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  1. The fact that it looks like it was shot all on a green screen set is distracting. So yeah, it takes away from it being great.
  2. I'll see it as a matinee but it looks more like "Obvious Greenscreen: The Movie"
  3. They're video sourced so 720 to 1080 wouldn't be possible
  4. Interesting interview, annoying as shit music video editing.
  5. That I have better things to do other than judging how someone I don't know lives their life.
  6. Was it the 10 seconds or a full version? Never heard it before
  7. It's because dumbing yourself down to a 12 year old mentality is the new thing to do
  8. Probably. No one on this forum was there/alive then so they can't really call bullshit on him
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again: that is the WORST camera angle ever
  10. He also would put his name on EVERY Aerosmith album as: John Kalodner:John Kalaodner. He also wouldn't let Aerosmith be on The Simpsons unless he was animated in with them
  11. Yeah it was kinda all over the place. From the Duffs interviews to Duff trying to do the spoken word bit with the backup band. They don't edit well together
  12. So weird to see so many phones up and going
  13. This a repost? I read this article years ago