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  1. RIP Roger. He was my least favorite Bond, but I can't deny that his movies were a lot of fun to watch if nothing else. Yesterday was an absolute cunt of a day between this, the Manchester attack, and I found out one of my Maiden friends had passed away.
  2. Great gig for sure, although Aberdeen is my favorite so far. I was three or four off the barrier last night and it was one of the roughest gigs I've ever been to actually - I honestly think if it was one more song I wouldn't have managed to hold out. Birmingham tonight, and stopping at the Robinsons Brewery en route
  3. Remember how small I am - that goes a long ways with me
  4. Got absolutely pissed last night in Liverpool - 2 beers, 5 Jager bombs, 2 ciders, 2 jack and cokes. Ended up drinking with a stag party who were all dressed as Oompa Loompas
  5. Another great gig in Glasgow last night. Ridiculously easy barrier - it was up there with the tamest North American barriers I've done. Band was in fine form - even better than Newcastle. Aberdeen tonight!
  6. I don't know, but it was the only food they had
  7. Yep!
  8. Maiden literally never switches the setlist up mid-tour. The only chance of anything changing is if there's a song that isn't clicking during the first few shows, they may drop it (And 9 times out of 20 replace it with Wrathchild). Once you get 3 or 4 gigs into a tour, it's set in stone. I thought he was fine last night. He was a bit strained on the pre-chorus of The Great Unknown, but that's about it. I'm fine with the new setlist - I need a few more gigs to see how it compares to 2016 for me, I may still like that set just a bit more. I'm okay with both songs that got dropped (I was worried COTD, Powerslave, or Blood Brothers would get cut), but I'm not particularly happy Hallowed got replaced with Wrathchild - it's one of my least favorite Maiden songs. Still, I haven't seen it live since 2010 so I don't have much room to complain. The Great Unknown works A LOT better live than I'd have guessed. That said, I'm not sold on its position in the set - I'd rather have a 1-2-3 punch of Eternity, Speed Of Light, TGU right up front. The band is in good shape though. They seem a bit more relaxed than last year, but not in a bad way. Probably just a combination of a less stressful schedule, plus playing more familiar territory.
  9. Newcastle shirt: This was my first gig, so I finally know the setlist and can come back in here. I'll give my thoughts on everything tomorrow - right now I'm exhausted. Interested to go back and read your guys' thoughts on this year also.
  10. Had a great time at the Middlesbrough match today. It was great to be in the front row, inside the penalty box for my first PL match. I've never been that fussed about having good seats when I go to games - now I am. Got myself a mince pie and a pint of John Smiths Extra Smooth (Are you proud of me yet, @DieselDaisy? ) for a whopping 6 quid - it would easily cost double that for food and beer at a game back home. I had a deflected ball go right over my head in the first half - the kid next to me (He was maybe 7 or 8) REALLY wanted to get to toss a ball back in the pitch, so I was gonna let him go for it, but then someone right behind me grabbed it before he could. The coolest thing for me was, I half expected the Boro fans to be a little subdued or somber due to the impending relegation, but they still really showed up in full force. Everyone I talked to was amazed I was at the game, though I don't imagine Boro gets many international fans, let alone Americans. Everyone I talked to in both sides was actually pretty chill about the fact that I couldn't particularly care less about either team (Though the guard at my turnstiles did give me a bit of good-natured rubbing when he heard I'm a West Ham fan!) cant wait to attend another PL match. I was gonna come over for a West Ham game in the winter next season, but now I'm thinking maybe I'll do a week and bookend it with 2 West Ham games, and try to catch a few games that week (Maybe 2 Saturday's, a Sunday, a Monday, and a Wednesday if the schedule works out right?)
  11. Sheffield shirt: Back is is the same as the majority of 2016 shirts. Looking forward to finally seeing the new setlist on Sunday - I've still managed to avoid it thus far.
  12. I'm planning a trip to Europe in the fall/winter, but this is probably too early for me...
  13. Is that where he lives? Maybe I'll have to seek him out while I'm there...:lol:
  14. Exactly. Banks deserves one for sure, but this season has to be McKean's turn to shine. Fuck, I love this show so much. I wonder if Breaking Bad was this much fun to follow week-to-week in it's earlier seasons? I started watching during season 5a. To me, the middle of season three is when things really started to heat up on Breaking Bad. Right now with BCS, I feel like I'm watching season five of Breaking Bad.