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  1. Prague 1992

    do I have to register in order to be able to download this torrent?
  2. Prague 1992

    Does the dvd from Prague 1992 exist? Can you please give me download links if you have it?
  3. with this SOPA...

    haha good one..
  4. with this SOPA...

    all the forums that I use are down.. concidence?
  5. with this SOPA...

    anyone know any good forums please pm me
  6. Axl it was very nice to see you come here and answer the questions from forum members. I hope you will be here more in the future and answer questions on other topics as well. I would like to hear your saying on other matters as well. Your fans love you and look forward to more social interaction even if it's through the web PEACE
  7. Rumored Album Release Dates

    I wanna see what the ill-talking population will say then the album comes out PEACE
  8. An open Letter from Axl Rose

    Everytime I read a post like this.... I don't think that AXL or GN'R owe you anything man to call them names If you want to support GNR then wait for the album otherwise you should get yourself off the nighttrain
  9. sometimes is easy to forget were youre goin , sometimes its harder to leave
  10. who has been to a gn'r show

    Paris 2006 Athens 2006 and I wish I had been at Paris 92
  11. Ron Thal at Kobes SteakHouse

    it's really cool that you saw him and thanx for posting!

  13. Better

    What did Axl mean by that?
  14. GNR changes music again..

  15. Better

    I've been listening to BETTER over and over on youtube from this years live performances. I have begun to realize what the song is about and I'm really impressed by the lyrics. Does anyone know who wrote the lyrics? PEACE now I know better...