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  1. Nashville Show Also Rescheduled?

    For what it's worth, it is now not on Gunsnroses.com anymore.
  2. Nashville postponed

    I was affraid of this. I already have tickets, hotel, vacation time, babysitter etc... but I knew when I scheduled all of this that this is Guns N Roses and anything is subject to change with little or no notice. all apart of being a GNR fan. I am still a huge fan and will drop everything when I have a new date. Album sure would be nice for the trouble though.
  3. Nashville Show Also Rescheduled?

    This is what I was worried about. I got the vacation time off for the Nashville show and got a hotel room already reserved. After I saw the Jacksonville date change I was wondering if they would really open the tour in Nashville. I am of course hoping the date will not change, but if it does it will not surprise me.