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  1. Axl Rose By Sante D'Orazio

    He's still so cool
  2. Welcome To The Jungle

    Yeah, I'm not sure the whole song is about NYC but the part "you're in the jungle baby, you're gonna dieeeeeeee!!!" is. Axl said it was when he was 17 and was in NY for the first time, they got lost and ended up in Harlem and some old black guy said to them "you're in the jungle baby, you're gonna dieeeeeeee!!!"
  3. Gingerbread Axl Gets Published

    pretty funny
  4. Will CD be out by the end of 2006?

    Change the title, it looks like you know anything but you're just guessing like everyone else
  5. Axls politicle view

    If you're serious you're either incredibly stupid or a racist
  6. Will CD be out by the end of 2006?

  7. Please vote GnR in poll

    Please vote for GnR on this Dutch site: http://top2000.radio2.nl/stemmen/page/top2...rpagina_normaal Just click the button "verder" select three gnr songs (preferably November Rain first as it has the biggest chance on winning) and then click the button "verder" another two or three times. You can just fill in fake names and e-mail adresses if you want. I'd really appreciate it if you vote because this list is really big in Holland Thanks in Advance
  8. Just Another Tuesday

  9. Axl's voice getting lost in the mix

    I found that in real life it's even harder to hear Axl, but it might be because I went to one of their open air gigs
  10. All British HMV employees please read!

    Like any of the food u get in America is American, the only american food there is, McDonalds crap. that's why most of the americans are too fat
  11. Will Sabastian Bach get the fuck out the picture?

    I totally agree, I don't like Bachs personality, his voice or anything else about him. He fucks up gnr songs on shows, and I'm terribly happy he wasn't at the show I went to at July 2nd (we got Izzy instead )
  12. Rock Am Ring 'You metal god you'

  13. New Picture of Axl

  14. I Don't Like I.R.S.

    I like IRS way more than Madagascar or TWAT, if Madagascar is the first single, the album will fail enormously