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  1. Did Axl ever sing with the Cult?

    Did they ever actually jam together on the tour that they did in the late 80s? 2 of my favourite bands together, damn that would have been a sweet gig to see!
  2. The thing I find oddest about Ashba's incessant bullshitting, is that who does he think is actually going to read these kind of interviews? It's certainly not your casual listener, but the more hardcore followers, such as ourselves. So in essence, he is just saying these lies over and over again (unplanned showlist, getting ready to make new songs, etc etc) to people that know he's lying. Nevermind the fact that these interviews are hardly going to significantly affect the turn-out at GNR events - I just see them as more damaging than anything, and they don't really accomplish anything.
  3. movies you got up and walked out on

    Went to see Epic Movie, as a result of getting ID'd for Hot Fuzz when out on a date (what 15 y/o carries ID?), and left within 30 minutes. Utter shite.
  4. Foxy Shazam release new album!

    Sounds sick, thanks for the heads up.
  5. What is cringe about asking an iconic and respected actor a legitimate question about a field that Cooper was obviously interested in? Fair enough if you don't like him, I don't particularly care for his acting either, but this isn't cringe.
  6. Eating a burger with your hands or knife n fork?

    I use the knife and fork when the burger is so stacked I can neither a) pick it up without falling into slop, or b) fit it in my mouth.
  7. I'm going to go ahead and pronounce dub step dead

    Sorry man, dubstep died with the final nail in the coffin about 2 years ago.
  8. This probably isn't what you're talking about, but Chase & Status, a British drum & bass group sampled Axl's story (possibly from the Ritz concerts, cant' really remember) about the origins of "Welcome to the Jungle" in their song, "Smash TV".
  9. Bruno is pretty much on the money. It's nice to see some refreshing honesty from Bumblefoot though! Sounds like he's really pushing Axl passive aggresively here - "if everyone came together unanimously" ie Axl because everybody else in the band has already stated their desire to record & release new music. I wonder how Axl will respond.... Personally I would love to hear the 'old' material first, especially as it would probably mean a new record sooner.
  10. This is the worst thing I've ever heard

    You guys are overeacting about Sorry. Not Axl's best at all, particularly around the bridge, although he almost recovers with his extended 'siiiiing' - although the next line unfortunately suffered as a result. But Ashba's solo was shockingly badly phrased. Yes he played the correct notes, but damn that had no feeling. EDIT: 14 years is hilarious though
  11. Official TV Show discussion

    I was recommended it, and blitzed through 8 seasons in a couple of months. It's okay for the first 4 seasons but the formula does get pretty stale.
  12. Layla (Piano Exit)

    The slide guitar solo is the best thing in that song. Love it.
  13. why does the current line up need to wait on axl?

    It would be great if they just made a side group project; possibly even get a vocalist in and release an album.
  14. Do You Think Axl Should Embrace the Craziness On The Next Album?

    I think he's just showing the record companies he can be backed and wont be a liability in terms of public view based on reviews and columns. Hopefully in the aim to get backing for promotion for a second album or even re-release if that was what he wanted. Total speculation though obviously...