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  1. I have seen various news Outlets talking about July at Hockenheimring, but from what I have seen nothing has been officially confirmed. That would be massive, saw AC/DC there last year with 100.000 fans....
  2. I assume it is a business relationship but they are on friendly terms. I don`t think it is (only) about the money, of course more is always better in that perspective, but in the past years Axl`s net worth was estimated at least 150Mio. USD by various sources. Maybe it has more to do with the decline of attention Guns got, maybe as well as Slash and Duff with their projects. I remember seeing Slash a while ago in a concert hall with maybe 500 people..... The only way they are ever able to play the really big crowds is with a Guns reunion. And if you get a really big check with it, even better.
  3. I am seriously considering to fly over to LAX from Europe to go to Coachella. I am pretty sure that as usual Guns first performance of a tour will be less than stellar, but it would be just for the excitement to see Guns together for the first time in 20 years. Also who knows how long everybody is able to stand everybody else on the stage.... However as this trip would be quite pricey, propably around 2000USD in total and I am completely unfamiliar with that festival I`d appreciate some input... You guys going? Or rather wait for the stadium tour? The festival looks absolutely nothing like the big rock festivals we have here in Europe like Rock am Ring or Roskilde - but from the lineup (and prices) it seems to be a big temporary theme park with lots of very mainstream pop music and presumably that kind of audience!?!.....
  4. I agree 100%.....one might criticize many things - but these insults and the constant complaints and fault seeking are really annoying. Some here even seem to want Axl to fail.... From the safe distance of my sofa I may not agree with the constant drama and chaos that surrounds this band and management, but after the long periods of darkness with no news and nothing at all this has to be one of the most exciting times for a fan ever. I keep my thumbs crossed and I am sure we will get more info "soon"
  5. damnation.... why oh why did I check here before going to bed? and why did I think that at least once in the Guns world everything would go as scheduled....
  6. has anyone seen this photo? They claim it has been very recent. It has been in the tabloids here today; stating that Axl would need to get in much better shape for the new guns tour http://www.blick.ch/people-tv/fotostory/guns-n-roses-comeback-ist-axl-rose-fit-fuer-die-buehne-id4515149.html
  7. So this "reunion" is just a money grab?

    oh god....we are waiting for propably the best Guns news in decades and people are whining about the wrong reasons / motivations for this tour and that it is no real reunion because presumably Izzy does not want to take part..... This is madness...the same people complained year after year that they don`t care about the new Guns and Ashba and whoever else. Of course bands go on tour to make money, what the hell? That does not stop me from enjoying the music, having a few beers and be super excited about Axl, Slash and Duff. Am I happy with the prices? no, but I am sure every real fan can save some money to enjoy at least one show.
  8. No New Album in 2015 (sorry guys)

    That is sad news....Guns nowadays seems to be nothing but a Facebook channel posting cat videos and happy hump days wishes. Such a shame, but then again expected in a way. It is my Impression that Mr. Rose seems to think he has all the time in the world. Time to enjoy the bands that actually do tour and produce albums once in a while. Have just been at an AC/DC show with 120.000 people Considering their troubles, age and lineup changes it was damn good!!
  9. Just watched the prime time news news in Germany`s ZDF (second biggest channel) and they had a report about Cuba and suddenly I noticed I know that guy there..... As a major indicator for the change there they showcased the Dead Daisies performing in Cuba as the first American rock band in eons. Tought that was a pretty cool move... Any chances for GnR making history there? If you understand German you can watch it here ( you can go to USA und Cuba): http://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek/beitrag/video/2367300/ZDF-heute-journal-vom-20.-Maerz-2015#/beitrag/video/2367300/ZDF-heute-journal-vom-20.-Maerz-2015
  10. Goodbye Ron (???)

    I guess we will only know for sure at GnRs next live Show....If true it would be bad news. Ron has always been a very cool and down to earth guy with the fans. Also the best guitar Player in Guns....
  11. GnR "fans" are probably the only "fans" of any band in the world that complain when their band tours.....Of course it would be nice to hear Music, but actually I do not see the link that new tours might prevent the release of new music. I am very sure that they could have finished a new Album in between tours quite well, they had for sure enough time in the last couple of years. Brazil is a huge country and they love rock music, so I am happy for everyone that gets the chance to see the band they like. I wished they would tour Europe at some point again.
  12. Yesterday the Bluray finally found ist way into my European letter box. To be honest I do not see a reason for a fan not to buy this Bluray. The Sound mix and production quality is awesome, the band is pretty tight and the show is very entertaining with its Special effects and the 3D is pretty impressive, great job on that. I never thought a concert could be that entertaining to watch on Bluray. Considering the last official concert release was on VHS I don`t see why any GnR fan might not want this. @ Bitching about Axls voice: Well it is what it is. I reckon it costs a hell lot of Money to produce this show in 3D so they had one take only. The Tokio Show was less than stellar as well. Axl has Problems in some songs like NR, but Nighttrain bloody rocks. Overall a decent job, some Songs worse, others great. @ Bitching about Ashba: He is not the best guitar Player there is, but to be honest he did not annoy me in this Show. I have the same Impression as from the Shows I saw live, I think he brings a lot of energy to the stage and many in the audience react to it. I think that is a good Thing for a live band. @ Soft Image: I have only seen it in 3D. Overall the Image Quality seems very good to me. In some cases the camera did not really focus well, maybe that is a technical Problem with the 3D cams. It does not happen that often though and I would not call the Image soft; as said it seems like a focus Problem to me and not a Resolution one. If I really want to complain about something it would be about the lame audience that woke up only after Don`t Cry. I think that steals some of the energy of the songs. I recommend to buy this very well produced BluRay for anyone who enjoyed one of the Shows in the past couple of years live and wants to recapture some of the excitement at home. Especially the 3D is very interesting and made very well and the Sound Quality is great too.
  13. Ron leaving the band?

    It would be really sad for GnR if Ron was leaving. Besides being a great guitar Player he is a stand up guy and the most approachable one in GnR. He truely enjoys and appreciates the fans (and also communicates with them) and actually seems to care about new music. Also his guitar schools, charity and occasional jamming with random fans tell he is a class act. While I do not share the Ashba hate here - Despite his indeed annoying constant self marketing I think he has a great energetic stage presence and perhaps attracks younger fans - I highly doubt he can replace Rons guitar work; and it is also something I really do not want to imagine.
  14. Well to put things in perspective, Maiden (who I like a lot) play 90 minute shows, while GnR go close to 3 hours. Maybe Axl`s voice would also be much better on a 90 minute show.... Having said that, on the topic: Has this Bluray ever came out or is there a new release date? I don`t feel like going through 40 pages, thanks!
  15. Fernando's answer *UK SUBS post PG19*

    Some people here really take things too personal. Team Brazil has been insulted in the lowest ways here pretty often by some limited minds (housekeeper from third world countries etc.). So I kind of understand Fernandos reaction. However it would actually help if he adressed some of the questions.