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  1. I've bought tickets for Nijmegen, Werchter, London & Paris, all with one membership. Anybody got a Nightrain code I can use for some extra Nijmegen tickets? Only if you're not going to buy any for Nijmegen yourself!
  2. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Did anybody see the large list of European dates that had "leaked"? I can confirm that it is fake, as Depeche Mode are playing the same venue in Berlin on the date that GNR was supposed to be playing.
  3. The Best Case Scenario for 2017 and 2018

    Expected scenario: Slash goes back to the conspirators and records and releases a new album. Upon completion, he tours with his band.Guns N' Roses takes a break until they do another tour with the same material. No new Guns N' Roses album will be released.
  4. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    First a Brexit, now a GRexit.
  5. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Seems to be theway the management of bands handles tour announcements. Specifically when bands follow up tours of multiple continents. I'm not in the know by the way.
  6. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Expect the European dates to be announced after the Costa Rica orMexico shows.
  7. Because Guns N' Roses isn't going to release any new music.
  8. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Due to work I'll be seeking out weekend gigs for travel. This one would be perfect for an extra gig!
  9. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    Because Axl's answer is another one of those bullshit vague answers. He's not lying, but he's not telling the truth either.
  10. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    "Will we ever see a reunion of the original band?" Axl: "not in this lifetime!" cue all the interviews with hired hands: "Oh Axl's got integrity, he's not in it for the money." Coachella: "So, I have a wad of cash for two performances, how about it?" Axl: "Hmm, sounds too good to pass up. I'll have to suck it up and call Slash, which I said I would never do. Do you reall need all band members?" Coachella: "Ideally yes, but just you, Slash and Duff will do." Axl: "Alright, I'll see what I can do." Intergrity my ass. Loyalty my ass. The guy is loyal to the $$$.
  11. Is there still a limit to how many shows you can purchase via the pre-sale?
  12. cheating girlfriend

    The 7 year itch. Like others have said: just leave. There is no way this will ever turn out well. She'll probably be begging you to stay next. Just follow through and you'll find somebody that does appreciate you.
  13. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

    You've got that right. Loving it!
  14. 05/07/16 - Lisbon, Portugal - Passeio Maritimo De Alges

    Your dog wasn't the only one that shit himself...
  15. 05/07/16 - Lisbon, Portugal - Passeio Maritimo De Alges

    That was a reaction to the people chanting "Brian! Brian! Brian!"