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  1. If the 06Jan2016 Jimmy Kimmel rumor is true, we should be able to check this Saturday 02Jan2016. That seems to be the regular week(end)day on which ABC announces the JK Live Schedule of the upcoming week: http://abc.go.com/shows/jimmy-kimmel-live/news Hmmm, feels like the good old 2005-2008 days it does...
  2. Another great interview by a member of the non-releasers. Unless they have real news, I'd hope they refrain from repeating the same old shit over and over again for 6 consecutive years.
  3. Very cool!! A cover of a line up that actually created and released epic rock n roll songs!!! Fuck the last 18 years of so called GNR that did nothing but harm the original legacy, thanks to incompetent Axl and his fucked up Brazilian housekeeping dream-team running the band. We need new music or a GNR retirement!!!
  4. New Bumblefoot Interview

    Great interview by the BumbleMeister!!! Why is GNR not using this musician's full potential in recording new material?
  5. Mom? What di fuck you do to are do in white may GNR banner on wwwebnet??? You startet again the smoking the cigs two?
  6. Haha, nice costumes!! Limp Bizkit have the best live shows, so much energy and just plain simple FUN!!
  7. Bumblefoot cancels tour due to "Scheduling Conflict"

    ^^^^^I loved the 2006 shows!! Axl mean, lean, security guard biting, on fire, cornrow machine, AND The real Jezus Mr. Robin Finck. 2010 was great too, strong vocal performance. After that it all became a bit so/so due to no new released music.
  8. What's cool about a song in which Axl Rose sings back-up vocals only?
  9. I just call....to say....PM me.
  10. The "5 Questions with Axl Rose" campaign

    Very cool initiative!!! Thanks fellow GNR fans!
  11. We want new music.

    We want new music!
  12. Ashba almost killed, advised to start smoking again

    This is a simple case of 'I am gonna quit a bad habit and want the whole world to compliment me on it, by posting it on Facebook', followed by a 'oops, I did not succeed in my good intensions to quit the bad habit, and now I need to do some damage controll because I told everybody I would quit, however erveryone will know of my failure eventually'. We had the most dangerous band in the world living on the edge by doing sex, drugs, & rock n roll....who turned into the band advertised as the most dangerous in the world by doing red bull & jaeger, hot sauce, and Marlboro LIGHT. Dear Darren Jay, you don't need to act up against the old GNR image of the '80/'90.....it's even considered uncool nowadays to harm your own health the way they did back then. Be yourself instead of a PG13 rated version of '80/'90 GNR. Hell, even Slash quit smoking.
  13. Or Slash playing electric guitar without electricity or amp? Or the church from the outside dessert scene being way too small to be the church from the inside scenes?