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  1. Do Nebraska if you can - this tour isn't one to miss. Lots of Fan Club members are doing that one, just because it's such a random place for them to be playing. I'd love to, but I'm gonna be pretty tapped out with my 14 shows on the US leg
  2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story **SPOILERS**

    Mazwassupposed to have a larger role apparently, but her scenes were among those whittled down from the three hour cut.
  3. Sorry @Mansin Humanitybut I'm not gonna be able to do Charlotte - flights are nuts for that one. I did decide on my 14th gig, and it's gonna be San Bernardino. It's a Saturday and I wasn't gonna come home from Phoenix until Friday anyways, plus flights home from LAX should be cheaper than Phoenix. Also, for anyone doing Brooklyn - rumor is there will be a second night. The Trooper VIP upgrade website "accidentally" listed a Brooklyn show on the 22nd, then took it down. Hmm
  4. 2017 Death Pool Draft

    Don't think so.
  5. Terminator Franchise On Hold Indefinitely

    So...does that mean James Cameron would be discarding Genisys on top of the few before it?
  6. Zero chance. What gig do you see on the first leg?
  7. Your concerts in 2017

    3/17 - Dropkick Murphys (Boston) 3/18 - Dropkick Murphys (Boston) 4/22 - Sabaton (Clifton Park) 4/28 - Sabaton (Toronto) 4/29 - Sabaton (Cleveland) 5/14 - Iron Maiden (Newcastle) 5/16 - Iron Maiden (Glasgow) 5/17 - Iron Maiden (Aberdeen) 5/20 - Iron Maiden (Liverpool) 5/21 - Iron Maiden (Birmingham) 5/24 - Iron Maiden (Cardiff) 5/27 - Iron Maiden (London) 5/28 - Iron Maiden (London) 6/3 - Iron Maiden (Bristow) 6/4 - Iron Maiden (Philadelphia) 6/7 - Iron Maiden (Newark) 6/19 - Iron Maiden (Oklahoma City) 6/21 - Iron Maiden (Houston) 6/23 - Iron Maiden (Dallas) 6/24 - Iron Maiden (San Antonio) 6/27 - Iron Maiden (Albuquerque) 6/28 - Iron Maiden (Phoenix) 7/1 - U2 (Cleveland) 7/15 - Iron Maiden (Toronto) 7/16 - Iron Maiden (Quebec City) 7/19 - Iron Maiden (Mansfield) 7/21 - Iron Maiden (Brooklyn) 8/13 - Guns N' Roses (Hershey) 8/16 - Guns N' Roses (Buffalo) 8/19 - Guns N' Roses (Montreal) 8/21 - Guns N' Roses (Ottawa) I'll probably squeeze in one more Maiden gig too - possibly St. Louis or Kansas City.
  8. I'd recommend anindoor gig. The opening of the show this tour loses all its effect with any daylight.
  9. Otherwise, I'm considering the two gigs in Missouri - how far are you from STL?
  10. Do Charlotte. I'll try to plan on that one if you do. I was...not at all prepared for this many gigs. On the Fan Club we were expecting maybe a dozen US gigs, tops. But the more the merrier - bring it on! My tentative plans for NA are Bristow, Philly, Newark, Oklahoma City, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Toronto, Quebec City, Mansfield, and Brooklyn. May add one or two more if I can find cheap flights. As it stands right now with those 13 NA gigs plus my 8 in the UK, that brings me to 21 - the same number I had this year. If I add one more, it'll by my most Maiden gigs in one year, so it's likely I add one more somewhere.
  11. Yeah, Anything Goes is a total dud. But everything else is perfect. Think About You completely ties the album together - don't you agree? But yeah, I agree with Tommy. It sounds ridiculous to say an album that was more than a decade in the making was released prematurely, but there are definitely some bits that could have used some touching up. Regardless, it is my second favorite GN'R album still.
  12. The Official Blu-Ray Thread

    I think The Martian is gonna be my next 4K purchase now that I've confirmed that my 4K player is indeed playing in 4K on my TV. I have the 3D disc for the theatrical release, so my justification to get the 4K disc will be to buy the Director's Cut on 4K. But other than that I likely won't double dip on any Blu Rays/4K discs (Except maybe Fury Road when it's for a good price).
  13. 2017 Death Pool Draft

    Same. I rarely put anyone who's over 90 unless death seems imminent by December. You may be more likely to get points, but you're not scoring serious points. You're much better off using your bets on celebs who are under 85 or so, and still somewhat likely to die. Plus, those sweet, sweet wild cards. It's like the people who were still putting Zsa Zsa the last two years - yeah, she croaked, but was it really worth the spot for a single point? I'm looking at you @Amir
  14. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I am over it. If you think I was all for Hillary you're WAY off. And if you go back to the days following the election, you'll find that I said I'd give him a fair chance. His appointments, and the unclarity of the Russia situation are telling me plenty that this presidency will not take Americans' best interests into account.Maybe YOUR side should learn to fucking take some criticism, instead of just run to Twitter in the middle of the night to bitch about individuals when they say something he doesn't like. No president will win every single citizen over, that's the way it goes.
  15. Flashback: Sailing cover

    G'day to you too, mate. Seriously though, this is one of my favorite Axl performances ever.