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  1. Bullshit. No fan would turn down being in a band with Axl
  2. I didn't say you'd act like him (plus everyone handles stress and life differently), I'm saying that if given the same opportunity he got, you wouldn't have turned it down.
  3. You'd have done the same thing if you were in his shoes
  4. I remember an interview with Chris Cornell where he trashed the Estranged video
  5. Damn that's a lot of phones. All, shooting in that crappy portrait mode.
  6. TOTALLY off topic but the guitar/whistling bit that they got going on here really is awesome. I wondered, when I first saw this, if it was a way of sneaking new music in.
  7. Damn. Unavailable
  8. I don't know who some of the quotes are from. Also, you can kinda tell which are poorly translated.
  9. Add the Godzilla ones from Japan if you can!
  10. it's ok, you can admit it