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  1. Frankly, checking the ticketmaster website from Israel is way too much work. You must not only have to choose a ticket type ahead but also the exact block to be able to see if tickets are available for that specific area. It is absolutely insane how ticketmaster websites are completely different everywhere; and they all suck more or less. This is one of the companies that could go bust as far as I am concerned. About any partner websites and secondary markets; I did not check out those. I assume it is possible to get tickets for all shows still if you pay higher prices.
  2. Thanks for the tip; pretty good band; did not hear of them before. Similar to Backyard Babies. Good music comes from Sweden!
  3. You are right; stupid ticketmaster fooled me there; unlike anywhere else in Europe they do not show you all areas at once in the chart. Standing is sold out; maybe a good 20% of seats are left. Do not think this show is struggling. Prague on the other hand, all areas available. I do not know though how big that field. All areas on this tour in Europe are really big; 50k to 110k people, maybe Imola is even bigger
  4. I do believe the Euro tour is selling really well considering the timing and ticket prices; I checked out the shows today as I had second thoughts about attending another show; about half of them are sold out; about 35% selling well and some shows (Bilbao, Lisbon; Prague) with lots of availability. (sold out means that only secondary market or VIP tickets are left) Dublin: Sold out Bilbao: Golden circle sold out; other tickets available Lisbon: All tickets available Madrid: Sold out Zurich: Only 2-3 seating blocks left; will sell out Imola: Sold out Munich: Perhaps less than 2% seats left; will sell out London: Sold out London: About 20 to 25% seats left Gdasnk: Standing tickets sold out; 40% of seats available Hanover: FOS sold out; standing tickets available (no seating available); do not know how many; huge area for more than 80k people Werchter; Golden Circle sold out; standing tickets available (no seating available), do not know how many Copenhagen: Some limited view seats in the back are left; will sell out Stockholm: sold out Finland: Golden circle, sold out, standing tickets available Prague: all kind of tickets available Paris: Maybe 15% of the seats availalble, standing tickets available Vienna: Less than 10% seating area left; will sell out Goffertpark, NL: sold out
  5. That is completely absurd. Have absolutely zero inside knowledge, but I think whoever talked to you, told you a bunch of BS. Axl`s voice is the best that he has had for years; have seen him with AC/DC, his voice was pretty much above everything (in that particular show, actually too strong). If it is strong enough to shout over 2 hours over AC/DC in hardest Bon Scott style, it definetely is strong enough for Guns. They hired Frank and Fortus to be as loud as possible??? People that have been in the band for I don`t know how many years? Also it is not really up to the musicians how loud they are in the mix.... Going back to the topic; I do not have high hopes for an album; with their (presumably) 3 year tour they earn so much money they never have to work again...But maybe they have some magic nights during those years where they sit together and try a few things and come up with something.
  6. The prices are high in Europe, but pretty much on the same level as AC/DC or Bruce Springsteen, maybe slightly higher. And compared to the US - the Front of Stage tickets are much cheaper.
  7. Really do not know what you did there. Prices on ticketmaster.at for Front of Stage are 165EUR max. Maybe you bought the golden circle early entry package? It is the same as Front of stage with early entry and some crap nobody needs.
  8. Oh happy day Prices are expensive, but no way as bad as in the US. About AC/DC or Bruce Springsteen level. Also they do not have this crazy segragation into 200 different categories and tickets on the floor are of course standing only - like it should be for a rock show. Prices for Copenhagen, Denmark: Golden Circle: 950DKK = 128EUR Seats: 510DKK; 610DKK; 700DKK; 950DKK = 69EUR; 82EUR; 94EUR; 128EUR Standing: 700DKK = 94EUR Prices for Zurich Switzerland: Front of Stage 1: 208.10CHF = 193EUR Front of Stage 2: 179.05CHF = 165EUR Seats: 179,05CHF; 208.10CHF = 165EUR; 193EUR Standing: 120.95CHF = 112EUR
  9. I thought that was pretty funny....am sure the Mexicans loved that. Having said that I could imagine a whole lot of people that would have deserved that.....Can`t wait until we get a reaction from Donald Trump himself. I assume he will take this very personally and ban GnR from reeintering the country until he figured out what`s going on... (as non-American who survived a decade of W Bush I take the whole President Trump thing rather amused. However as US President he needs to improve his anger management and concentrate making America yuuuge and tremendous again).
  10. I have never been to an Open Air show in Europe with as many segments as in the US. The maximum they have is 2 kinds of seats and 1 GA and 1 "Golden Circle" front of stage before the barrier. I would be really surprised if Guns would try to push the US marketing plan with 50 different categories and seats in the stadiums here. I do not think people are willing to pay more for Guns than for AC/DC (and that was about 130€ max). Anyone knows what happened to that show in Bangkok? Is it still on? or was it cancelled because their king died and they are ordered to mourn for a year!?
  11. He is even writing himself in that tweet that it is only about money!??? Not sure what this has to do with integrity...It is his right to want more money and it is the full right of the others to refuse that. About Izzys songwriting. Yes it was a huge influence on Guns, but people tend to forget that Guns had a collective height in songwriting, a magic that I assume was because of the right people, the right vibes in the right time; and most likely this can never be repeated. Nearly all of the songs have more than one credit, it has been a collective effort. Nobody would know how these songs would sound like if the influence of the others would not have been there. The only big gun Izzy wrote himself is Patience. And about stage presence; the songs were one thing, but without Axl`s wild and maniac behaviour and rock star looks and attitude and Slash`s coolness, iconic top hat and riffs, Guns would have never become anywhere near as big. And frankly if I go to a live show I care about the performance and it is not the breaking point for me if a person that cowrote the songs is on stage or not. It would be nice to see all 5 back together, but if it does not work out, I am happy seeing Axl, Slash and Duff and keep the hopes for seeing Adler for the sake of the good old times.
  12. You are right, this is the essence of rock n roll stage presence! I am sure the band would have been just as succesful if it would have consisted of 5 shy hippie guys hiding behind the amps.....
  13. Izzy does not even like to tour; that is one of the principal reasons he quit Guns in the first place....He contributed a lot to the GnR sound, no doubt about that, but he was always a rather underwhelming live player, so not entirely sure why he should be paid the same as Axl.... Guns without Axl can never happen.. Instruments can be recreated more or less, but the voice never. Guns w o Izzy worked quite alright live wise in the past 25 years. Stage presence can also not be replaced that is why it is so important to have Slash and Duff back, even Adler. But Izzy never looked quite comfortable on stage.... Also I do not see anything contradictory between what Axl said and Izzys pissed of tweet. Axl said more or less that he thought they had found an agreement and the next day apparently Izzy slept over it and said no. Absolutely no need from Izzy for this harsh tone.....
  14. Obviously that was a promo interview and not a detailed interrogation as some fans would have loved to see it. However for what it was I thought it was pretty good. Axl seems to be very relaxed and controlled these days. It was nice to see these 2 guys sitting on the couch together. Also the interviewer did a decent job for a promo interview, he might have phrased his questions in a "harmless" way but it gave Axl and Duff the option to elaborate on things they wanted to talk about. Loved how Axl discussed Izzy without really being asked about it. Maybe next time we will have all 3 in the same room....
  15. Awesome interview....Axl is full of surprises. Anyone finding the interviewer peculiar....that guy is billionaire Sir David Tang, he is not a professional journalist. He is the founder of the China Exchange (amongst other things). So maybe that explains why he is a bit bossy in his (own) house and asking some weird questions.