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  1. 1988 Donington Tee from Official Store

    Considering 2 people died at that show and the band considers Donnington a "dark day", it's not my first choice for a shirt
  2. Yeah I wonder how a low budget, cheesy (but fun) Resident Evil movie can afford the same song
  3. Bullshit it's not "something special". Anytime the original members play together it's special. Especially in this situation
  4. Super Bowl?

    I feel like with the way things are going, it'll be some signer who got famous off Instagram or something
  5. Super Bowl?

    Aerosmith did years ago: SO sad
  6. Super Bowl?

    Nah, it won't happen. I don't want them to do it, so, they won't.
  7. I love topic headers like this. Like I'd know the answer.
  8. I remember nostalgia!
  9. " He wasn't the rail-thin ginger weirdo from 1997 either, " ...what?
  10. Human Being

    You the one fan who doesn't have TSI?
  11. Always funny when fans slap together cheesy footage from random movies, combine it with audience/video footage of GNR, slap the music on there and called it "Official" to get hits on their Youtube channel. Kinda like when they take old VHS footage and slap HD in the description.
  12. It would "trigger" too many people.
  13. Ticket Demand?

    What's it say in the small print?