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  1. He now only seems to dissappear when changing clothes or there are really long solo breaks - otherwise if he does not sing he now stands in the back a little goofy like Brian used to do during Angus solo spots. I assume he started doing that actually on the Axl/DC show. As far as the reviews in the Swiss newspapers go. I do not think they are that bad actually. They always write some bullshit in there to make it look like a real music critic wrote the article, but all in all the reviews were quite alright. Not the best show ever, the band is not 20 anymore, but everybody had a good time and the show picked up a lot of steam as it progressed. Slash was great at that concert, did not really notice him messing anything up. In general he plays -as the rest of the band does in this tour - in a more professional way; maybe not with all the heart and energy that we would want. But then again we all get older. I do believe he enjoyed himself though, as at some point he was imitating Angus duck walk in a weird way and he stayed out longest on stage to say goodbye to the fans....
  2. I can`t really say that, as in order to get to FOS 1 and 2 you have to pass the seats and part of the GA first (on the sides of FOS area is GA; not the entire front is sealed off, just the middle), so there was no dedicated special entry for FOS if that is what you mean. I assume though, that at least for Zurich only FOS and people sitting in that area were allowed to use the entrances in the front and the rest of the GA had to come in from the back entries.
  3. FOS 1 is smaller yet more crowded than FOS 2. FOS 1 is propably the first 5-8% of the total GA; FOS 2 maybe 20%.; the area right before the soundcheck. I liked FOS2 because you can stand close to the Sweet Spot of the sound and if you stand in the last third of that area you have enough space to move around to get a good view and you can enjoy the full view of the stage while still seeing in detail what is going on on the stage without needing to focus on the video screens. Btw. the areas are not separated in the middle, as I originally thought; as there were different tickets issued for FOS 1 A and B and respectively FOS 2 A and B. It did not matter if you had A or B. But I guess the setup also always changes with the stadium and the local promoter.
  4. The tshirt for Zurich has the same motive. It is the best one I have seen so far on this tour...
  5. Have also been to that show; front of stage 2 which was perfect for us, as I do not really need to be squeezed in the crowds anymore but still like to see a show from up close. It is absolutely amazing how much on time Guns are these days; they started very much on time as announced by the promoters at around 7:50pm and they played about 2hours 40 minutes. Had to run in from the beerstand to catch the beginning. Now as many people had always complained for so long about the late starts, the promoters must have really put a very expensive penalty in the contract for late starts for this tour The show itself was good with a good sound mix where I was standing, yet not completely awesome. Axl sounded much better in Dubai earlier this year, but it was still good, the raspy voice was not there most of the times though. Before they played Whole Lotta Rosie which sounded really tight; they play this one better than AC/DC - He said that his favorite little dog died this morning and as it was always most happy when it heard Whole Lotta Rosie he would dedicate this happy song to his dog...To me it sounded like he was joking though. In general very little interactions from Axl with the crowd, but he was smiling frequently and seemed genuinely happy. At one point during the show Axl put his arm around Slash for an instant, that was great to see...Before My Michelle he said that his song was a request from Frank. He really should get the baseball hat back on for NR, he looks great in that. In Zurich he was wearing a whole bunch of very ugly hats; only in the beginning his hair was open. Both Axl and Slash did a surprising amount of running around on the stage. The audience was as usual for Switzerland pretty lame and the early start in full daylight did not help the mood of the audience exactly though.... - I guess the people in the seats only got up for the last 4 songs. ... Although during Paradise City even the senior couple next to us startet head banging Having said that I think most people were happy with the show and it got good - yet not raving - reviews. The audience was very mixed but seemed much younger in general to me than AC/DC; surprising amount of hot girls in the audience who showed off their rock n roll outfits and finally wore their Guns Tshirt for a reaons....The tour Tshirt for Zurich was surprisingly good actually. It was nice to hear Don`t Cry (instead of Patience I think), the new intro to Better is great and I truely enjoyed the jam with Axl on the piano and Slash, that was awesome. Black Hole Sun was much better than I previously heard on Youtube. In general I like the setlist they play on this tour, they have all my favorites in there: Estranged, Coma, Civil War plus all the hits. To sum up the tour, with all 3 shows I have seen this far: Very professional, greatest hits tour with a long set that will make the casual fans happy. The wildness and crazyness of the old days is gone for good though, but I guess that is perfectly alright. Some reviews in German: https://www.nzz.ch/feuilleton/gunsnroses-die-entwaffnung-ld.1299786 http://www.tagesanzeiger.ch/kultur/pop-und-jazz/Die-Illusion-ist-aufgebraucht/story/29874329
  6. Whatever she is doing on the new album, I am sure it is pretty rad. We can expect her sound to be dope af. Having said that, she seems to be capable of a lot....though I am not sure I would want another album with 200 layers of sound.
