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  1. I doubt it. Jon Bon Jovi is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He'll be ok. Vince Neil isn't gonna be broke anytime soon either.
  2. I was lucky enough to see both Vegas shows,Detroit and Toronto . Would I have liked a few different songs and Izzy/Adler? Of course but I still had a great time at each show.
  3. Well,we pretty much know the set list so until there are some major changes or they take the tour overseas,we pretty much know what to expect. If Adler and Izzy got on stage they could play koombaya and the Forum would probably crash.
  4. The first guy is my buddy who won the Jungle VIP package. He was up against the barrier,looked like Duff's side.
  5. A buddy of mine that I met in Vegas won one of the Welcome to the Jungle VIP packages from the pop up shop. They left him a voicemail on Friday but he didn't check it until about anhour ago so he missed the backstage tour/picture on stage but winning a 2 grand package is still a pretty sweet deal regardless. He is not on the boards but he's been to both Vegas shows,Toronto and both NJ shows so I can assure you that one of the packages went to a hardcore fan.
  6. Forget a pop up shop,what happened to the travelling museum from the Troubadour show? But seriously ,I hope whoever goes gets some cool ASHBASWAG(TM) or better yet a free GNR shirt.
  7. I think I appreciated the shows I've seen this year more than my first one in 92 on the Guns/Tallica/FNM tour. I was only 13 then and even though I've seen a total of 30 GN'R shows, some of my friends like to mess with me and tell me I've still never seen the real deal since I haven't seen the AFD 5 play together all at once. Anyway, I hope you have a blast!
  8. I'm at the stadium with two lower level tickets face below face value. Section 115 R,Row 36,seats 8 and 9.
  9. Are we GN'R 'fans' or 'Experts'?

    GN'R-nerds (TM) GN'R-educators (TM)
  10. I must be lost. I thought this woman was a casual fan yet she was bouncing up and down to meet Izzy? They asked Izzyfor a picture with him but he declined?
  11. In Vegas Slash's guardsaid if anyone takes any pictures that Slash will leave. Now as I said I suspect half the people waiting were ebayers so I'm sure they didn't care about getting a photo with him. Oh well.
  12. Or if he doesn't want to pose,let someone else take a picture while he's signing your item. That no pictures rule is just dumb,IMO. I'm not saying I deserve a picture with him more than other fans just because I was in Vegas but to turn down one fan who told you they didn't want an autograph (since I got one in Vegas) only a picture is just well,it is what it is.
  13. This wasn't many fans and it wasn't what you were talking about where his security had everyone line up and Slash would only sign things. This was me being the only person there in the doorway when he walked into the hotel after a show a few weeks ago. In Vegas after the April 9thshow,I had an experience similar to the one you mentioned andhe only signed and to his credit there were 50 fans in line though I'd say at least half were just gonna sell their stuff and they were ebayers who probably didn't attend the concerts. I could care less for a scribble on paper ,I want a picture with the person.
  14. It doesn't surprise me that Slash said no to a picture. I had him one on one this tour and told him that I was at both Vegas shows and that I only wanted a picture with him,not an autograph and no dice.
  15. Watch out now. People will tell you that you aren't a "true fan"if you questionthe setlist. I got my hopes up once that Opie guy said they've rehearsed every song they know which was probably a bit of a stretch but I'm still hoping for more variation especially in markets where they play back to back shows.