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  1. 05/26/16 - Hamburg, Germany - Volksparkstadion

    Lots to like about this picture.😈
  2. He grew up in Peterborough which is just down the road. He likely has family there and a local following that may all come down to see him in TO (along with GNR). So there is definitely a chance. I wouldn't mind seeing him (again), but would appreciate another option.
  3. Agreed. Many if not most already put in their vacation requests for the summer months ago. It would be difficult for me to get the Monday off and driving homeafter would suck. Toronto has a large population to draw from though. However the foreign population is huge there...and they ain't comin'. Foreign, as in first generation immigrants who are just trying to scrapemoney together to succeed in a new land. $250 tickets would be a hard sell.
  4. 05/10/16 - Seville, Spain - Estadio De La Cartuja

    This time change sure is nice. Love not having to stay up half the night to follow the event.
  5. nm. I see it. links to a reseller. looks like I got the deal by getting my tickets through ticketmaster (although it was a brutal feat). Sucks that actualfans have to resort to wagjag.
  6. Just saying, you might want to check it if that is a concern for you. No one wants a beer dumped on them when jungle breaks out.
  7. I don't really think that they do that many concerts at Rogers Centre, especially with the PIT, so I'm not sure how many comments you'll get in regards to your question. The last concert I saw there was Phil Collins in June, 1990! Haha. I would think the view will be good anywhere in that section though and would only go early if you want the rail. Could depend on who is opening and if you want to see them and how much you enjoy $10+ beers, if you are even allowed drinks in that section. I know often they don't let booze down there (spills = falls = injury), but I never really drink that much at a concert because I don't want my bladder to rupture.
  8. I can see how that could happen with all that rain. Sad. Your english may be better than mine!
  9. Someone will ask this question on every page of the thread until they go on. Hint: Downzy answered this on the first page.
  10. I have the same concern, but it should work out. I'm thinking the rise as you get higher in the section will hopefully put you above it. I'm in 127L, row 20 (I think). Almost wish I was 13 rows higher. Doubt there will be a second date. I think second dates are usually added pretty quickly after the first date's sell out in order to keep the ticket selling momentum (frenzy) going. It would be cool though.
  11. I just think it looks really lame to have the entire floor GA. You are only permitted so many on the floor (fire code), so when everyone is jammed up front, half the floor looks empty. Kinda sucks the energy out of the rest of the crowd. Plus I'm older (44), I don't want to stand for hours waiting, and like having my own little personal area. Besides, they don't always let beer into the GA area...and that is a problem. I've seen them about 10 times, I don't need to be that close.
  12. well damn. I've been a day off all week. That might help!
  13. It was like this then I saw them. Security cleared the backstage area and his bus drove right in. He got out and straight to the dressing room. I was sort of lucky and ran into him in the hallway after the show...and...froze...and he deaked. Fuck. Might have just being the universe making me adhere to the advice of never meeting your heros.