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  1. Once again,I bow before you,Broseph. Maybe you can bring some of that greatness to Team Brazil
  2. Who is forcing you to sit around and wait for the news? It's just a band man. Granted it's my favorite band and one I've flown around the world to see but they aren't paying your wages or anything. Do things that make you happy in the meantime and when they have something to announce they will.
  3. A theater AFD 5 show? I'm there! Well,there'd be a fight to get on the Nightrain if that were announced. He's not connected, that appears to be a fan.
  4. Yeah you got me there,Broham. I bow to your superior GnR intellect.
  5. Then don't go? The shows are for people who want to be there. Of course the majority of the die hard fans want the AFD5 but no amount of posts/petitions etc is going to change anything . Vote with your wallet and stay home.
  6. Are you aware of the logistics that go into a major show/tour? People gave Fernando shit on here for years. They went off about his "three hour meetings" or whatever the joke was a few years back. They will announce it when they are ready not sooner to please the few nerds (Us) that watch periscopes and analyze setlists.
  7. In LA,they'll still do great business. They could have Axl,Slash and the blue man group up there as GNR and it'd do great. Maybe it is the full AFD band and they have huge plans for LA? Who knows. Fernando did tag GNR's booking agent in one of the comments so odds are it's a show (which is what most of us think anyway)
  8. I am aware of what he said. We still don't know how many albums they owe whatever label they are on now. I guess I see no point in asking Fernando/Beta/Del/Jarmo things you know they can't or won't answer. But hey have at it. If it's an AFD anniversary show in LA,great ,good for those fans. I wouldn't go unless it was the AFD 5. They won't need me ,even if it's not it'll probably do great business.
  9. Fernando ain't spilling the beans about major plans to random fans on IG. You can ask him until the cows come home and twice on Sunday (I'm old too)
  10. And? You don't think that was renegotiated in the last 30 plus years? My point was not even our GNR-insiders(TM)seem to know how many albums they owe the record company.
  11. He could form his own version of GNR and go out with one of the two versions of LA Guns.
  12. You'd do realize they don't pick the cities they play in right? That's the job of management and their booking agent. N.O. is a big market. I'm sure they'll be back eventually.
  13. I guess the Torch says they've signed with ROH. Then I read comments saying it's a one month deal? Who knows, I guess I'll wait for Meltzer to chime in. I saw this on f4w: Saturday was an eventful night for Ring of Honor. There were surprise appearances by both The Hardys and Bully Ray at Manhattan Mayhem VI, with Broken Matt & Brother Nero (in their full Broken gimmicks) even going on to defeat The Young Bucks and win the ROH Tag Team Championship. Both The Hardys and Bully Ray indicated that they were now with ROH, though how long they'll be with the company remains to be seen. The Hardys listed dates they'll be at going forward, including ROH's 15th Anniversary pay-per-view, but none of those were after WrestleMania.
  14. Why not? Aren't they fighting the Bucks Mania weekend? Can't they drop the straps back then?