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  1. Worst Airport You've Been In

    LAX is way over rated! JFK is good much better, no problems LHR is great particulary through T5 Etc etc ERM.... Tees Valley takes some beating for crap! And if you scared of flying, Leeds/Bradford isn't the place to be landing on a winters windy day (re high up and short runway)

    Awesome plans This is why Downzy took over. It secured the long terms future of mygnrforum -- and from what I hear, a fantastic opportunity for expansion. Good news for all concerned -- It has my vote
  3. HTGTH

    Get the fuck over yourself arsehole. Alfie is the shit, show some respect. Never liked your posts you come off as a complete cock.
  4. Deep depression can cause major unhappiness and possibilities of suicide, no doubt. But to actually inflict YOUR dark side upon others perfectly happy is completely henous. Just can never get my head around stuff like this.

    Awesome downzy!
  6. Not sure which was more embarrassing, the questions/interview or the answers. I'll go with questions!
  7. Ask staff

    Totally -- Id have retorted badly by now Downzy is pure class. That said, I pretty much agree with most of the feedback. Great to see a Slash section back! But needs to be in gnr section imo
  8. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    Chelsea were gash tonight!
  9. URGH 2/3 songs my ONLY let down re source, from the multitude of statements bang on before anyone else Funny thing people always presumed IT was beta or management; it came from a band member! Lol. Oh well.
  10. Has Axl reunited with slash yet? Lol you guys
  11. Ask staff

    Bakers gonna bake!
  12. Ask staff

    Lol Why didn't I play around with word filters when I was admin? We're just a cupcake fans forum
  13. Vodka...

    One bad experience at school getting hammered getting suspended, dropped as football captain etc etc. Never touched it since (meh.... MAY have had it unknowingly in a fancy cocktail bar but still, no no no) Everything else? Fair game
  14. Sucks or not.

    CD was a major let down for me -- can't believe how excited I was when the leaks came. IRS, CD, THE BLUES were as good as any GNR songs from any previous album, that's how I felt in 2006? The album was weak. I have 2 songs in my iTunes, both of which I skip and I can honestly state ive not listened to a full song off CD in about...... 4 years? At least. Touring? Always fantastic to watch Axl live (fuck you haters I include dj in that, he's fucking awesome to watch live too Everytine since 2006 I say to myself "this could be the last time you see your only musical hero on stage" -- I just love the hype, pre show build up and then Axl hits the stage it's just like nothing else I can compare with. Amazing, regardless of the year or fall outs.
  15. #GetOnTheNightrain March 1st

    Terrible terrible merch JESUS That bullet looks just..... Wrong -- and its GUNS n ROSES not bullet n roses! Awful