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  1. who has been to a gn'r show

    oslo globen rock in rio (lisboa) roskilde and helsinki
  2. List several mind blowing song performances from this year

    sgu`? ka e du ute på syre? rock2
  3. List several mind blowing song performances from this year

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7hNTH5McGI SE DER DANSER BESTEFAR!!!
  4. The promises has reach norway

    http://www.ba.no/puls/article2476157.ece its about the open letter from Axl. It says hes been threw hell the last 10 years, blames merc for the delay over and over again. And promis the ablum out 6.mars if not something insane is gonna happen again.
  5. GNR tour starting in Mar in Dubai

    thats because we all hate them.... ESJH
  6. Lets just download the album when its out!

    U must be the most childish 30+ year old man on the earth
  7. I give up...I accept the new band

    since u said it.... The band is for people with taste in Star Wars and other wierd stuff....
  8. I give up...I accept the new band

    Talk for u self.... That band belongs in a toystore
  9. Merck Says Brain Still In The Band

    so u do see it as u have to like either slash or axl? Its something in that sentence, just because he dont like the new band dosent mean he have to post in VR. Is that the garbage section?
  10. I am more interested in Axl biography then CD

    OMGF:....they made him lool
  11. I am more interested in Axl biography then CD

    Agree...dont like the new songs to much
  12. How long can this band go before releasing news?

    [qoute]You called the 1992 lineup "Guns n Roses". There were only 3 original members in that lineup, because 2 had left. Now 2 more have left. It's been a gradual change. If Adler, Izzy, Duff and Slash had all left at once then it wouldn't be GNR. But that's not what happened. [qoute/] omgf u are stupid....Its not the same.. :xmassrudolph:
  13. Merck says we will hear.....

  14. Bumblefoot is desperate for an 'image'... tries too hard

    Agree with u man..hes trying to hard..Doesnt fit in either... Nice guy just not right for gnr...back with Buckehead...He had image and was one hell of a guitar player
  15. Is December 31st the breaking point for most?

    Ooh dear god