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  1. Robb: "I hear you're a racist now Phil?" Phil: "What?" Robb: "How did you get interested in that type of thing?" Phil: "Who said I'm a racist?" Robb: "Everyone's saying it Phil. Should we all be racists now? What's the official line Down is taking on this? Only, the band takes up most of the day and in the evening I just like a cup of tea. I mightn't be able to devote myself full time to the old racism."
  2. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    A phenom and a pimp daddy back in the day.
  3. Was that the "After 9 long years, they're back" promo?That's the one.
  4. Rikishi. He did it for da Rock. He did it for da people.
  5. RE the promo video Is that the same voiceover lad from the "It's been too long since you've had your ass kicked properly..." video from the 2002 tour? Perhaps just one of those generic voices they use for ads but sounds like him. Video showcased the 2002 era band with (then previously unheard) studio clips of Chi Dem, Maddy and (at the time) The Blues.
  6. Indeed. Making a certain thing (in this instance, music) just because someone says you should pretty much negates the whole point of being an artist. You'd just be merely providing a service. For Simon Cowell and the like, that's fair enough. He gets acts to pump out meaningless noise and makes ridiculous money selling it to kids. Look at the last Metallica record (Death Magnetic). People moaned for years that they should make a thrash record again. They resisted it for so long as it obviously wasn't what they were into anymore. When they actually made something thrashy it sounded decidedly half arsed and people moaned that they were just 'trying to sound like the old stuff'.
  7. Maybe he'd rather just keep his thoughts to himself as opposed to broadcasting it on the internet. Whilst a good deal of it is genuine, plenty people use social media just to be 'seen' to care about something. Maybe he's just not into the whole 'look at me' grief thing.
  8. Dave may or may not be reading these threads and pissing himself laughing at people taking his bait.
  9. Rob Halford even said 'bugger'. Outrageous stuff.
  10. Roman Reigns up there with Lars aswell.
  11. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Kane Dingle...
  12. Thoughts on the Neurotic Outsiders?

    I think the Pistols have been pretty much put to bed. Lydon is pretty focussed on PiL these days. Wouldn't imagine there'll be more Pistols unless he somehow becomes totally skint. Jonesey just seems to play with his mates from times to time.
  13. Thoughts on the Neurotic Outsiders?

    Great record. Picked it up years back second hand. Jerk is delightfully crude. Actually quite enjoy Sorum's playing on it aswell, a bit looser than he'd done before.
  14. For the most part he probably shouldn't be running about so much but anything to improve his wind prior to the shows is a bonus.