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  1. You're "insane" for living in another country & not getting the chance to attend but just wanting to see a few clips of the show? Away and shite mate.
  2. Watching the Cup Final in the pub but 5 minutes from the house. Quick run back when the lads are on!
  3. Head Jobby
  4. I'm surprised they haven't thought to do a "mash-up" of the 2 songs. 1st verse & chorus of The Seeker then go into You're Crazy. Same tempo, key and similar riff. In my band aswell as open mic acoustic stuff, I do a mash-up of Dead Flowers/Used To Love Her. Both pairs of songs easily pair together.
  5. Have heard very good things about it. Gonna read Porno again and see the film in a few days.
  6. Have done feck all with the band lately. In my boredom this evening, recorded an acoustic take on a classic Bob Mould tune. Give it a spin and if you like, check out some of the actual band recordings too Cheers Scott x
  7. You'd think he could afford a new pair of jeans.
  8. I saw them in Glasgow on Wednesday night