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  1. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    Nah. Many fans thought they'd never see Axl and Slash together on stage again and here they are. Eventually maybe the money was too much to turn down regardless of if they need it. There's no reason Izzy can't be involved if a deal can be worked out that's agreeable to all parties. Money talks.
  2. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    The money issue is theirs. We are all just fans and I'll always be a fan of Izzy and the other 20 something members of GNR.
  3. I've been a fan of his since he was in Ring Of Honor as Kevin Steen. Cool to know he has great taste in music.
  4. Why would local workers give a shit? Usually each venue has local people working the booths.
  5. If/when there is an onstage AFD reunion, Canter or anyone else in the know isn't going to spill the beans to a random fan. I hope it happens this week for everyone going and if not maybe it'll be in Bolivia with no spoilers or warning at all.
  6. Both LA shows will have The Cult opening?
  7. Shows with no opening acts yet

    They were fucking around. Kids and their humor these days. I'm W Axl Rose on the Green Day boards. I'll gnr-educate (tm) their asses if need be.
  8. It's no knock on Diz,Melissa,Fortus and Frank to say that outside of these boards,few peopleknowwho they are. Why should they care? They are on one of the biggest rock tours of the year and that is a gig many wish they had.Maybe Axl will throw them a bone and let them contribute to the next album (yeah,I know -LOL-next album) Fans want to see and hear from Axl and Slash and Duff,then Izzy and Steven/Matt to a lesser extent. That's about it.
  9. Shows with no opening acts yet

    We could know today. At 3 PM ET use #iheartgreenday for their Q&A. Looks like Green Day are taking over the @iHeartRadio Twitter account for it.
  10. Melissa, Dizzy on Keyboard

    Mid 30's? I'd have guessed 25-28 years old. I don't get the hate for her or any other past/present member. It's a rock n roll band,it's not that serious. None of us will ever know these people in real life.
  11. Elementary school? Good lord I'm old. I was a few years out of College when AIcame out and my friends at the time would ask me when I'd outgrow Green Day since we all got into them around Dookie in 9th Grade. I haven't yet and I don't think I will.
  12. Not even close. I've met them a few times and seen them over 20 times. I've purchased every release on the day it came out since Insomniac. I was yelling loudly at the RNRHOF when they inducted GNR. They are my favorite band besides Guns. I think they'd make an amazing opener since they are a headliner in their own right. I've taken casual fans to see them and they were blown away by their near three hour shows even if they only went in knowing the hits.
  13. Shows with no opening acts yet
  14. Green Day and GNR are my two favorite bands. Combined I've even them over 50 times since 92. You fuckers are so lucky if that happens. Green Day must be doing GNR a favor and accepting a reduced fee for playing.