenas and small venues and they are GREAT anyways, but closer to ME...lolI am just saying that is my preference though!!!
  2. Axl always love Mickey Mouse

    I remember Axl's mickey mouse watch on many posters!!!!!!We all love Mickey Mouse c'mon
  3. Dizzy interview-Lubbock

    Everybody complained years ago about the band not even giving interviews, Now they do (Dizzy, Ron,DJ,)even Axl , soo be happy for that. It is going to be very hard for the band to release another album (Chin. Dem didnt go like AFD) and they are always careful, Axl is a perfectionist and always wait for the right moment. We also need to realize that they all come from diferent bands and their new album might even be...so diferent from anything we have listened to before.
  4. am i crazy or does this exist?

    You might be right, I remember years ago a friend of a friend had a (maybe it was a burned CD) Honestly I can even remember what it was. Anyways there were songs that sounded recorded in a house or a bar or some weird place (but not a studio for sure) ...I wish I had a copy of that. I would reserch more about this>>>
  5. Beta Assaulted?

    Poor Beta.. wth would do that s..t?
  6. Cool Poster

    I would pay for one of those!!!
  7. Houston Nov. 4th *Update* Thread

    late late pics ...It was a great concert loved it...and also I made friends with the little girl that got on stage and her mom... I had a super great time!!!
  8. nov 4th HOUSTON!!

    V& A? I might but really want to be there on front row...I got ga floor tickets.I want to see axl the closest I might get there around 3 pm or 4
  9. OH my god!If Axl plays for 3 hours or 5 those would be the second best hours of my life..(my triplets birthday is first)I hope they play for that long.I ve seen them and the 2 hours they play 5 years ago..werent enough..I suffered knowing it was going to be over even before they started playing..enjoy it if you get this kind of concert ..
  10. Attendance at the US SHOWS

    in Mexico they sold out the 2 noghts they played in mexico city only. they played in other two cities and it was pretty close to sold out..Brazil and all over south america.Will see in texas...You can still find tickets for the toyota center one..Over all I think they are doing great!!!But yes I agree we need facts to do what....
  11. Axl seems happier

    well yeesss he is super cute! Singing great, great band , great scenario and great voice. I t might be because most of the shows have sold at least 80 %..I would be happy too more money for beatiful freaking models ...You little devil you Axl If he is happy Im happy...!!!
  12. Superman!! he should wear tide very tide clothes tonight...
  13. What do you guys think about the Stage setup?

    will see next friday!!! It looks better than the one in 2006.
  14. rock1 Thats sooo f... awesome wwooooo OH my go!!!!!
  15. Would Axl Even Want It?

    guys Arenas and stadiums are sold out in many countries...Yes they are not what they were 18 years ago...but the arent "Hookesr and Blow"...(with all respect Dizzy Reed)