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  1. Duff vs Izzy

    To be fair, whenever Izzy has guested he's had to compete with 3 other guitar players and 2 keys/synths so it's not as easy to hear his playing when it's swamped in the mix by similar frequencies.
  2. Stevie young

    His weegie/oz accent is mental.
  3. Axl's voice coach

    Has Mickey been rearing his head in your everyday conversations?
  4. I'd assume Frank has a metronome set for the tempo of each song (if they all had an in ear click then I wouldn't see how they'd need Frank to lead the count).
  5. Huge Cult fan but Ian doesn't half spout some utter shite between songs
  6. 10 Years Ago Tonight

    Magic night that was.
  7. Trying to make out what they're jamming at soundcheck. Don't recognise it.
  8. To be fair, a lot of them could probably be legit titles.
  9. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I went to Inside The Ropes Live with Paul Heyman in Glasgow last night. Brilliant night with loads of stories and back & forth with the crowd. Spoke very highly of the UK wrestling scene, in particular ICW and Mark Dallas. Interesting to hear him speaking about Nakamura as someone he'd love to see Brock work with. He said that as Vince certainly has a history of giving foreign (particularly Oriental) wrestlers a stupid, lazy gimmick, Nakamura is legit but it's up to him to prove to Vince that he is indeed main event material.
  10. 48 bars for £25. Handy for a quick snack when out cycling.
  11. I'd rather hear properly unheard stuff. Whether it's from the Chi Dem years or even earlier with Slash and Duff adding their own contributions, or perhaps something totally new. They could still put out a live record which would obviously have the current bands' take on the previously released Chinese tunes.
  12. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    Just the fact that he was claiming to be pals with him. Moaty always reminded me a of a shite Brock Lesnar.
  13. The Official SOCCER Thread 2015/2016

    The tragic Gazza circus continues. Went to the offie in only a dressing gown. Yes of course, his banger fell out as he got out of the car. How many chances has the guy blown now?