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  1. For 2 grand a fan should get to ride in that helicopter as part of the VIP package.
  2. I was thinking they were holding out for the Goo Goo Dolls but they are in tour still in August and playing Darien Lake around the same time so that's probably not realistic. If Buffalo is one of the lesser-selling shows they need a stronger opener than those that have been previously announced to sell tickets.
  3. Soundgarden in Buffalo? Where did you hear that?
  4. It doesn't matter how quickly it sells out. Other than Paul McCartney ,you can get into 99% of shows for face value or below on the day of either from Craigslist /Stubhub/Venue scalpers. I think a bunch of these shows will sell out quickly (MSG) and thousands of tickets will be up for sale on resale sites fairly quickly.
  5. I posted the Cleveland prices a page back. They weren't bad.
  6. The Cleveland prices : TICKET PRICE: $64.50, $102.50, $139.50 & $228.00. A $3.00 facility fee is included in the ticket price.
  7. I'd think he'd be watching from side stage. He has some kind of pass on,maybe for the after show?
  8. I'll ask Y2J next time I see him. I might even wear my MYGNRFORUM shirt again.
  9. Thank you to the Mom's of the other 25 or so people who are current/former members of GNR.
  10. Is LL management another name for Team Brazil ?
  11. I've met Axl twice. I wouldn't really count that as knowing him. I guess we'll never really know any of these people in real life anyway.
  12. You know him in real life? I guess I can't judge someone by social media posts.
  13. I like that Ashba seems to get people going. Dude is a multimillionaire with a smoking wife. I think he's doing OK. I like that he went from Beautiful Creatures to SIXX AM to GNR. I've always been a fan since I heard of him in the early 2000's through Metal Edge/Sludge.
  14. You should have no problem doing that unless they announce a massive opener and there's a spike in ticket sales. Everything but the pit looks wide open.