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  1. It was a pretty incredible experience fora 25 year old die-hard GNR fan who missed out on the late 80's/early 90's shows. Axl sounds fantastic, the chemistry between everyone on stage is real, the setlist was nearly perfect, the show was paced beautifully,I was absolutely blown away. Seeing Axl walk over to Slash and put his arm around him while he played the solo in KOHD kinda made me choke up. What a surreal night. I saw a guy with a"Where's Izzy?" back patch on the way out of the stadium. For some reason, even after all I had just seen, thats when it really struck me that I had just attendeda real Guns N' Roses show. It's still sinking in. Random note: Slash's solo for This I Love (a song Idespise) was SO FUCKING GOOD
  2. The best thing to come from Pittman was the EATMYSILKWORMS site. He was a meme.
  3. That's why I never went.
  4. Not sure what to expect really. I have always been a "if they reunite, I don't care if they make new music, I just want to see them live" kinda guy, but just seeing youtube video of them playing together has me excited for any possible future of GNR. If they were to enter the studio, I guess they'd probably do a "return to form" sort of thing, maybe pick up where they left off in the mid-90's while also compromising with each other as far as direction. I can't imagine them taking on a project as ambitious as UYI or CD, not for a first comeback record, which this certainly would be viewed as.
  5. Will they play Crash Diet? ever

    Nobody is paying $100+ to hearCrash Diet
  6. MYGNR forum members bands

    Guess which one posts on a GNR message board.
  7. 04/08/2016 - Las Vegas - T-Mobile Arena

    My mom texted me from Vegas a few hours ago saying she had to wait to use the elevators at the Delano at Mandalay Bay because Guns N' Roses was using them. Then apparently she saw Duff and his wife walking into the casino. I had no idea my folks were going to be in Vegas this weekend, wtf.
  8. Got into the lower bowl at Ford Field for $250,where standing area tickets are $2,200. I've never heard of anything like that, and as huge as this is I have a hard time believing they'll come anywhere close to selling out astadiumat that price. How many white-collar Guns N' Roses fans are there in 2016?
  9. What Are You Listening To 2016

  10. I'm happy about it, but my excitement won't really begin until I've actually secured tickets to the Detroit show. I'm incredibly anxious about it selling out in a short period of time after they go on sale, likely while I'm busy at work or some shit.
  11. My grindcore/powerviolence band

    Damn, thanks guys. We're putting another EP out in March, heresone of the new songs.
  12. Musicans of mygnrforum, post covers you've recorded or had videotaped live in here! A few months ago one of my good friends and I recorded a cover of one of our favorite songs by one of our favorite bands for a sort of "covers contest". The band Trophy Scars asked their fans to cover their favorite song and submit it for a chance to be featured on a compilation album, and apparently they dug ours enough to include it even though the production quality is laughable, we did it in GarageBand using nothing but the piece of shit stock mic on my macbook but what the hell I did the guitars, my friend sang. https://trophyscars.bandcamp.com/track/edward-emmerich-trazodone