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  1. 05/16/16 - Werchter, Belgium - Werchter Site

    Put it away son.
  2. If Nazareth were a lot bigger than they are, then he'd have been ideal when Dan McCafferty retired.
  3. Axl/DC Roll Call

    I'll be at the Manchester show.
  4. Should Axl wear flat caps with AC/DC instead of fedoras?

    If he wanted to wind up the DC faithful even more then yes.
  5. 06/09/16 - Manchester, England - Etihad Stadium

    Hotel booked, train sorted, tickets purchased.....
  6. Surely an errant jobby could wait 5 minutes?
  7. It's the new "CM Punk" chant.
  8. Fair enough supporting Axl but being blatantly antagonistic to fans of the band is wank.
  9. Duelling "AXL" and "BRIAN" chants. Handbags at dawn
  10. Just finished breakfast.
  11. AXL/DC Setlist wishlists

  12. AXL/DC Setlist wishlists

  13. They should have had a GN'R/VR 'Invasion' angle. Dave Kushner runs onstage at a Guns show, smacks Stinson with a chair then runs off into the crowd.
  14. Create a Worthy "My AXL/DC Forum" Thread Title

    "I'm not paying to see that ginger c**t."
  15. I play a mashup of Dead Flowers/UTLH at gigs. So similar so works well. Oddly enough had also considered putting The Seeker and You're Crazy together aswell. Surprised Guns haven't tried something similar. Mix it up a bit.