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  1. Chris Slade is the best drummer AC/DC has ever had. I know I was campaigning hard for Simon Wright to come back when it was clear Phil was out, but that was more for setlist reasons - I can honestly say it would've fallen far below the standard Slade has set, again. Both his stints in the band have produced some of the very best AC/DC live performances ever. Bring it Phil fans - he ain't as good as Slade.
  2. I tried it at a local distillery tasting - they had three different styles, I had about a shot's worth of each. I did them as shots - I don't know much about absinthe other than the hallucinogen myth, so I don't know the "proper" way to drink it.
  3. Anyone ever tried absinthe before? I had it for the first time last night, really liked it.
  4. Iron Maiden are finally releasing all their albums from 1990 onwards on black vinyl (They've only been previously available on colored vinyl for a couple, but otherwise only picture discs) - 12 releases over the course of two months. This is probably the biggest audio-related erection I've ever had.
  5. Y'all muthafuckas need some Dick Dale in your lives.
  6. I Should Have Said Something - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  7. Complain about the trailers if you want, but this poster is goddamn beautiful:
  8. You're missing so much in this life. Go watch The Room. Then watch it again.
  9. And studio versions of Ballad Of Death and Mi Amor.
  10. 2006 is my favorite look.
  11. Okay, I'm fucking stoked for this.
  12. You're not missing much on the packaging front from the US version - the discs are pretty tricky to get out. Picked up Mad Max: Fury Road 4K over the weekend. One of the few 4K releases I plan to double dip on
  13. I like the Kenobi theory best so far. Being a Skywalker would be too obvious, especially if it wasn't revealed in TFA. Being someone totally random doesn't really bridge the gap between trilogies well - it begs the question why she is a focal point of the saga. But being a Kenobi would be semi plausible, and it's a big enough twist that besides those who are actively reading fan theories may not see it coming.
  14. Judging by the Axl chats on the forums in December 2008, I'd say no. Rarely mentioned Slash at all, and when he did the answers were pretty cold.
  15. Like it or not, she is a band member. This thread is for social media updates from all band members. So yeah - some people may get annoyed with how much she posts on social media compared to other band members, but we're not changing the rules of the thread to accommodate that.