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  1. Yeah I saw the scarves. I might offer him $5. I really want a shirt but $50 is a bit much for me. I'm hoping I can get them on Amazon in a few months for $20 with free shipping like I did for the Vegas t-shirt as I like to collect the shirts from shows I've attended.
  2. Heading there soon. At the first three Oz shows I didn't really see anyone selling bootleg shirts. I hope there are some tonight since this looks to be one of the biggest shows of the tour.
  3. Warning: this will be long and full of things only a true GNR-NERD would enjoy. Like many hardcore GNR fans I've always wanted to meet Axl Rose. When I saw my first GNR show in 92 I was too young to even think of such a thing. When I started going again in 2002/2006 I was traveling to other cities and wouldn't have known how to find him. Now you may ask yourself "Why is a picture with Axl so important to a grown man? " Well,GNR are my favorite band and I always wanted a chance to thank Axl in person for all that his music has done for me (I got the chance to do that in the chats almost 10 years ago) and to me,a photo would be a permanent memory of that moment. Fast forward to Las Vegas 2016. We (a bunch of Forum members and I )found GNR's hotel after the 2nd gig. We lined up along the side of the building a few hours after the show. There were hardcore fans and a lot of ebayers. Slash came and signed autographs and wouldn't take pics. I'm not big on autographs but I had my Vegas show stub signed . Nobody got out of line except our group after a driver told one of us that Axl switched hotels. We believed it and went there. When we came back an hour later,Axl had taken pictures and signed autographs for the entire line and we missed a golden opportunity. This takes us to Toronto 2016. A friend and I were waiting for Axl by the buses after the show. Around 4 am Axl came by driving a golf cart. My friend from Australia and I were the only two fans waiting. He said I'll shake your hand and thank you for coming to the show but I don't want to do any photos. He was apologetic about it and a GNR staff member offered to get us autographs. We didn't have anything to get signed so we just gave her our tickets and she returned them to us signed by Axl. That brings us to this year. The same friend who was with me in Toronto asked me to come visit in Australia. I found a great price on a ticket and off I went. I drove from Buffalo,NY to Toronto. I had a 16.5 hour flight to China where I had a 16 hour layover. I then had a 10.5 hour flight to Melbourne. We flew from Melbourne to Brisbane for the first show and it was great. Both Sydney gigs were awesome as well. After the show I was finally in the right place at the right time for my photo with Axl. The whole thing lasted just a few minutes as there were only about 8 fans. I feel as though we are all fans and it'd be great if everyone that wants to could meet him. I am no bigger of a fan than anyone else I'm just lucky to have seen so many great shows. Thanks for indulging me and my GNR-nerd stories.
  4. I finally got my photo with Axl about an hour ago. I know it's a bit of a cock tease but I'll post it and the story within the next day or so. If anyone will understand how much this meant to me it's hardcore fans like you. I only had to fly 30 hours around the world to get it! It's 5AM here and it still feels like 100 degrees.
  5. Flying to Sydney from Brisbane within the hour.
  6. I'm pretty sure it said Fuck Off but I don't think I got a picture of it.
  7. Thanks man. I'm lucky enough to be doing all the Oz shows but Perth. The time difference thing is still messing up my internal clock. It's 9:30 AM here on show day and I'm ready to rock.
  8. I'm here. It was a total of 28 hours on planes. I flew into Melbourne the other day and then flew into Brisbane. My total travel time was about 45 hours. I went from Buffalo,NY to Toronto then flew to China where I had a 16 hour layover. I then flew to Melbourne before flying to Brisbane.
  9. I've seen both those bands but not enough to comment on their set list variety . Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen are probably the two biggest acts that vary their set list the most. It keeps it fresh for them and the fans who go to more than one show. Both acts pretty much sell out every show so that approach seems to work for them.
  10. It will most likely be the same since these are markets not played yet on the tour. I don't think we'll see a change until there is a new album or a new tour.
  11. Thanks . I thought there was someone typing on the artists behalf. Either way I'm sure the questions will be 99.9% about GNR and .01% about the Adler band.
  12. I'm old and don't have a reddit account. Aren't the questions filtered by a Moderator?
  13. Sweet contest but I feel slow in that I haven't figured out exactly what's going on. We can pick from all the remaining items in the first post up to a total of 150?
  14. That's not a rumor. I could easily say Ani DiFranco or anyone else remotely famous from Buffalo. If the Goos did open they wouldn't start playing tunes from Jed,just your standard greatest hits show.