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  1. What Are You Listening To 2016

    Haven't Seen The Last Of Me - The Interrupters
  2. Vegas setlist: 1. Jumpin Jack Flash 2. Let's Spend The Night Together 3. It's Only Rock N' Roll 4. Tumbling Dice 5. Ride 'Em On Down 6. Paint It Black 7. Honky Tonk Women 8. Slipping Away 9. Little T&A 10. Happy 11. Midnight Rambler 12. Miss You 13. Gimme Shelter 14. Start Me Up 15. Sympathy For The Devil 16. Brown Sugar --- 17. You Can't Always Get What What You Want 18. Satisfaction I get that Mick is probably still getting over being sick, but it sucks that the arena show got more boring setlists than the festival shows in Indio. Still, kudos to Keef for stepping up and doing 3 songs instead of 2.
  3. Craig essentially still has the job. Regardless, Elba wouldn't have gotten the job - he's too old. He's only two years younger than Craig, and they need to go with someone considerably younger when they get Bond #7. They'd only have gotten two films out of Elba if he got the gig.
  4. It's crazy - there's a legitimate movement for Brosnan to return as Bond. Every now and then a post about it will pop up on the Bond subreddit.
  5. Quantum Of Solace isn't even that bad, all things considered. I mean, they had the fucking lead actor making daily changes on the fly with the director while shooting because the script was so bad as a result of the writer's strike - no film is going to flourish under those conditions. It's a minor miracle that QOS wasn't worse than it actually was.
  6. Sounds like tomorrow's gig is still on at least.
  7. I dunno. Writing's On The Wall may still be my least favorite.
  8. Seriously. If you showed someone who had never seen DAD (But had seen most other Bond films) the first half hour of it, they'd probably think it's one of the best. It's absolutely baffling how it went from so good to so bad, so quick.
  9. 2016 Travel Thread

    Decided on going to Ireland for a few days (Okay, a few gigs ) in December. I've got a day to stop off in Oslo because of the way the flights worked out, then I'm heading to Dublin, Limerick, and Belfast. Booked my flights from JFK for $340 round trip, can't beat that
  10. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2017

    My picks: Bad Brains MC5 Journey Electric Light Orchestra Pearl Jam I know Bad Brains are a longshot, but holy fuck. A hardcore band finally got nominated for the HOF. I went through a big punk phase when I was 15 to 17-ish - I practically idolized Bad Brains.
  11. The T.V. Show Thread

    I finished season 3 of Bojack Horseman last night. Man, that show is so freaking good. Can't wait for the next season. Watching season 10 of Trailer Park Boys now.
  12. Ash vs. Evil Dead

    The ending caught me off guard also.
  13. I caved in and watched it this morning. I will say that it wasn't AS bad as I expected, but it was still pretty fucking bad. It was embarrassingly un-funny; I think I laughed twice, and neither was more than a small chuckle. The characters were bland and unlikeable IMO. The plot was too similar to the original. It just felt very...sloppy and unrefined. My biggest complaints about it though were in regards to the cinematography. For starters, I didn't really like their use of full frame at the climax. It didn't really add anything to the film the way it does in the Dark Knight, Star Wars, etc, and the transition was far more awkward and jarring than either of those examples. The other and bigger gripe I have - what the fuck is up with when the action jumps out of the letterbox frame? It looked so fucking stupid, the best I could think to describe it was like it was supposed to be a 3D film and they forgot to add the polarized image. I say this completely seriously, I think that was the most horrendous (Cinematography related) artistic decision I've ever seen in a film. 4/10, would not watch again
  14. Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Bangkok Venue TBA Capacity: Opener: Forum Members Attending:
  15. Damn, that sucks. Hope Mick gets better soon.