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    Taco Bell could probably have gotten a Chi Dem song for a 10th of the price of WTTJ but it wouldn't have had the same impact.

    MONUMENTAL PROMOTION! Not a great commercial, IMO but I'm sure that was a nice payday for GNR. Shouldn't be long before  a TRUPUNX purist says they "sold out" even though they've been a mainstream band for almost 30 years now.
  3. any word on Steven

    As I always say,that talk is mostly from kids who were not around to see him play. Or they parrot the company line of "BUT HE DIDN'T WRITE ANYTHING11!!" Steve deserves to be on that stage. I truly fear for him if he's not involved and I can't imagine Slash and Duff will take that chance.
  4. any word on Steven

    How much rehearsal would he need to play PC and SCOM? He tore it up at the RNRHOF.
  5. Hollywood Vampires Headlining Rock Fest

    I thought that was one of the biggest Festivals in the world. Why would HV be headlining when they aren't even popular enough (well in the States)to play mid sized venues. They have no hits and an album that fell off the charts. I haven't listened to them enough to know if I like them but it just seems like they aren't established enough to headline a Festival the size of RIR.
  6. Hollywood Vampires Headlining Rock Fest

    It doesn't impact it at all. I'm sure the Vamps know that GNR is Duff's top priority. I suppose if we want to become GNR-investigators (TM) we could look into the possibility of GNR shows in the same markets around the time that the Vampires are playing but most likely they'll just replace Duff for the shows he can't play due to GNR.
  7. I don't think we'll get an official Adler/Izzy confirmation from the band. The best we can hope for is more word from our newest GNR-insider (TM) @Eddie Money 
  8. Going to both nights in Vegas,Brosef! I've been ready for over 20 years now. I'll probably hit up a US stadium show if there is a great opener and if I can get seats at a decent price. Right now I'll probably pick Toronto due to the exchange rate being pretty good for Americans now.
  9. GNR aren't playing this festival but it looks like Hollywood Vampires are though there's no mention of Duff. I guess he's busy this Sunmer.
  10. Duran Duran

    Kind of hard to stick around almost 40 years or whatever it's been on the support of just teenage girls. I'm a casual fan at best but they are coming close to me and playing Niagara Falls soon I think. I'd go if I got a half price ticket but it's a smaller venue so I'd think they'd sell out.
  11. Stone Temple Pilots

  12. 2016 Tour - Roll Call Thread

    We need members named Slash,Duff,Izzy and Steven to go along with W.Axl Rose on the Vegas attendance list.
  13. Airfare and hotel help for Vegas?

    It's usually less if you do what I did and package your flight with a hotel from Priceline. I also think it's cheaper to fly out on a weekday.
  14. Airfare and hotel help for Vegas?

    Ya'll should've stayed at the Travel Lodge,center strip. 5-10 minute walk from the venue and no resort fees,etc. I'm sure this will get merged into the existing Vegas Hotel/Airfare topic. The board needs the space in case members of Britny Fox are asked about the reunion. 
  15. I'll ask Def Leppard about all of this the next time I bump into them!