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  1. I have one. NOT for sale.
  2. Kind of surprised to findthis thread only nine pages long. Most of the posts seem relevant though (other than the usual dribble). Glad everyone had a great time. What a fantastic run this summer has been. Hopefully this rebondingtime results in some excellent fruit. Loving the lack of drama.
  3. I hope so too. Quite happy that this thread has continued for so many pages...it has been fun!
  4. Like I said I my Toronto review, I am not a fan of The Seeker, but I LOVED watching Axl sing it, looks like he is having so much fun. For me a large part of a concert is watching the performance and not even necessarily the actual song picks (if that makes any sense, not really surehow to convey that idea).
  5. He has a lot of people on stage!
  6. Looks like a good spot. We were kind of up on the side for Toronto and didn't get a great view of the main centre screen, so you have that covered! Thanks for the update!
  7. Looks like an exciting couple behind you! The spice rack was better to look at! Have a fabulous time.
  8. I was going to make a meaningful post for my 1000th and then I saw this. Yuck, diaper wearing skeletons. Odd not numberedthough and putting a limit of two on them (how would they ever police that?). Toronto only had (numbered) 400 for 53000ish people with no limit. Maybe they figure there is no need to number them anymore since they can then sell a virtually unlimited amount of lithographs. If they are $50 a piece that could be alot of profit for a sheet of paper with some ink on it.
  9. nope didn't see any crying. The only time that I ever saw an entire arena in tears was at a Martina McBride concert a couple of years ago. It was the song "Concrete Angel". Powerful song and touching/sad/horrific pictures/videos. It was rough but fantastic at the same time.
  10. Just adding a couple pictures that my daughter took. Not the greatest, but a Section 113 perspective. It truly was a fantastic show, other than the crushing crowd and periodically questionable sound quality it was a great nights. Still exhausted two days later.
  11. I saw the original band, the in between years and the reunited band. I would say yes. But I would likely never go to a Duff or Slash show. I like them and appreciate the magic that they are capable of when collaborating. In all honesty, 90% of the reason I go is to see Axl. However, when Axl disappears backstage (which he much too often does) I would much rather be entertained by Slash playing than the other guys (including Duff) mostly because he has "that something" that others do not.
  12. Isn't there a site where they detail sales data? Tickets, gross $, etc. Maybe at the end of the year/month. It just seemed like really a lot of people. Makes me never want to go to one of those 100k+ college football games.