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  1. Anyone want to take bets on how many pages this thread will be?
  2. Saw that show in Hamilton, I think Brian May opened (which I didn't really care about at the time). Those were the days. Might have been my second or third time seeing them.
  3. This is going to be offthe hook! 17pages already. Have people already startedasking what time the show starts ?!Steven certainly adds some fun to this very serious business.
  4. Haha...and my wife makes fun of my singing lol!!
  5. Become a club member and get unlimited likes
  6. Everyday is laundry day! It does get tiring seeing him in the same outfits day after day. However no one says that to the actors performing in a play.
  7. At least we won't have to argue about whether he is on THE plane or not this time!
  8. That backstage ISE video is cool. I could see the entire concert that way.
  9. Really happy waking up to see some video before heading off to work. The YCBMvid from a distance made me really happy I paid extra to ticketmaster to get out from behind that speaker stand in Toronto.
  10. Little late to the party, but Welcome! This is going to be fun