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  1. Sounds like he's jealous that GnR are gonna make more money from this one tour than Def Leppard has made in their last 10 tours.
  2. I know years ago I read that there were like 7 songs from the 94/95 sessions that were basically done, except for Axl's vocals. Supposedly Duff had the songs in his possession. Perhaps they should revisit that material and release it.
  3. Back when the reunion happened in 97 it was reported through various outlets that a deal was struck to do a reunion and that Tony would retain rights to the Sabbath name, but couldn't tour under the name without Ozzy, or his consent. It's funny you mention Iommi playing shitholes before the reunion, because what, 5 or 6 years ago, Ozzy sued Iommi over merchandise royalties and in the complaint it mentioned how before the 97 reunion the Sabbath name was a damaged brand and Iommi was playing in venues 1/10 the size of venues they played with Ozzy involved.
  4. If Slash & Duff are smart there's a clause that will prevent Axl from going out under the GnR name without Slash & Duff's involvement, or consent. Kinda like how Ozzy did Tony with Sabbath once they reunited in 97, hence the "Heaven & Hell" thing with Dio in 2007.
  5. Slash has already said the album will be out in 2016, but no touring due to other commitments. A report by AlternativeNation revealed Slash sharing details of the new album. He said, "Plans for 2016 changed a little bit.... Hellwithin filming early 2016, then new Conspirators record in the spring then No Conspirators tour cause Myles has to go back to AB until the end of 2016."
  6. It didn't exactly go down like that. Axl spoke about it here on the board a few years ago.
  7. Beggars & Hangers On Serial Killer By The Sword 30 Years To Life You're A Lie
  8. You can bet your ass over half the people bitching on FB and the rest of the net will be the first ones trying to score themselves tickets. People are just stupid , they bitch for the sake of just having SOMETHING to bitch about.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Alter Bridge ends up opening a couple of shows, if there is actually a tour.
  10. Axl needs to rehearse. Nobody wants to hear Mickey Mouse sing GnR. I can't see Slash sticking around very long if Axl won't make an effort to be at his best.
  11. To be fair, Johnny was with them for 13 years, it's not like they've had a revolving door of lead singers over the last 20 years. I agree though about Sebastian's solo albums blowing away anything Skid Row has done without him. I have witnessed first hand that Rachel gets a big ol' stick up his ass if you even mention Sebastian around him, the others don't seem to get as bothered by it, which leads me to believe that Rachel is the one preventing any reunion.
  12. That loudmouth wouldn't retire if it was all 5 original guys.
  13. If the lineup is the lineup that is being reported, IMO, the 2006 logos would be perfect for this incarnation of the band.
  14. In addition to Taylor’s enthusiasm for the idea of a classic GN’R reunion, current Gunner Tommy Stinson recently weighed in that he hoped that the old lineup would reunite as well. Stinson has a unique perspective as his former band The Replacements had one of the most highly regarded reunions in recent years. Stinson stated in a recent interview, “I’ll be perfectly honest with you, man. I hope they do because when you go back to where you started from and just check that out, and feel that for a moment after you’ve gone on and done all these other things, you know, there’s a reward that comes with that, and I had that with the ‘Mats. It’s a good thing; it’s a good thing to do once in a while. And I hope it works out for ‘em, if it actually happens.” http://loudwire.com/corey-taylor-potential-classic-guns-n-roses-reunion-i-believe-it-when-i-buy-ticket/ Pretty sure Stinson is just fine with everything. On a side note, does this mean Corey Taylor retires?
  15. This is almost surreal to me....I'm so fuckin' happy right now. Never thought this day would actually happen.