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  1. MyGNR 2016 Tour Ticket Swap Thread

    I got a gapit1 ticket for sell for Atlanta this Wednesday. I paid $286 total for it. Will take best offer.
  2. Did anyone pick up a light up tour cup ?
  3. Dude it was awesome hanging with u guys! I got a nice sun burn! Just got home. Briefly spoke with duff and Adler after show but it was real quick. Going on no sleep but still hyped after a awesome show. I got a video I'll upload later! My next show is Atlanta! Can't wait!
  4. Budweiser commercial
  5. This is the worst opener in history of all openers. I can't take this much longer
  6. This opener sucks.
  7. We at east side 1 entrance come say hi
  8. Sorry being played for a 4th time
  9. Sound checking sorry
  10. Hey bro I actually sold it a few days ago to ticketmaster
  11. Jackpot! How did you know lol
  12. Is there a line? I'm a hour and a half out
  13. I don't believe they are staying at the Hutton. Any other ideas? Like to get duff and slash to sign my arm with Axl sig. Im leaving from Tupelo, ms