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  1. Didn't Robin Williams do it a similar way? Hooked a belt to the doorframe and let gravity do its nasty strechy thing. People picture a noose from a hook in the ceiling, but it is not always that way. Makes it even worse thinking about the last moments. No wonder people suppress memories into the deep reccesses of consciousness. His poor family.
  2. I once had a patient kill himself. I saw him at 6pm he was happy and was to return the next day. He did not show up. Very uncharacteristic. I finally found out what happened. He left my office, dragged his lazy-boy into the garage and let the car run. It took a long time to "get over" it. He had already made his final decision. He did not need a call for help. He found joy in knowing the should I or shouldn't I self talk had finally come to a decision. Decision making made him happy. He could just stop thinking about it. He just had to go home. The thought of going home fulfilled him. Maybe it is often this way. I don't know. Leaving the rest of us sad is an awful thing to do and I get why hate/anger is one of the steps of grief.
  3. This is just horrible. What a method to chose. I don't know what the significance of hanging is but it must be something cathartic about it. God Bless his soul. All the questions alone are painful.
  4. I like this band. Nice to see bands covering a more obscure song. Besides, she's got some "nice" pics out there They get quite a lot of airplay here.
  5. Can't believe I'm actually up early enough on a day off to catch a bit of this.
  6. Band starts a show with something other than It's So Easy or Welcome to the Jungle (5/1) - 20 Band ends a show with something other than Paradise City (10/1) -10 Izzy joins band on stage, plays song with Axl, Duff, Slash (8/1) -10 Steven joins band on stage, plays song with Axl, Duff, Slash (2/1) -15 The original AFD lineup (Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven) play one song together (15/1) - 5 Sebastian Bach joins GNR onstage for a song (4/1) -5 Band plays a new song (9/1) -10 Axl rants against Donald Trump at a show (4/1) -5 A GNR concert lasts longer than 3 hours, ten minutes (4/1) - 15 Band plays a UYI song that was not played in 2016 (3/1) -20 Band, with Axl, plays a song from TSI (5/1) -5 Band plays a new cover (3/1) -10 Band stops playing The Seeker (must be dropped from the set for three consecutive shows) (4/1) -5 Axl and Slash sit down for a joint interview (10/1) -5 A members of GNR (excluding Axl) visits MYGNRFORUM and answers questions (50/1) -5 None of the above happens (50/1) -5 This ought to be fun. Hopefully I added it up to 150 correctly . The thought of keeping track of all of this makes my head spin! I would totally understand if it just becomes too much.
  7. Not so sure about this.
  8. Anyone want to take bets on how many pages this thread will be?
  9. Saw that show in Hamilton, I think Brian May opened (which I didn't really care about at the time). Those were the days. Might have been my second or third time seeing them.
  10. This is going to be off the hook! 17 pages already. Have people already started asking what time the show starts ?! Steven certainly adds some fun to this very serious business.
  11. Haha...and my wife makes fun of my singing lol!!