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  1. I'm surprised they haven't thought to do a "mash-up" of the 2 songs. 1st verse & chorus of The Seeker then go into You're Crazy. Same tempo, key and similar riff. In my band aswell as open mic acoustic stuff, I do a mash-up of Dead Flowers/Used To Love Her. Both pairs of songs easily pair together.
  2. Have heard very good things about it. Gonna read Porno again and see the film in a few days.
  3. Have done feck all with the band lately. In my boredom this evening, recorded an acoustic take on a classic Bob Mould tune. Give it a spin and if you like, check out some of the actual band recordings too Cheers Scott x
  4. You'd think he could afford a new pair of jeans.
  5. I saw them in Glasgow on Wednesday night
  6. If they confirm a Hampden show I'll go. Can't be arsed paying £90 then digs/transport on top for London.
  7. I'm sure I remember seeing an article years back when Ozzy mentioned Axl inviting him into the studio to let him hear stuff he was working on, years before Chi Dem surfacing and Oz speaking very highly of what he'd heard. Guessing it would have been around the turn of the millenium. You can probably forgive him for forgetting a random encounter from years back though.
  8. A pair of Adidas Manchesters. Got them for £95 but already going for silly amounts on Ebay. Asics Gel-Cumulus 16. I'm shite at running but these are proper comfy so I've no excuse for not getting out.
  9. You do indeed wonder if Pitman really was having trouble getting his wages if he had to resort to that sort of nonsense. Hilariously shite.
  10. To be fair, whenever Izzy has guested he's had to compete with 3 other guitar players and 2 keys/synths so it's not as easy to hear his playing when it's swamped in the mix by similar frequencies.
  11. His weegie/oz accent is mental.
  12. Has Mickey been rearing his head in your everyday conversations?