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  1. GNR Social Media Update Discussion

    When are we getting the first Insta pic of Axl n Slash just hanging out?
  2. Let's be realistic here. Axl isn't aging the best, and he is older than ever! No way he is gonna sound better than before, say 2006-2010. It should be something like Vegas 2014. But, he has never sounded good at the initially stages after a long lay-off. And, 2014 is already two years ago. Hope he works on his vocals a bit before showing up for the shows.
  3. His vocals should be similar to those in Vegas 2014. But...with no rehearsal, the first shows will probably be bad...lots of Mickey, out of breath etc. Just compare opening show 2006: He did lots of rehearsals and kicked ass to the opening shows in Mexico 2007: Worst outro squeal of Jungle ever and out of breath performances in 09 - before kicking into a higher gear later on. Still, his better performances 11-14 have not been on par with his 2010 best. He better not show up to a much hyped reunion show straight off the couch - like he did in Rio 11 and all the other recent tours - treating the first few live shows as warm-up/rehearsal, better come prepared when the whole world will be watching..
  4. GNR Social Media Update Discussion

    Expecting Axl to post a pic with a top hat or something to that effect real soon.
  5. Dont get too excited. Jarmo said Slash may have spoken out publically too soon. And we all know how sensitive Axl is.
  6. Since Axl sings mostly old song, it only makes sense to do a reunion!
  7. It's funny to see ppl talk about moving forward when the band of hired hands play music that was created 20-30 years ago by other musicians.
  8. 2-4 Months, What's the News?

    Nothing. Axl needs to relax this year.
  9. Let's be realistic. Axl will be pushing 60 soon. He has a proven record of 'never' releasing new music.
  10. It's official - Axl has retired!
  11. Oh yeah. London 2010 was awesome. That would be great!
  12. Richard and Dizzy on GN'R new album

    How much does Axl pay his employees, the 'band'? Most of the time they're not touring and some of them did not contribute to any record. How much, if anything, could they be paid?