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  1. Ticket Demand?

    What's it say in the small print?
  2. those bands would disagree with you
  3. About Melissa Reese...

    What about the donuts?
  4. What went wrong with NUGNR?

    cuz Axl couldn't rock?
  5. I remember some old Pearl Jam bootleg from the early 90's. The song "Hunger Strike" was on there. The moron who did the tracklisting called it "I'm gonna hungry"
  6. that's a really stupid title
  7. Nickelback, Greenday, The Offspring
  8. Until he puts his stupid floppy grandma hats on
  9. Axl Rose's Legacy

    Does anything get younger?
  10. Axl's "ready" time..

    he didn't do this stuff for TV appearances/performances
  11. I wanna see Slash's light up top hat but next to Axl singing in a light up foot cast and he can lip sync with Beyonce. Best Superbowl halftime show ever.
  12. Axl and the lack of new material

    Is that George Lucas' non union Mexican equivalent?