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  1. Axl more muscular

    (great) Pair O' Bi's City! Seriously, it's nice to see Axl in a better headspace. Isn't it funny what staying physically healthy can do for ya?
  2. Has Axl proven that he still got it?

    Jesus Christ, I just listened to Jungle from 4/9's show, (I know, I am behind on my homework! what's new?)...he sounded fucking AMAZING!!!
  3. 04/19/16 - Mexico City - Foro Sol

    It was at the Download festival. The song was Better, and yes, he was on fire!
  4. To those who don't have a ticket, my mom has some pretty funny advice. When she heard the stadium doesn't have a roof, she asked, "Well, can't you just hear it from the parking lot? You know what they look like, right?" Good point Mom!
  5. I want to hear This I Love. I'd probably, no, I'd DEFINITELY have tears in my eyes! Philadelphia, July 14 a.k.a. Bastille Day!
  6. Guest Appearances

    If Axl was smart, he would talk with Carrie Underwood. She's covered multiple GNR tunes and has stated publicly she would love to perform with Axl. Why not?
  7. I need you to lie down on my, please hum the melody you remember from Atlas Shrugged...very, concentrate...lyrics! Start piecing together the lyrics you are remembering from the dream... This is groundbreaking stuff...the first ever dream leak! ...or, as it's more commonly referred to as, a wet dream!
  8. Honestly, I don't think of AFD, Lies, or UYIs when I listen to CD (or vice versa). I for one am glad GNR isn't AC/DC. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy me some AC/DC, but let's be honest, everything they do sounds verrry similar, don't ya think?
  9. That sure would be awesome. I was there as well...hard to believe we're coming up on almost 10 years later! What a great day, AND night. GNR fans owned Mustang Harrys that day!
  10. I love 'em too. Cringeworthy? Hell no! You want cringeworthy? Go check out Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Holy shite! Just saw it for the 1st time yesterday and almost peed myself laughing! btw, Better was good, but I'm still all about the fan-made Madagascar vids (2 of them are really good, the 1st was by bessamk, I'm blanking on the 2nd one, the one with all the sad shots of kids in war-torn areas) Oh yeah, This I Love had two that I really loved...the 1st had shots from What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams, which I should add fits the vibe of that movie PERFECTLY! and the latest was the one with the hot chick on the train. (speaking of which, is that footage from a movie I haven't seen? just curious)
  11. Word of cancellation literally came 30 seconds after I set my DVR. Thanks a lot davhern! You jinxed it!
  12. Fun time- name the tour!

  13. Beta's new gift

    Wait, where is the front? I'm just a bit many members have come and gone in the past 15 years? I see six large trash bins in the background......
  14. BREAKING: Scott Weiland dead

    I'm not surprised at all. I'm surprised so many folks were surprised when it finally happened. I feel terribly sad for his kids he left behind. He was a talented guy. What a waste.
  15. Ballad of Death

    Ballad of Death was excellent. Say what you want about DJ,. but he gave us the best stand-alone solos in my opinion.