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  1. For one ex-girlfriend of mine it took 3 years for her to find out all the music I listen to. Most people just have pre-conceptional ideas of music genres like hard rock or metal. It's like saying you love horror movies.
  2. Happy Birthday W. Axl Rose 2/6/16

    Happy Birthday Mr. Rose! I bought you an online singing lesson course, use it and don't fuck this up!
  3. This was recorded in 2015. So maybe there were negotiations, but they fell through?
  4. Well, read something unusual today with the confirmation of Arcade Fire at NOS Alive festival in Portugal. Apparently there's an insider that leaked all kinds of concert information, all very specific and it eventually turned out to be true. So, what's apparently on the cards for both Madrid and Barcelona? Yes, it's Guns N' Roses. http://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/206033-nos-alive-2016/?page=7#comment-4890956 http://www.foroazkenarock.com/t52123p500-jitu-diosa-de-la-informacion
  5. Leftover Tickets for Vegas

    I'm holding out for European dates. If none come to fruition, then I'll be making Vegas plans. Probably end up scoring tickets a few days before the show. Fuck touts.
  6. If the Chinese meal was great on the day it was made, the leftovers should be ok However if the Chinese meal wasn't all that good to begin with, leftovers certainly aren't going to be better.
  7. Not going to happen in 2016 as all headliners have been booked (Black Sabbath, King Diamond, Volbeat, Nightwish, Iron Maiden & Twisted Sister). Apparently live nation were trying to arrange a warrant for a seperate concert, like AC/DC last year, probably meant for Guns N' Roses.
  8. Imagine if he was on time, he played the full set and then wanted to play more. Then it would have actually been quite cool. However due to his tardiness, yes it was an embarrassing moment...
  9. Really? It's what the American promoters are saying if you read the Billboard article. They aren't all in for a gamble. And Axl at Rick in Rio 2011 was everything but professional, hence the promoters not clamouring to book them, as you so boldly say. Not only are festivals forced to stick to time restraints, the 50% possibility of Axl messing up completely doesn't make having Slash and Duff standing on stage worth 3 million. He still won't rehearse, he cancelled Jimmy Kimmel, we don't know who else is in the band. All of this is not unusual for Guns N' Roses, but neither is it unusual for a promoter not to want to take these risks.
  10. Pinkpop boss says he find it too risky and wants to see their Coachella performance first before thinking of booking them. Can't say I blame him, Axl can turn this into a disaster (as done before). It pretty much confirms a European tour is being planned for this summer, as long as promoters are willing to book. http://festileaks.com/2016/01/pearl-jam-en-guns-n-roses-op-pinkpop-2016/
  11. And yet billions of people on this planet are on time for work, and they make sure they're ready. Even if it means having to get ready earlier than usual. And among those people are countless frontmen in bands, who never seem to have the same problem.
  12. The official GNR store

    Either you're kidding, in that case well done, or your pretty much everything I can despise about a human being. One thing everybody must understand, we're all equal, no matter what clothes you wear, no matter if you're a CEO or bum living on the street. And while yes I can attest to most women being attracted to a man in suit. They're only attracted to you if you don't need to wear it to proove yourself outside of work.
  13. The official GNR store

    There's a difference between dressing for your job and private life. At my job I dress in suits, shoes, ties etc. In private life I tend to dress like what you are ridiculing: converse, slim fit jeans, biker jacket etc. But I know what attracts the opposite sex, and it sure isn't oxford shoes or loafers in private life. Even at 40 that would be just unacceptable, at least in the Netherlands.
  14. Yes, that's what I read about previous years for Coachella. I'll be scoring a ticket a few days before the festival if needed. I could've bought tickets, I actually had them in my cart, but left it. All these rumors about more dates, I'm waiting for them to suffice.