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  1. You're Crazy!

    I believe it was played during the up close and personal shows . I remember seeing Axl and nuguns play it
  2. Me too I'll send money via PayPal!
  3. I'll trade a Atlanta for that one
  4. They cowboy themed?
  5. I need that poster!!!!
  6. Be nice if it was Dallas cowboy themed
  7. Any idea what the poster theme will be tonight?
  8. I've got a extra Atlanta litho I'd be interested in trading
  9. 07/27/16 - Atlanta, GA - Georgia Dome

    Check out Gnr Twitter video they posted
  10. 07/27/16 - Atlanta, GA - Georgia Dome

    DudeDaryl Nixon from walking dead is side stage
  11. 07/27/16 - Atlanta, GA - Georgia Dome

    I met slash, duff, Melissa, frank, and Richard. Duff and slash signed my arm! What's closest tattoo shop to stadium?
  12. 07/27/16 - Atlanta, GA - Georgia Dome

    Dude lithograph is walking dead