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  1. It was a pretty incredible experience for a 25 year old die-hard GNR fan who missed out on the late 80's/early 90's shows. Axl sounds fantastic, the chemistry between everyone on stage is real, the setlist was nearly perfect, the show was paced beautifully, I was absolutely blown away. Seeing Axl walk over to Slash and put his arm around him while he played the solo in KOHD kinda made me choke up. What a surreal night. I saw a guy with a "Where's Izzy?" back patch on the way out of the stadium. For some reason, even after all I had just seen, thats when it really struck me that I had just attended a real Guns N' Roses show. It's still sinking in. Random note: Slash's solo for This I Love (a song I despise) was SO FUCKING GOOD