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  1. just look on the facebook live map and they are easy to find. KOHD now.
  2. Slash is killing it on DTJ. Wowzers! I don't think anything, seems like it was just getting too tight up front so Axl was heading off a potential problem I guess.
  3. I think he told them to to step back.
  4. Nice to hear him speak during a show. If only it were more often.
  5. And the big guy loves singing it...that is good enough for me!
  6. perhaps, but she may have a point
  7. surprisingly quiet around here!
  8. I don't know if I'm willing to swallow these prices. Last time I went to see them at ACC I was in the top level, not a great experience. So I'd have to be lower. I also have something tentatively scheduled out of town that day, so may not even have to make the decision.
  9. Doesn't the recording sound different depending on where it was recorded from? Close vs. Far? High vs. Low? Left vs. Right? Humid vs. Dry? Low end vs. High end phone? Etc.
  10. Glad I got here in time to catch up. I think Estranged was fine, crowd seemed happy enough.
  11. I was walking down the hallway and he came around this rounded corner and actually almost ran into me. I sort of jump back and froze when I saw who it was, he did I little jump back and froze copying my posture for two seconds before doing his raised lip half smile and going through the door. I was cool, but wish I could have found my words.
  12. I ran into Axl in a hallway and he mocked me. I totally froze. That is my confession. Kicking myself the instant that he bolted into a mysterious doorway with one GIANT dude protecting it.