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  1. So he's staying in Mandalay Bay, cool. BTW, Slash is the strangest non-random poster ever. Filming a random sidewalk off the Strip, lol.
  2. This made my wait, this made my month!!! Thank you SO much for sharing, this is priceless!!!
  3. Get a fricking life, will ya. My god, if I read shit like this, or the 'Axl wears a Mickey Mouse, must mean something' comments, I really think you people spend way too much time outside of the real world. Seems to me everyone was focussed on delivering a great warmup show, nothing more. And the fact that Axl wears a Mickey Mouse shirt has no meaning. It's a USD380,- P. Plein designer shirt and he has the money to buy it, that's why he's wearing.
  4. Now I'm excited! Hopefully this means Axl is in actual rehearsals with these guys and GNR fans will get a quality show from the get-go.