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  1. Like all the Izzy hugs?
  2. Not to worry, you can find the "HD VERSION"s on Youtube!
  3. From what I remember, they had just gotten back from China and there was a cold going around in the band
  4. For me, yeah it's cool to see them back together again but it's still the same old music. And while it has the raw intensity it hasn't had for years, I'm more interested in new music at this point.
  5. And yet Axl wanted him in the band
  6. Well, in comparison, you're the "nobody" but whatever. Again, I can see his frustration after spending a chunk of his life in a band with just 1 album in so many years. He shouldn't have vented on social media but then again, maybe he just doesn't give a shit what people think.
  7. Axl Rose On TMZ

    You'd be doing the same thing if you saw him in public
  8. Axl Rose On TMZ

    Probably because the camera guy was respectful and not being a dick
  9. Is there a version of november rain from those shows online?
  10. He, at the time, had an impending album and a lot to prove so he had to really go for it then.
  11. If I were to guess, he stayed with the band because they wanted to record new music and it just never happened. Just more tours off the old stuff. As awesome as it is to see Slash back and hearing him play with Axl again, it's still the same old songs. I can see why he left and hey, if he's happier in his new band, more power to him. Which is what EVERY new band has at the start. NO HITS.
  12. Eddie Trunk's Vegas recap

    What, friends can't have disagreements?
  13. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    They have no choice but to move on. There's a LOT of $$$ at stake for the band etc. They have no choice but to round out the tour dates to fulfill the contact
  14. Unless it's about money and contracts and the replacements will work for cheap.
  15. DVD? Why not a Blu-Ray? I've always found these funny. HD BEFORE HD existed!