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  1. I've never heard of those camps. I'm happy here at Camp Sasha. It's a cozy place situated in the Volkova mountains. Breathtakingly beautiful I must say...
  2. GNR's definitely on my playlist at the gym. ..but I usually save music for when I'm on the treadmill for a long time. I've got to say, Perfect Crime and Right Next Door to Hell live versions are great to watch whilst running on the ol' dreadmill.
  3. Yeah, we made up for the Pittsburgh-area no-show MFers the next show in Philly! Philly was freakin packed, easily AT LEAST 40,000
  4. Clearly, at some point more than 10 years ago you hated yourself and had liposuction performed...about 5 years ago, you had bicep, tricep, and calf implants to look more muscular...about a year ago you had a brief struggle with anorexia...and just recently you were diagnosed with hypothyroidism and chronic fatigue syndrome that packed pounds on. These are the ONLY explanations for what you've been through!!!
  5. Damn, no love for Reckless Life! I love that song. 1: Patience (a GNR classic) 2: You're Crazy (sooo much better than the AFD version) 3: Reckless Life (great, dirty rocker) 4: OIAM (great tune...surprised the Republican National Convention didn't feature it! LOL) 5: UTLH 6: Nice Boys 7: MTTC 8: MK
  6. It's going to be a very hot day out 13 hours, I hope you are not first in line for i.v. fluids too! Have an awesome time!
  7. Cornshucker. It touched me in a special way. j/k, I'm pretty damn sure it was Rocket Queen back in the fact, on first listen, I thought it was two separate songs and I liked them both!
  8. Because it's a great fucking song and they perform it very well?
  9. Personally, I don't think he was "trying to reinvent himself" at all. I don't think "looks" meant a damn thing to ANY of the bandmembers at that time, including Axl.
  10. Lincoln Financial Field in Philly here I come! I'm in! Can't wait!!!!!
  11. I too was at Boston, 2002, and I thought it was fucking awesome! The crowd was amazing. I listened to the boots of every '02 show, and perhaps I'm biased, but Boston in my opinion sounded best. I still remember leaving the Fleet Center and walking through the first snowfall of the year that night to a cab. Great memories. Hearing Madagascar live for the first time was almost a religious experience.