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  1. I got a better deal from the scalper outside of the stadium than I did from the NT presale...
  2. No, he's not! He he was just doing research for his book!
  3. KOTOR on the XBOX!
  4. Wrestlemainia was proof that WWE deserves to go bankrupt.
  5. David Rockefeller died too. He was 101, so he wouldn't be worth anything anyway. I've read some very interesting stuff about him that's probably beyond the scope of this particular form...
  6. I didn't read the thread, so I don't know if anyone has made a joke yet on the possibly of them writing new material.
  7. I think he's pointing to a girl in the audience.... Rock N' roll aint dead yet!
  8. " I missed lunch, so I just ate one of the Babymetal girls instead..."
  9. I definitely missed her. An 80 year old,ex alcoholic, diabetic was a good pick!
  10. Didn't you guys ever hear about "Climategate" a few years back? That might have been the Russians too!
  11. That would be a great way for them to show their support of the Woman's march.
  12. If they get a rematch, maybe he'll try that moonsault again?
  13. RIP Superfly (Even if you were a murderer)
  14. RIP Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
  15. This is most intelligent "fiction" TV show ever created.