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  1. 09/09/16 - Detroit, MI - The Palace Of Auburn Hills

    Glad that worked out for you!
  2. 09/4/16 - Columbus, OH - Nationwide Arena

    Yeah, so I just might HAVE to go next week. These threads are surprisingly quiet, but little insights fire up my ticket buying probability.
  3. 09/09/16 - Detroit, MI - The Palace Of Auburn Hills

    I was the chiropractor there (The Palace) a couple years ago. His bus drove right in, they cleared the area and he got out carrying Vanessa's dog. Bus stayed there for the entire show. Maybe it'll be different this time since Angus is perhaps the big draw on this one.
  4. 09/09/16 - Detroit, MI - The Palace Of Auburn Hills

    Where are you going to try and meet him? Last time I was there his bus pulled right inside the venue and stayed there until he left.
  5. 09/01/16 - Atlanta, GA - Phillips Arena

    Looks cozy!
  6. 09/09/16 - Detroit, MI - The Palace Of Auburn Hills

    Yup showing up for me now, must have screwed something up yesterday when I looked.
  7. 09/09/16 - Detroit, MI - The Palace Of Auburn Hills

    Is this sold out? Can't seem to find any tickets.
  8. I have one. NOT for sale.
  9. Kind of surprised to findthis thread only nine pages long. Most of the posts seem relevant though (other than the usual dribble). Glad everyone had a great time. What a fantastic run this summer has been. Hopefully this rebondingtime results in some excellent fruit. Loving the lack of drama.
  10. I hope so too. Quite happy that this thread has continued for so many pages...it has been fun!
  11. Like I said I my Toronto review, I am not a fan of The Seeker, but I LOVED watching Axl sing it, looks like he is having so much fun. For me a large part of a concert is watching the performance and not even necessarily the actual song picks (if that makes any sense, not really surehow to convey that idea).
  12. He has a lot of people on stage!
  13. Looks like a good spot. We were kind of up on the side for Toronto and didn't get a great view of the main centre screen, so you have that covered! Thanks for the update!