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  1. Honestly, I don't think of AFD, Lies, or UYIs when I listen to CD (or vice versa). I for one am glad GNR isn't AC/DC.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy me some AC/DC, but let's be honest, everything they do sounds verrry similar, don't ya think?  
  2. That sure would be awesome. I was there as well...hard to believe we're coming up on almost 10 years later! What a great day, AND night. GNR fans owned Mustang Harrys that day!
  3. I love 'em too. Cringeworthy? Hell no! You want cringeworthy? Go check out Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Holy shite! Just saw it for the 1st time yesterday and almost peed myself laughing! btw, Better was good, but I'm still all about the fan-made Madagascar vids (2 of them are really good, the 1st was by bessamk, I'm blanking on the 2nd one, the one with all the sad shots of kids in war-torn areas) Oh yeah, This I Love had two that I really loved...the 1st had shots from What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams, which I should add fits the vibe of that movie PERFECTLY! and the latest was the one with the hot chick on the train. (speaking of which, is that footage from a movie I haven't seen? just curious)
  4. Fun time- name the tour!

  5. Beta's new gift

    I'm just a bit concerned...how many members have come and gone in the past 15 years? I see six large trash bins in the background......
  6. BREAKING: Scott Weiland dead

    I'm not surprised at all. I'm surprised so many folks were surprised when it finally happened. I feel terribly sad for his kids he left behind. He was a talented guy. What a waste.
  7. Ballad of Death

    Ballad of Death was excellent. Say what you want about DJ,. but he gave us the best stand-alone solos in my opinion.
  8. 2-4 Months, What's the News?

    Wait, you mean people actually voted something other than "nothing?" I'm gonna take the positive view here and assume the GNR fan community is not stupid...just a very wishful group of thinkers. We are about 2 weeks from the start of the 2-4 month timeline provided in the original post. Somebody should compile a FULL list of the b.s. "coming soon," "something's happening this year," etc., quotes relayed to us via folks in and near what used to be the band called GNR. One album in 20 years? (the album was 7 years ago...) and almost half of the voters expected something other than nothing? Sheesh.
  9. Sympathy for the Devil--opinions?

    I like it. That said, the original is so good, it doesn't blow the original away...like KOHD. KOHD a-la GNR is 1000% better than Dylan's original version in my opinion, especially live early '90's. Even LALD is much better than McCartney's. Both of those are a lot different than the original, but not SFTD. Curiously though, while Sailing doesn't differ much from the original, it works PERFECTLY in my opinion as a Guns tune...big improvement from the original.
  10. "Guns N' Roses: Deep Cuts" on Apple Music

    1- You Ain't The First (absolutely, positively does not belong on this list) 2- If The World (see 1st comment) 3- I.R.S (excellent deep cut) 4- Dust N' Bones (no. just no) 5- Sympathy For The Devil (it was on Greatest Hits...is that a deep cut? I like it, but a deep cut?) 6- Pretty Tied Up (excellent. perfect for a "deep cut.") 7- This I Love (excellent again) 8- The Garden (good, but a deep cut? it had its own video back in the day) 9- Breakdown (excellent deep cut) 10- There Was a Time (excellent deep cut) 11- So Fine (awful. pair this with My World and Bad Apples 12- Locomotive (excellent, this is what it's all about.) So, in conclusion: IRS, Pretty Tied Up, This I Love, Breakdown, TWAT, Locomotive. Those to me are awesome GNR songs that didn't get a lot of air play...that should have. Despite a few live performances, Coma did not get air play I am aware of. Coma belongs on a deep cuts list. I like the dirty, sleazy feel of Black Leather too. How about Don't Cry, alt. lyrics? My AFD deep cut would be Rocket Queen Back Off Bitch would be a nice deep cut ...and, if folks don't like my list, I'll throw on a little "Don't Damn Me!" as well My Version of Deep Cuts: IRS, Pretty Tied Up, This I Love, Breakdown, TWAT, Locomotive. PLUS Coma, Don't Cry (alt lyrics), Black Leather, Rocket Queen, Back Off Bitch, Don't Damn Me with bonus live versions of: Sailing, Better (@Download), WTTJ @ Rock Am Ring, and Madagascar (Boston '02)
  11. Izzys gnr

    The name would be on some old paper towel crinkled up in the corner of his r.v., underneath some old dirtbikes.
  12. This. There had to be some sort of nondisclosure agreement signed. People don't normally speak in such cryptic language...unless they're freakin' Yoda.
  13. Gunner Convention XII Caxambu Brazil

    Love the idea. If I was in Brazil I'd go.
  14. remember how dope this was?

    No RQ for me on May 12th. That 1st night was absolutely magical. I remember bounding up the stairs of the Hammerstein Ballroom to get to "Mezz 2." The ballroom itself was beautiful. The ornate detail in its high domed ceiling was gorgeous. The place was absolute pandemonium from start to finish that night. the 1st live performances of Better, TWAT, and IRS. (TWAT that night was my fav. of the new performances...Axl's ending to that song was so awesome. I'll never forget that.) There were rumors of Bumblefoot, but nobody knew WHO was replacing Bucket that night. It was great meeting up with GNR fans at Mustang Harry's b4 the show. Great memories.