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  1. A bunch of us are pretty sure the bass player is a girl, but the hands look very masculine when you him/her/it up close. I got dehydrated in Dallas, so it wasn't the greatest gig for me. I don't even remember it hardly. But San Antonio last night was off the fucking wall. It's my favorite city in the US to see Maiden in, and it proved itself once again last night with a killer crowd. New Mexico bound now!
  2. California event shirt is excellent too
  3. Great gig in Houston, I love the Texas crowds. Definitely one of my favorite places in the US for Maiden gigs.
  4. Well it was reduced capacity - they closed the upper level. I guess the capacity with last night's setup was 8,000, and they had 6,000 sold without walk ups. That said...I'm actually pretty impressed with that turn out all things considered. The show was their first in OKC in 32 years, so it's clearly not a strong market for them. On top of that, they played their first gig in Oklahoma in 29 years last year on the same tour (In Tulsa), they're following OKC with 3 shows in Texas, AND it was a Monday night.
  5. Fun gig in Oklahoma City last night, band was a bit loose though. Only shitty thing was hardly any traveling fans did that gig, it was the least people I've known at any gig since before I started traveling. Houston tomorrow!
  6. Texas event shirt is fucking amazing, one of my favorites for the whole tour
  7. Because they love Brazil
  8. In Brazil? Sure they will. If they were doing European festivals, it might be a bit more hit-or-miss depending on the crowd. As for set length, it's hard to say until the promoter releases a schedule. Sometimes on festivals they get their full length set, other times they get a shorter set (At Governors Ball in 2013 they only got an hour and a half). That said, they're not playing shows quite as long as 2010-2014 nowadays, so if it's cut down, it won't be as drastic.
  9. Minneapolis is the first US event shirt: No one seems to understand the design
  10. Watch it not get played
  11. No such thing as starting too early
  12. Man up, bitch boy.
  13. Four days and I'll be doing what I love most again
  14. Glad you had a great time in China - I loved it last year when I visited, and can't wait to go back someday (Luckily I have the ten year visa, so going back will be a piece of cake). I have to say though, I much preferred Beijing to Shanghai. Shanghai was an impressive, modern city. But when I travel I love sightseeing and history, and Beijing is pretty damn hard to top in that regard. My next trip is coming up on Saturday already - this one is the Southwest. Starting out in Oklahoma City, and driving down through Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and California, before ending up in LA. Lots of new ground for me to cover on this one; I've been to Oklahoma before (Tulsa though, not OKC), Texas, and LA - everything else on this trip is new.
  15. So how long until the kid has a MyGNR account?