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  1. GRAMMY 2017

    Blackstar across the board pls. Bowie deserves that - few artists have or will have a swan song as amazing as that album.
  2. New 2018 concert date!

    Clearly some sort of mistake listing. Who knows how/why it happened.
  3. Any Axl/DC MKV?

    The only lossless Axl/DC video I've found so far is a DVD9 of the Detroit gig, however there are some audio delay issues with it unfortunately...
  4. 08/13/17 - Hershey, PA - Hersheypark Stadium

    I'll be getting my tickets 24 hours before the gig probably. Lots of good deals at the last second this year it seemed, and I'm not fussed if I'm up front for GN'R anymore at the ticket prices nowadays.
  5. 08/19/17 - Montreal, QC - Parc Jean Drapeau

    Looking at a map, it looks like Heavy MTL is on St. Helen's, yeah. Does Parc Jean Drapeau span more than one island? I assumed it was contained to St. Helen's. So I could very well be wrong if that's the case - I've only been to that festival once, so I'm going off of that.
  6. Stratford is still within the Tube system, so city centre is still quite accessible - probably a 15-20 minute Tube ride for most of the tourist sights. You may pay more for a hotel in city centre, so it depends on if that's of any concern to you.
  7. 08/21/17 - Ottawa, ON - TD Place Stadium

    So you're not gonna make the epic Buffalo tailgate? Damn But at least we'll be able to catch up in Ottawa!
  8. 08/19/17 - Montreal, QC - Parc Jean Drapeau

    I'm assuming it will be held in the same area as Heavy MTL. If so, there's a slight slope to the field, but nothing drastic. No stands/bleachers if it's the same setup. This is a picture of the Heavy MTL setup: It's basically a festival setup if it's the same as Heavy MTL.
  9. I stayed right in Stratford when I went to the West Ham v. Juventus match in August. 5 min walk to the stadium, and I didn't find hotels to be more expensive because of the event at all (And keep in mind that was abigevent - the inaugural match at Olympic Stadium). Very convenient if you're not fussed about staying in city centre.
  10. Yeah, very easy to get from Copenhagen to Stockholm by train - maybe only 4 hour trip, and quite cheap IIRC. Stockholm is my favorite city anywhere in the world, so that would be my recommendation. But if you could combine it with Copenhagen, then all the better
  11. 08/16/17 - Buffalo, NY - New Era Field

    Enjoy your new warning point
  12. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    If anyone comes across the RSD release that Iron Maiden did for Black Friday (It was the Brave New World album) for a reasonable price, can you do me a solid and point me in the direction? I got a copy, as well as three others for friends in Europe. I mailed their copies out immediately, opened mine the next day...and mine was scratched pretty bad on side 2. Fucking gutted, I've been after this album for ten years (There was only a single pressing available of it before this year), and I finally got a copy and I can't even play it It's already going in the ballpark of $100 secondhand.
  13. 08/21/17 - Ottawa, ON - TD Place Stadium

    See ya there What other gig(s) you doing next year?
  14. 08/16/17 - Buffalo, NY - New Era Field

    Fucking right, Ralph Wilson (Sorry, can't get behind the new name) has a history as one of the best tailgates at any NFL stadium. We'll definitely have a good MyGNR party, too bad @Black Sabbath will be too busy spending the whole day in line to have fun with us
  15. 08/13/17 - Hershey, PA - Hersheypark Stadium

    Quickly? No. Eventually? Maybe. The only time I've been there for a concert is The Rolling Stones in 2005, and they did sell it out eventually. Anyways, count me in for this one.