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  1. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

    You've got that right. Loving it!
  2. Your dog wasn't the only one that shit himself...
  3. That was a reaction to the people chanting "Brian! Brian! Brian!"
  4. For those about to block the fucking view (security), I say FUCK YOU!
  5. Or he was saving it for a rainy day. And then a thunderstorm of a reunion and AC/DC came along.
  7. Up next after this song!
  8. Perhaps it has something to do with curfews?
  9. I'd sueAXS to oblivion if I could, absolute piss-poor service.
  10. My guess is that a Nightrain pre-sale for the US Tour is today. Followed by general on-sale tomorrow. If Axl's voice isn't up to scratch, they can at least sell the tickets in advance without the general public really knowing. Here's hoping he comes out roaring though!
  11. A man who's been misinformed about Adler's participation. It hasn't been confirmed anywhere yet, and I'm sure he didn't get that information while meeting Adler with his nephew a few years ago.
  12. Hello fellow gunners! I'm looking for a kind soul/reputable member that can help me out. GNRVIP have confirmed they will not ship the Gold VIP itemsoutside of the US or Canada. I have the tickets already, so this is just concerning the package items. GNRVIP cannot guarantee that they can send the items in time to my hotel in Las Vegas. Also once it has been signed for, then I'm sure GNRVIP will just wipe their hands clean if anything has gone wrong.Given the incredible amount of poor service they have provided, I'd rather not take any risks. Is there anybody in the US or Canadawilling to accept my items and then ship them to my address in Europe for me?I'll cover all expenses of course! Thanks in advance!