  7. I don`t get all the hate for The Who here; I simply do not get why this should be a bad thing for Guns? Sure that band is not my generation but they have their place in the history of rock and it is pretty safe to assume that Axl must like their music and be influenced by it. It is a great thing for South America. I`d prefer to see a 2 hour show of the Who than the 2 or 3 of the groups I gonna see in Europe.
  8. I have seen 2 shows this year and AxL/DC last year. All shows started exactly on time: 9pm. I am under the impression that Angus Young had a very positive influence on Axl in that perspective.
  9. For sure she can`t do anything about how that article was written. She seems like a nice person with a good voice who is living her dream; also someone doing her job is needed for the CD songs and possibly any new ones to come. And as opposed to band members such as former band members such as Buckehead or Robin Finck she actually looks rather normal with her blue hair I am curious what 50 songs she was mastering in the studio?
  10. that thing is absolutely useless! The Tshirt was damn ugly; the presale code was ok but not really needed and the rest of the content is ridiculous. I faintly remember that nighttrain was automatically charging my creditcard for 2017, but when I log in it says I am no member anymore. Also I have no idea what I get for renewing it...the same Tshirt again? (which needed about 6 months to actually arrive...)
  11. Why would anyone say that his voice is bad? I attended 2 shows this year with people who are definetely no hardcore GnR fans who loved it and were genuinely impressed by Axl`s performance. If it is good enough for them, why should the real fans complain?? makes no sense
  12. Backyard Babies in Copenhagen How cool is that. The rest is bearable; nothing completely horrible... @ ChristmasFnatic I have been forced to see both Biffy Clyro and Tyler Bryant a couple of times. Biffy Clyro is a bit too much pop for my taste, but they seem to have a lot of dedicated fans in Europe (for whatever reason...). Tyler Bryant is decent old school rock n roll, though I find them a bit generic. Would not mind to listen to them in a bar while drinking beer.
  13. I always liked the album, very complex and different styles, especially songs like TWAT or Better (songs like CD or IRS really not that much for me). It works more of a studio album to listen to at home than at the concerts. Its principal "error" is that the songs not really straight and memorable "hits" that you want to sing along to at a life show.
  14. I am sure they come back to Europe to play some big money festivals in 2018 and some places they will skip this year. As they seem to get along more or less just fine and Axl`s work with AC/DC must have had major implications on his work ethics (otherwise I cannot really explain why the shows now always start on time...) I do not see a reason to stop if they can print money for another season. I`d be happy to see them as many times as possible on this tour.
  15. If they play an AFD surprise show in LA they will for sure include Steven as he is motivated and presumably not very greedy....not sure though if he is fit enough to play the whole album. About Izzy, I don`t know if he even wants to be part of it, especially after his public outburst about the "loot". As Axl said it: With Izzy you just don`t know....Maybe if they offer him a truckload of cash!? Have no idea what is motivating the guy. If the original 5 play some songs together I am 100% positive though it will be a one off thing.