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  1. Opener for Summer N.A. Tour?

    They don't need a big name opener. Shows are selling well enough, some sold out, without an opener even being announced. AC/DC didn't have a big name opener on their stadium tour last summer, it was some band called Vintage Trouble. When the Foo Fighters played Wrigley Field last summer they had Urge Overkill, hardly a "big name".
  2. Opener for Summer N.A. Tour?

    They can get away with having some club band open if they want to. The crowd is there to see Guns, not many people are gonna care who's opening. Proof is in the fact that the shows are selling really well (some sold out with 2nd dates added)without an opener even being announced.
  3. We need an interview.........

    Dude from TMZ had the chance to ask Axl some of the "million dollar" questions and instead chose to ask stupid shit like "What will happen if you like singing with AC/DC better than Guns?"
  4. I remember being glued to the TV waiting to see if the rumors of a GnR performance were true. Then watching Fallon drop hints here & there through the night really got my anticipation up. Then it happened, Guns played and I was like "WTF was THAT!?".
  5. Fair enough. The band hasn't said squat. I don't see them actively promoting it as a reunion though.
  6. The only ones calling this a reunion are the press/media.....and a certain group of fans. I've yet to hear that word come from Axl, Slash, Duff or anyone else involved. I see it as more like Slash & Duff re-joining Axl's band, which is what Axl supposedly wanted in the first place. Everyone is wondering why Axl looks so great and happy, happier than he has in years...it's because he won. Took a long ass time to get there, but he got what he wanted in the end - for Slash & Duff to join his vision of GnR. As far as I'm concerned, the fact that Slash & Duff are playing CD era material confirms it.
  7. The fact that Adler has been so quiet during all of this leads me to believe he is, or at least was supposed to be involved in some form. It'd be nice to see him on that stage in Chicago.
  8. Slash's take on CD songs

    I like what Slash has done with the Chinese Democracy material, although I do prefer Robin's solo in Better. I wonder....if there is really going to be some sort of new "Best Of" compilation coming out, if any CD material included on it will be reworked versions featuring Slash & Duff. Wouldn't surpise me.
  9. I bought my copy at Wal-Mart, right here in the USA, so I doubt that was it.
  10. Slash & Duff both have their own projects they can fall back on to create new music. Get big fat paychecks to play the hits, then during Guns' downtime they make a little more cash releasing new albums from their "solo" projects and touring behind them. Seems like a win-win for Duff & Slash.
  11. He's just some comedian, I guess he does appearances on Bob & Tom occasionally. He's basically just mocking all the shit that's been getting posted on social media sites lately about Axl and the whole AC/DC thing. He's playing a character. I thought it was kinda funny...different sense of humor I guess.
  12. I don't doubt that Duff was very influential in getting them back together, but some of the other stuff seems a little inaccurate. Slash was married to someone else during his 1st GnR stint, divorced her in like 97, and didn't marry Perla til 2001, a good 5 years after he left GnR... so how could Axl not like her, think she's controlling, and so on? Maybe just through business dealings? This article also gives the impression that the ball didn't reallyget going til Slash signed off on Axl's Vegas DVD: "And Canter says that Duff has been instrumental in several business deals over the years. 'Axl put a live DVD out a couple of years ago that needed Slash's permission because it was the old songs,' he recalls. 'Before that Slash would never sign off and Axl would never sign off if Slash wanted music. 'Duff was somehow able to finagle Slash to sign off on that. Soon after that Axl signed off on one for Slash for Live at the Roxy. That was a sign of some kind of truce." So then how was Slash able to include GnR songs on 2011's Made in Stoke live DVD/CD, which was 3 years before Axl's Vegas DVD??
  13. I've gotten really tired of all the Axl bashing on social media. All for shit the guy did 2 decades ago. This is some funny stuff though. AC/DC = Axl Constantly Destroys Concerts....I'll admit, that one cracked me up.
  14. CD 2 or new album?

    At this point I'd be happy with a new song. We'll probably get a new Slash/Myles album before anything new from GnR surfaces.