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  1. The drama is exhausting. Although it is nice to see some action around these here parts.
  2. Is that spaghetti at 3:27?
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    From an outside view (Canada...so we're close), the Trump show is quite entertaining. Certainly Canadians should be paying attention since the U.S. has a great influence on us. It does make for interesting politics. It is so nice to see someone who just authentically says what is on his mind. When he makes off the cuff comments, it adds to his genuineness since this is something that politics on both sides of the border is missing. I hope he makes it through. Professional, polished politicians are so blah...they all sound the same.
  4. Axl and Barbie Von Grief

    It is threads like these that lead me from one story about Barbie, to reading about Rocket Queen on Wikipedia and learning that Axl played bass. I don't know how reliable wikipedia is on this, I just didn't know that he did play bass. I'll have to search around to confirm this. This tangent I took is also why I love this damn forum. Steven Adler would take a drum solo in the middle of the song while the band was supporting Appetite For Destruction in 1988, which expanded to included Duff McKagan on an additional drum kit and Axl Rose playing bass when the band opened four dates for The Rolling Stones in 1989 at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. edit: I guess he did.
  5. I had this issue except it would stall. I just used some cleaner (carb cleaner?) and wiped off this thin layer of black (grease? soot?). It worked like a charm. Hope it is a simple fix for you!
  6. Indifference would be my emotion. He is retired with short bursts of employment. Seems to be what most "retired" celebrities do.
  7. Aaron Lewis Covering SCOM

    I don't really know much about the guy (other than these few clips), but it looks like everyone is having a great time. Seems like a fun guy to see...and always exciting to see someone cover a few of your favourite songs! I like it.
  8. Sweet Canadian O' Mine

    I like the guy, voted for him a couple times and will do so again next year...I just wish he'd do something about his hair. Why doesn't someone tell him that he looks like a gray haired lego man?
  9. pretty awesome guitar playing though! Drop the vocals out and it would be a great listen. I don't mind Myles (in general)...but I just find him very difficult to look at. Could be the bug eyes that he sometimes brings out.
  10. This is getting exhausting. repetitive. boring.
  11. The RIP birthday party in 1990

    What a beast! Thanks for posting!
  12. yeah, watched the first 30 seconds, that was enough animal cruelty for me. I don't think the brief warning at the beginning was sufficient.
  13. I really like these threads...thanks! Now I know where the infamous Slash quote came from. @ 1:15:03 Patience does seem pretty emotionless to me though.
  14. always nice to hear a mention regardless of how brief...but what a lackluster start of a gig...boring.