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  1. Axl, Bring Back the Bandana!

    I would also love to see the bandana make a comeback!

    Merry Christmas Axl and to everyone here. :xmasssanta:
  3. Axl Rose and real life.

    how the heck is he going to hide those braids? he would have to look kinda weird to completely cover his entire head.. or maybe....he should just get rid of them!
  4. VR is ok GnR is the best..imo
  5. Good job Merk -

    Merck is a dumbass and sucked as a manager! Axl got off his own ass to make money.
  6. An open Letter from Axl Rose

    Axl Rose has finally spoken so maybe all the guessin can stop. thanks Axl and Merry Christmas!
  7. An Open Letter From Merck

    What else can they say, maybe all the guessing on this forum can be stopped. I can listen to their greatest hits until they release this album and be happy! Merry Christmas Axl
  8. What is your best 2006 moment?

    ok without a doubt it was hammerstein on monday may 16th ( i think) when Axl walked across the stage and it was dark but you could see he was coming on stage and WTTJ started...and then, there he was and we were front row...simply orgasmic
  9. Baz Knows CD release date....

    Im soo tired of these threads. damn! who on here believes any of this shit any more?
  10. Protest

    ^^wow thats not very nice, hes just releasing some stress over all the bullshit axl has said about this album for not months but years and years...and sometimes it does look like a lot are Axls bitches, uh of course not me
  11. Fresno show is CANCELLED!

    exactly if they had a new album, i could understand all the ca shows, but without it- it seemed doomed to me
  12. The Total Facts About The Release Is Here.....

    such is the life and times of Axl Rose.
  13. Fresno show is CANCELLED!

    there was too many california shows to begin with, it was setup for cancellations to begin with
  14. Axl Rose Praise Thread

    Axl likes to be a recluse and not let everyone know whats going on. that is Axl Rose! It doesnt bother him at all that the album isnt out. I want them to release a new cd as much as anyone, but bashing Axl doesnt do any good, he sure as hell doesnt give a rats ass about all the bitching about it.
  15. Will CD be out by the end of 2006?

    yea, and Santa Claus is going to be delivering them to all of us too..