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  1. Kathleen Kennedy said it's gonna have the style of a spaghetti western - that excites me. Some good casting choices, most exciting being Donald Glover as Lando. But overall...I'm less excited about that one for sure.
  2. It's happening, and I'm fappening.
  3. https://www.mi6-hq.com/sections/articles/bond-25-report-20170219-croatia-dubrovnik-location-negotiations?t=&s=&id=04227 The mayor of Dubrovnik has confirmed EON is in negotiations to film there for Bond 25
  4. I (Begrudgingly) bought the 7" for it. Not that many Bond songs get a vinyl release, so I felt obligated to as a Bond fan, not as a fan of the song. Seeing better sales on the vinyls they do release may push them to release more as a 7". That's the only reason I bought it. Really wish there was a 7" for You Know My Name or Skyfall...
  5. I mean, technically we didn't see Hinx die. It could be a Jaws scenario where it's assumed he's dead, but comes back in the next film.
  6. He's just playing the long con, we'll find out in IX that he's Snoke. When do we think we'll get the first teaser? At this year's Celebration, or before that?
  7. The president of Omega watches is meeting with Daniel Craig later this month: http://www.jborbisnonsufficit.com/2017/02/14/omegas-chief-to-meet-with-daniel-craig/ That's an extremely good indicator that Craig will be back for Bond 25.
  8. No way I can just do 5, so I'll do my top 10, in no particular order. 1. Iron Maiden - Beijing, China 4/24/16 - Already gave my brief thoughts on this one earlier in the thread, but this is without a doubt the most memorable gig I've ever been to. Ever since I started traveling to see Maiden, it was always my number one bucket list item to see the first gig they played in China. Likewise, I know for a few of the guys in the band, it was the top place they wanted to play that they'd never been to before. On top of all that - it was a huge deal for metal period, to have have one of the biggest bands in the world playing a country that relatively few artists have played before. Everything about the gig was just...exciting in this way that gigs usually aren't. There was a lot of discussion on how the band would have to adapt the show to appease the Chinese censors, and even outside the venue a couple hours before the show, one of their crew guys admitted to a few of us that they didn't really know if they'd get all the way through the show before the plug got pulled. In the end they didn't have to change their setlists at all, and the stage show only minimally, and the whole gig went off fantastically. The show a couple days later in Shanghai was better, but the Beijing show was much more special. 2. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Cambridge, MA 7/18/15 - A tiny venue, TT The Bear's, was preparing to close for good and for their last two weeks, announced a number of big name bands to play secret shows to help close out the club. The Bosstones were one of those bands. They announced the Saturday show on Thursday, and it was exclusive to their fan club members. Even though their fan club is only a few hundred people, the show still sold out in about 5 minutes (The capacity was 150 people). They were also opening for the Foo Fighters at Fenway the same day, so the TT The Bear's show was later that night. The band was particularly excited to do it because it was one of the clubs where they got there start, and it was their first time playing there in about 25 years. The setlist was the most boring I've ever seen the band play, but in their defense they were short one of the horns as he had an obligation with his other band also immediately after the Fenway show. But still, that didn't matter. No barrier, the stage was so small the band barely fit on it (And Dicky spent about half the show literally in the crowd), their original guitarist guested with them for a few songs, and it was bar none the most energetic gig I've ever been to. 3. Motörhead - On the Motörboat 10/1/15 - Plain and simple explanation on this one; it was one of the last gigs that Lemmy ever played before he died, and the last show he ever played in North America. Lemmy was one of my idols - far bigger than just Motörhead to me. I won a spot on the cruise, a number of other great bands were on it, and it was my first time anywhere in the Caribbean. It wasn't even the best Motörhead gig I ever saw, but in hindsight it was the most memorable. 4. Rush - Toronto, ON 6/19/15 - I saw Rush plenty of times (Even plenty of times on the R40 tour), but this one was the most special. The band filmed the R40 DVD at this gig, and I was in the third row for it - the best seats I've ever had at a Rush show. As a result, I'm in the DVD a number of times. Besides being an amazing show (Arguably the best Rush show I've ever seen), the band played Losing It for the first time ever, with Ben Mink who originally recorded the violin part on the studio version. It's a song diehard Rush fans have been begging them to play for decades, but which everyone assumed would never be played because it required a fourth member. 5. Guns N' Roses - Las Vegas, NV 6/6/14 - Everyone here knows why this one was special - the third longest show the band ever played, a number of rare live songs, and at the time it was the best Axl had sounded since 2010. Never thought I'd see a GN'R show that topped The Ritz in 2012, but this one did. 6. The Rolling Stones - Rome, Italy 6/22/14 - I wrestled between which Stones show to put on this list. On one hand at the Toronto 2013 show I got in the pit with my Lucky Dip tickets. On the other hand - other than the fact that I was on the barrier for Toronto 2013, Rome was better in every way imaginable. The gig was at the Circus Maximus, and I'm a sucker for shows in historic/scenic venues. There were 120,000 people at the Rome show - the biggest gig I've ever been to. The setlist was the best I've ever seen them play. And, it was my first time seeing any band besides Maiden in Europe. Granted, I was about a quarter of a mile from the stage and couldn't see shit, but just being at the show was an experience for sure. 7. AC/DC - Philadelphia, PA 9/20/16 - Possibly AC/DC's last show, at the very least the last show with Cliff. The longest show AC/DC ever played. Problem Child played for the first time with Axl. Did this show with the Mod Squad. AC/DC was my first favorite band, before I discovered Maiden. So this one was a special one for sure. 8. Twisted Sister - Lakewood, NJ 10/1/16 - It was only my second time seeing Twisted Sister - my first was a couple months earlier at Wacken. I've always been a casual fan, but never saw the big appeal. Everyone told me Twisted Sister was one of the best live bands they've ever seen - they were absolutely right. I was totally blown away at Wacken, and dug deep into their catalog and decided to catch one more show. It was supposed to be their last show, it ended up being their second last show after they added an opening set at a festival in Mexico a few weeks later, so it was their last headlining show. 9. Iron Maiden - Stockholm, Sweden 8/7/10 - I was trying to only pick one show per artist, but I had to put a second Maiden show. This was the first gig I saw outside the US or Canada. This was the show where I fell in love with traveling, where I went from wanting to see Maiden a few times when they came around to when I wanted to see as many shows as physically possible. It was a festival (With a great lineup), it was pissing rain for 12 hours, but it was amazing. 10. Black Sabbath - London, England 7/4/14 - This one is a bit stupid, but I've always wanted to see a show at Hyde Park. It wasn't a great show by any means - it was actually the worst Sabbath show I saw - but seeing a show at Hyde Park was a lot of fun!
  9. Same - I can't do it all right now. I can say though, the most memorable (Not necessarily my favorite) was Iron Maiden in Beijing last year. Seeing my favorite band play their first gig in China, which was a top bucket list item for both the band and for myself, was an amazing experience.
  10. Not even Tommy. I don't think he be happy just standing back by the drum riser all night, he's got too much energy for that.
  11. Also confirmed to be the final show of The Book Of Souls tour.
  12. What I meant was, with him, resignation is not an option. There are four possible outcomes, but with Trump one is essentially a non-option.
  13. I posted this one Reddit in regards to this, but I think it's appropriate to repost here:
  14. Trump's personal account, Trump's POTUS account, and the White House account have all unfollowed Kellyanne Conway on Twitter today. Is she the next domino to fall?