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  1. Damn, no love for Reckless Life! I love that song. 1: Patience (a GNR classic) 2: You're Crazy (sooo much better than the AFD version) 3: Reckless Life (great, dirty rocker) 4: OIAM (great tune...surprised the Republican National Convention didn't feature it! LOL) 5: UTLH 6: Nice Boys 7: MTTC 8: MK
  2. It's going to be a very hot day out 13 hours, I hope you are not first in line for i.v. fluids too! Have an awesome time!
  3. Cornshucker. It touched me in a special way. j/k, I'm pretty damn sure it was Rocket Queen back in the fact, on first listen, I thought it was two separate songs and I liked them both!
  4. The Seeker

    Because it's a great fucking song and they perform it very well?
  5. Best 2002 concert?

    Personally, I don't think he was "trying to reinvent himself" at all. I don't think "looks" meant a damn thing to ANY of the bandmembers at that time, including Axl.
  6. 2016 Tour - Roll Call Thread

    Lincoln Financial Field in Philly here I come! I'm in! Can't wait!!!!!
  7. Best 2002 concert?

    I too was at Boston, 2002, and I thought it was fucking awesome! The crowd was amazing. I listened to the boots of every '02 show, and perhaps I'm biased, but Boston in my opinion sounded best. I still remember leaving the Fleet Center and walking through the first snowfall of the year that night to a cab. Great memories. Hearing Madagascar live for the first time was almost a religious experience.
  8. Axl more muscular

    (great) Pair O' Bi's City! Seriously, it's nice to see Axl in a better headspace. Isn't it funny what staying physically healthy can do for ya?
  9. Has Axl proven that he still got it?

    Jesus Christ, I just listened to Jungle from 4/9's show, (I know, I am behind on my homework! what's new?)...he sounded fucking AMAZING!!!
  10. 04/19/16 - Mexico City - Foro Sol

    It was at the Download festival. The song was Better, and yes, he was on fire!
  11. To those who don't have a ticket, my mom has some pretty funny advice. When she heard the stadium doesn't have a roof, she asked, "Well, can't you just hear it from the parking lot? You know what they look like, right?" Good point Mom!
  12. I want to hear This I Love. I'd probably, no, I'd DEFINITELY have tears in my eyes! Philadelphia, July 14 a.k.a. Bastille Day!
  13. Guest Appearances

    If Axl was smart, he would talk with Carrie Underwood. She's covered multiple GNR tunes and has stated publicly she would love to perform with Axl. Why not?
  14. I need you to lie down on my, please hum the melody you remember from Atlas Shrugged...very, concentrate...lyrics! Start piecing together the lyrics you are remembering from the dream... This is groundbreaking stuff...the first ever dream leak! ...or, as it's more commonly referred to as, a wet dream!