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  1. 8/30/16 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - BB&T Center

    AC/DC don't do lithos, but they do do event shirts. Here's the Ft. Lauderdale shirt:
  2. That really doesn't mean anything - nothing is really "confirmed" until the band announces a release date. Hell, sometimes bands will even announce onstage they're filming a show for release, and nothing comes of it.
  3. I mean, I'm just saying between the two times Axl appeared at the RNRHOF ceremonies, one is far superior in my mind.
  4. Member picture thread

  5. There isn't any official news on a DVD/Blu Ray release from this tour yet. However, we also don't have a thread specifically for rumors on this front, so I'll change the thread title so this can become the official rumor thread for an NITL live release.
  6. Meh. I'd rather have an official release of Free Fallin' honestly.
  7. Still up for meeting up before dinner before the gig? Don't forget I owe you an ice cream sundae for calling the Axl thing
  8. LA #1 is probably my favorite artwork. But Foxborough gets my vote, because of the whole "piece them together for the full artwork" thing.
  9. AC/DC probably won't need much rehearsal time, it's been just over two months since Europe ended. A day or two to freshen up, but that'll be about it.
  10. Axl/DC audio request

    Just download the Aarhus show - it was hands down the best across the board. Plus the only song they've played on this tour but not that night was Dog Eat Dog - that was only played in Prague and it sounded rough because Axl was sick.
  11. Whats next for ac/dc?

    Even Angus recently admitted though that he's really not sure what the future holds anymore. It's the least confident he's ever sounded that the band will continue, for sure.
  12. Whats next for ac/dc?

    They've explicitly called Philly the last gig of the tour, and Cliff said he's retiring at the end of the tour. So...
  13. I can't really answer that question, since I didn't set any expectations. I had zero interest in a reunion, and didn't even know if any of the shows would work with my schedule until the full tour was announced anyways. So, yeah. But anyways - the setlists have been about as good as I could realistically ask for. I got to see 4 songs I'd never seen live before in Detroit, plus one more I hadn't seen since early 2012 in Pittsburgh. Plus the CD songs didn't really get the axe at all. Granted, I'm not a fan of how Slash plays most of them, but I'd rather have Slash playing them a way I'm not happy with than not having them at all. I'd have preferred more setlist variety, but any setlist complaints would be nitpicking; they've played Coma at every fucking show this year. Axl sounds pretty good - I don't think it's as good as 2006 or 2010, but for his age he's doing just fine.
  14. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Hong Kong isn't really considered part of China when it comes to concerts; neither is Macau. Essentially, since those aren't part of mainland China they have their own jurisdiction over censorship/lack thereof for concerts. Mainland China is much stricter when it comes to concerts, both in terms of acts who are allowed to play, and the content of approved artists. Artists that may be denied for mainland China may still be approved for Macau or Hong Kong. I went to China this year for Maiden's first two gigs ever in China, and the whole process from the announcement up through the gig was quite an experience. First of all, this isn't the first time Maiden has tried to play China; they were denied in both 2007 and 2009. The gigs were announced in mid-late January (I remember well because my birthday was the cut-off date I set for myself that if China wasn't announced, I'd do South Africa instead). Before tickets even went on sale, the government put up on a Beijing government website the setlist the band had requested to play. This was still a month before the tour even started, so a lot of people (Myself included) were really upset to have the setlist spoiled for us like that. Tickets went on sale at the end of January, extremely smooth process, possibly the easiest international ticket-buying experience I've ever had (Complete opposite of Japan, if any of you have read my Japan story in the Japan thread). Fast forward to April when the gigs are about to happen, absolutely nothing else exciting happened in between. Several of us were talking to Maiden's video guy walking into the venue in Beijing (After he asked us to take out our flags for the video blog, and weimmediatelygot them confiscated...), and he said that they'd only actually got the approval to play and the setlist approval an hour earlier, and this was with an hour and a half until show time. They'd also puled the plug on the opening act inexplicably at 3 PM or so that day - oddly, they were still allowed to play in Shanghai though. Anyways, the vibe he gave us was pretty much "Well, we've been approved to play, but we don't really know how far the show will actually go". The show ended up going great, but every in the band seemed pretty nervous. In the end, relatively little had to change; the big things were no pyro, Bruce couldn't swear (Which he had a lot of fun with the second night in Shanghai), and they couldn't use the Union Jack for The Trooper. There was one moment where Bruce altered a lyric slightly and everyone on the internet started screaming "Oh, censorship! It's terrible these guys are playing China!" Bruce changed the line in Powerslave from "Tell me why I had to be a powerslave" to "Tell me why I had to be a wicker man", but someone asked Rod about it in Shanghai and he said Bruce did it as a joke for the crew, because the rest of the band had prepared to play The Wicker Man in case Powerslave didn't get approved. Anyways, I thought that might be interesting since people are talking about the potential for them to play China. Personally, I don't see it happening for GN'R, but who knows - I never really expected Maiden to play China either.