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  1. Can't believe I had to log in here to remind you people that Slash lies to make himself look cool. I am very disappointed right now. Let's not let this happen again. Bye.
  2. Slash badmouthing Axl in the press - questions...

    That's fake.
  3. One of the forum's biggest cupcakes ignoring another of the forum's biggest cupcakes. Maybe I should ignore you both.
  4. Slash badmouthing Axl in the press - questions...

    You'll have to forgive them, they fell for Slash's lies that he did it. Just as many people fell for his lies about the name and we aren't calling them 'Slash crazies'.
  5. Slash badmouthing Axl in the press - questions...

    And here in 2015 we already have our monthly Slash lies and Axl's butthurt thread. Might as well get 2 going at the same time.
  6. Fuck yeah, I'll take it. Gotta be good for a laugh.
  7. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Not sure what you're getting at there. Punk is headed to the octagon as Phil 'CM Punk' Brooks. If he wants to be referred to as Phil, he has every right to be. Exactly like The Rock had the right to be called Dwayne when he wanted to be.
  8. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    The Rock was the Rock at least a year before CM Punk ever wrestled his first match and The Rock was famous. Something that took Punk many more years. If anything, there's a much stronger case to call Dwayne 'The Rock' than there is to call Phil 'CM Punk'.
  9. My bet's on not in this lifetime.
  10. Yes, I've since come to understand that. Still not sure if Axl giving gifts out is worth paying attention to though.
  11. Thanks, I did not know that. Thought you had to follow somebody to see their updates unless it was retweeted by someone you follow. Why doesn't that shit show up in the twitter feed here? That's how I get Guns' twitter news when I bother to read it.