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  1. How long til the people who were there say it was awesome and are then told how much it sucked by the people at home? "Ah,well you see I know you were at the show but I was on my keyboard furiously typing away and I noticed they played The Seeker yet again so in conclusion I had a terrible time streaming this free ,soundboard quality concert"
  2. Isn't Adler tight with Trunk? On the 30th anniversary of AFD and the man is so happy he seems like he'd play for free (I have no idea what he asks for ,it could be a lot but I doubt that's the case) Let the man do a song.
  3. I hope they bust out Beta's Barn in the encore! RNFNR!
  4. The show probably isn't even half over so we can't say it's the same yet.
  5. As much as they can make. This is their job you know.
  6. So I guess fans without tickets did get in according to some Facebook posts I've been seeing. Bummed that I didn't make the 8 hour drive but it's cool that some hardcore fans are inside.
  7. I mean it's a free show in an intimate ,historic venue. So that's pretty cool.
  8. About ten more hours til gnr.
  9. If they were going to be there it's not like Beta would let the cat out of the bag and spoil a surprise.
  10. Plenty of people will be doing that. I think if you wait til 10 pm you may get lucky and a Sirius exec who shows up alone could take you in.