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  1. I have a strange feeling that L.A. is gonna end up getting the AFD 5 on stage together for the first time in 26 years. It'll be EPIC if/when it happens.
  2. You people in Cincy are so fucking lucky! I wish they woulda had Adler come out in Chicago. I'm glad he finally got to play with the band, I can only imagine how awesome and surreal it must have been for him. I hope they can all keep the peace and hopefully record some new music in the not too distant future.
  3. They had that shirt in the booth outside of our area (432). They didn't have my size anymore by time I made my way up there.
  4. Damn, none of my friends are up for a Chicago road trip today. Pussies, lol. Have a great time, those of you going. If it's as good as Friday's show, you'll have a GREAT time.
  5. That was at the hotel we stayed at. The band sounded pretty good from the 16th floor, lol. That was a great show last night! They went on early and Axl sounded amazing. Slash was a beast on the guitar, as usual. The whole band sounded great & seemed to be enjoying themselves. I wish I could go back for tomorrow's show. I really hope they release a blu ray and cd from this tour after it wraps up. Then a new studio album