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  1. That's not a rumor. I could easily say Ani DiFranco or anyone else remotely famous from Buffalo. If the Goos did open they wouldn't start playing tunes from Jed,just your standard greatest hits show.
  2. Openers for Europe/NA 2017

    Sure they are. They are still bigger than many of the bands GNR had opening last tour. I doubt it'll be AFI,they don't have to pay a big band to sell tickets .
  3. Ticket Prices

    The only show I haven't been able to get into for face value or under the day of in the last few years was Paul McCartney and that's probably because he was playing an arena and hadn't been in Buffalo for a while. I guess I'm old and an experienced buyer by now but for most of of these shows in the States there will be bargains to be had the day of either from scalpers or when the prices crash on Craigslist . It'd be one thing if these were T-mobile arena sized venues,then I'd probably grab my tickets in advance but for 70,000 seat stadiums , I'll pass and wait til the day of the show.
  4. This is the range for the Buffalo show and I'd bet it's similar in most North American venues. I think these are the prices without the service fees: Prices range from $39.50 to $254.50
  5. Is the Gorge the smallest venue on the North American tour? Most seem to be stadiums whereas this has a capacity of 20,000?
  6. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    @Powerage5,I take back my offer of eating my hat! Maybe this show could be at the Key Bank Center in Buffalo. I need a true GNR-insider (TM) to help us out!
  7. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    I forget who but a member posted the Canadian tour would be arenas. That'd be great. I could get both the stadium and arena experience on the same tour. I doubt the Ralph will sell out but an arena show in Montreal would probably be sold out in minutes.
  8. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    I'm 99.9% sure it's at the Ralph. I'm no GNR-insider(TM)but this I'm pretty sure about.
  9. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    It's not gonna be at the arena. I'll eat my hat if I'm wrong! Didn't we all get extensions on our memberships? I haven't been on in a bit.
  10. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    I've been telling people for days it's at Ralph Wilson stadium. It is very ambitious of them to play there in this market. It'll be 25 years since the GNR/Metallica/Faith No More show there which was my first Guns concert.
  11. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    They repeat America because it's a huge market for them. If they weren't filling stadiums here, they wouldn't be playing the States again. They'll get everywhere in time. I doubt they are only gonna give a few weeks notice for the European fans. This tour shows no signs of ending anytime soon. There's too much money to be made.
  12. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Why is there any debate about a European tour? Common sense tells you they won't skip Europe regardless of these new US/Canada dates.
  13. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    It's not the arena at least in Buffalo. I'm 99.9% certain. It'll probably be stadiums in markets they didn't hit last Summer. No I'm not a GNR-insider(TM) but all signs point to Ralph Wilson Stadium especially in the Summer. Lol at $2,500 to meet a band. GTFO with that nonsense. I guess if someone has the money,more power to them but I'll pass.
  14. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    They're coming here to the Stadium.Those Billboards aren't cheap ,especially on Black Friday.
  15. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Yes it's real. It'll be at Ralph Wilson Stadium or New Era Field as it is called now.