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  1. Treated? He said he was turning down tours.
  2. You get more for a kidney
  3. He meant that Dice is a "no name" when compared to a guy on a message board
  4. I want him to sing in a stereotypical gay voice.
  5. Job Application

    I haven't been yet!
  6. Was pot used by the band back in the day?

    You forgot to post the Kermit the Frog meme where's he's drinking Lipton Iced Tea
  7. Chris Pitman - Your opinions?

    I remember reading that he had laryngitis and was fighting a cold days before this performance. yeah it's a bad one but given the circumstances, I'm forgiving
  8. Job Application

    Ah, you've been there?
  9. Reunion Setlist?

    Yeah seriously. This reunion is pointless without that song.
  10. Job Application

    He doesn't know how to flirt
  11. Because it's a song about the past
  12. Your cunt is thick? And yes, I'm messing with you
  13. Yeah, I don't think "most GNR fans" are that psychotic.