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  1. What will the band look like at the reunion

    Probably something like that
  2. I think Izzy and Sorum are much bigger question marks than Adler. If Adler was seriously going to be left out of this he would be insufferably running his mouth in the press. He'll be there for the Appetite songs.
  3. How many hours do you work per week?

    Country: US Hours Per Week: 30-40 Benefits: Yes I didn't go to college
  4. What about a new album??

    Guns N' Roses is my all time favorite band, I'm beyond thrilled Axl and Slash are going to play shows together again, but I could not care less about new material. Let's be real. They more than made their mark in the late 80's and early 90's, anything beyond that is bound to be a disappointment. They are aging rock n roll musicians, its perfectly acceptable if they tour on the classics and hang it up. If this is even an idea thats being entertained, and I seriously doubt that, the only way it would have a prayer at being worth a shit is if Izzy is actively involved.
  5. Anybody else love Back off Bitch?

    I use to like it a lot when I was a kid. Now I consider it probably my least favorite GNR song. I love the blatantly immature anthems like Get in the Ring and Shotgun Blues, but Back Off Bitch is just a ham fisted mess of a song. Which is a shame cause it actually has a pretty solid intro.
  6. lol at GNR fans holding out for new music if a reunion actually does happen. I don't know what planet you guys are on, but new music from a group of musicians who haven't played together in more than 20 years is never anything to get excited about, the world is much better off without it. At best they'll get together for a string of shows playing the hits, and we should be more than grateful for that. Expecting or feeling entitled to new music from the classic lineup of Guns N' Roses is beyond hilarious, get your head out of your ass.
  7. Truth is....we allowed this to happen.

    lol I never saw them
  8. Not sure what you're moping about, everything get's the legacy it deserves. Post 2000 GNR released one album and toured largely on classic hits from 10-20 years prior, they'll be remembered by the small handful of greasy white people who followed them on the internet, and Brazil. Big deal.
  9. Oh, Jesse Hughes needs some publicity again. This time, saying what everyone already knows. Good job, Jesse.
  10. Def Leppard

    I use to give no fucks about Def Leppard until one of my roommates wouldn't stop playing them while we hung out on the porch last summer, High and Dry and Hysteria grew on me a lot. They definitely weren't the "singles band" I always considered them to be, their songwriting is a lot smarter than I ever gave them credit for.
  11. 14 year old arrested for making clock

    Yeah it's a serious issue, racism and stuff. I couldn't help laughing at this though.
  12. Eh, that's how most gender issues come off to me. One of my female friends recently cut her hair, stopped wearing makeup, and now wishes to be referred to as "they/them" or "gender non-conforming". Basically, she doesn't want gender specific pro-nouns used while talking to or about her, but she doesn't claim to have gender dysphoria. Of course, this has resulted in pointless discussions about correct pro-nouns anytime she catches anyone referring to her by her "assumed gender pro-noun", and while I do sympathize with anyone suffering from any identity issues... this just comes off as petty trivial bullshit, and I cannot bring myself to care. Biology and political correctness are not good bedfellows.
  13. Assassin's Creed

    ew, video game movies
  14. Madden 16

    I'm just waiting for NCAA to come back