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  1. Another great show in Rome last night! I missed the first few songs since I was hanging out with the Anthrax guys, but what I saw of the set was really good. The band was having a lot of fun, Bruce even worked his way past their stage set to the very ends of the stage, just taking in the crowd.
  2. Much. Nyon was just a weaker gig - it happens even to the best. Milan was fucking amazing all around. The band was in top form, and the crowd was incredible. Hands down the loudest European crowd I've ever been in, and maybe even on par with Mexico. All in all, definitely in my top 3 gigs so far this tour. Italy event shirt: Thatshouldbe the final event shirt for 2016 - I don't see Croatia, Romania, or Luxembourg getting one (Though they technically did Romania in 2010, but that was because they played in the Transylvania region). I'm just waiting to get my New Zealand shirt from one of my friends in the next few days, but I have managed to get every event shirt this year, it's the first time I haven't had somebody drop the ball on getting me one at a show I didn't attend. Pretty damn excited about that, considering how many event shirts there were this year
  3. Italy event shirt is awesome - I'll post a picture tonight. One of the best of the tour! Should be the last one this year also.
  4. Assuming they do a European leg besides the UK leg (Whoch is not a guarantee by any means), then I imagine Serbia will get a date since they didn't this year.
  5. Not the best gig in Nyon last night. Actually, probably the worst I've seen on this tour. Bruce sounded pretty rough, and the crowd was hands down the worst I've ever seen at a Maiden gig (Though that was to be expected since it was sort of an indie music festival). Pretty funny to see the hipsters all clearing out a few songs in once they realized Iron Maiden isn't their thing at all though! On the plus side, Bruce dos all his talk breaks in French, which is always cool to see. Milan tomorrow!
  6. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Drinking my way through the Reykjavik airport at 6 AM. They've got some decent beers in Iceland. My favorite so far is Einstök Toasted Porter.
  7. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    I watched a leak of it before it got taken down - really cool.
  8. The love/sex/relationship thread

    Oh yeah, the wedding was great - probably the wedding that went the smoothest of any I've ever been to. I mean, I really am happy for them. I won't let my jealousy tear two of my best friendships apart. I mean, it's not like I have any reason to be upset with either of them - there was never any stealing girlfriends or anything like that. Her and I got to a point where we realized that we weren't gonna last, and even though I was really hurt by it, we stayed best friends. Hell, we even ended up living together our senior year, along with another one of our (guy) friends. And I can't be upset with my best friend over it - he's always been incredibly respectful of my feelings, and okay with the fact that I never really got over her. Even though they didn't start dating me until over a year after we ended things, he asked my permission to go after her. It could have ended up one of those scenarios where I didn't get invited to the wedding like happens with so many exes, but that wasn't the case here. So I've got mixed feelings about it all - yes I'm happy for them, but at my own expense. I remember the thread you made about the shit that went down with your ex! You didn't want to listen to our good advice on the matter
  9. Each, or combined? Regardless, that seems pretty weak.
  10. The love/sex/relationship thread

    I was beyond fucked up last night and this morning. I only posted that after kicking the hangover and the vomit.
  11. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    I absolutely can't wait for this.
  12. The love/sex/relationship thread

    Yesterday I watched my best friend marry the only girl I've ever truly been in love with. I'm really happy for them of course, but damn - it hurts inside
  13. Have you listened to Lulu?

    I've listened to enough to know I don't want to listen to more.
  14. The new one will probably make Ghostbusters 2 look like Ghostbusters 1.