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  1. I always liked the album, very complex and different styles, especially songs like TWAT or Better (songs like CD or IRS really not that much for me). It works more of a studio album to listen to at home than at the concerts. Its principal "error" is that the songs not really straight and memorable "hits" that you want to sing along to at a life show.
  2. I am sure they come back to Europe to play some big money festivals in 2018 and some places they will skip this year. As they seem to get along more or less just fine and Axl`s work with AC/DC must have had major implications on his work ethics (otherwise I cannot really explain why the shows now always start on time...) I do not see a reason to stop if they can print money for another season. I`d be happy to see them as many times as possible on this tour.
  3. If they play an AFD surprise show in LA they will for sure include Steven as he is motivated and presumably not very greedy....not sure though if he is fit enough to play the whole album. About Izzy, I don`t know if he even wants to be part of it, especially after his public outburst about the "loot". As Axl said it: With Izzy you just don`t know....Maybe if they offer him a truckload of cash!? Have no idea what is motivating the guy. If the original 5 play some songs together I am 100% positive though it will be a one off thing.
  4. Thought that was an interesting read. Very funny (and sad at the same time) that he rehearsed for ages and only finally played with Axl right on stage. Never fully understood the hatred for Ashba here; his main mistake seems to be that he is / was not Slash....He actually seems like a genuine nice, positive guy with a weird taste in clothing and a little too much self marketing (can`t really blame him for that though, he gotta make a living.)....
  5. I do believe the explanation for the break is very simple: It is winter in Europe and they toured pretty much of the Southern Hemisphere already ....nobody would attend an open air stadium show in winter
  6. Just checked the complete lineup so far, the second weekend is actually really massive and worth flying there: Aerosmith, Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, The Who, Guns, RHCP, The Offspring, Sepultura.....So much good music in one place! My Portuguese is a bit rusty and their website is not very foreign friendly...: Anyone knows if this is a "real" festival with camping and one ticket for everything? Or is it just a bunch of shows on 2 weekends where people come in the afternoon and leave again after the show? Also what are ticket prices normally? Obrigado
  7. Have just seen today that GnR`s offical facebook account confirmed the RiR gig. I really wonder if that rumoured tour with the Who in South America is actually following. I can`t quite see Guns doing another full SA leg of their tour as they toured all the major areas already; and not sure they can sell Argentina and Chile again?!?....Possibly they can still sell 2 more shows in northern Brazil, then Montevideo, La Paz and maybe Panama. I do think though they will return to Europe in 2018, as they left out quite some places (Barcelona, Berlin, Norway, Northern UK, Eastern Europe, Russia, most likely they will play another festival in Germany as Rock am Ring, maybe another one or two in UK / France / Italy). Some more shows in Asia (India) and South Africa would be cool though, hen they truely toured the world. Never got why Asia as the most heavily populated continent always get so few shows (of any rock band).
  8. That quote did not refer to the concert itself. Guns were great. The concert itself was the worst organized concert I have ever attended (and I visited a lot of concerts over the years). It started with a mega traffic jam (of course no public transport to the arena); huge lines for everything, a shitty venue layout (it was much too long, so standing in the back was really really far away from the stage). The worst was the stupid non refundable cashless system which was actually an organized robbery. You had to stand in line for about 1 hour to charge money on an rfid chip on your wristband. Then you needed to stand in line for about 90 minutes (at least) in order to get a drink; the food stands were about 2 hours long. At the drinks stand they had exactly 1(!!!!) person pouring the drinks (very slowly and disorganized) and 2 people organizing the line. Lateron there were about 5 security guys there as people got really angry. I saw about half the show from standing in line for drinks. My friends needed even longer to get some food, which ran out by the time they were in line. When I was finally in line they had run out of nearly all the drinks except rum & coke. Many people did not get anything at all! So at the end of the show many people had left hundreds of non refundable dollars on their useless wristbands, were not able to get any drinks or food for hours, missed out on half the concert due to the huge lines and if standing in the back saw practiclly nothing of the stage except two completely out of sync video screens. Finally we were only able to leave the concert because we walked 4km to our private driver who had waited for us in the traffic jam. So the organizers screwed up in so many ways while ripping off the fans by cashing most likely tens of thousands of dollars that the concert goers were not able to spend. Absolutely horrible experience
  9. I have also been at this show. What an absolute nightmare to get there (and leave from there). People in Dubai are not used to things starting on time, so we only left the city around 6:30pm as we really did not expect it to start before 10pm. Usually concerts here start only when the Super VIPs who are always late arrive, so we were very surprised that Guns started on time (what happened to good ol Axl!??). The promoters were aware that many people were still stuck in the traffic and they have been asked to start the concert later. There are rumours here that Axl was very pissed about standing in that monster traffice jam as well, so he started the show immediately when he arrived (he mentioned on stage they were standing 3,5 hours in the traffic, finally took a shortcut through the desert and got stuck there...."The real Dubai experience"). This was pretty embarassing to the local bigwhigs here It was even a much bigger traffic disaster than Singapore (which I also attended and which was the worst organized concert I have ever been to....in European countries people would have torched down that place). In Dubai we needed about 2,5 hours to get to the venue, walking the last 2 km on the highway, crawling through a camel fence and sand dunes and only arrived after the first couple of songs were already played. They should simply not have concerts this size at venues without any public transport. It was a nightmare in Singapore and even worse in Dubai. Having said that, I was able to watch the show from the VIP stand and it was the best I have ever been able to watch a concert. Really close to the stage, no heads in front, right in the middle sweet sound spot, clean restrooms and plenty of drinks and food included in the ticket price (price was about 300USD...just to annoy our US friends with the insane ticket prices there ). It actually looked like in a typical Dubai style they pretty much arranged the whole concert venue around the VIP stand, so those would have the best concert experience possible (the GA was really far to the sides of the stage..). Even in the VIP stand all people were standing and most of them actually rocking out to Guns, even in the sky lounge where usually at least some members of the royal family would stay. The guys next to me have only seen Axl with AC/DC last year and thought he did so great they bought tickets to the Guns show also. The concert itself was great....Axl got constantly better throughout the night, best part was when he was leaning on Slash`s shoulder for a bit. Also during NR he looks like in his 20s again with the backwards hat! The show got raving reviews in Dubai (and the organizers got heavy flak for the traffic jam and embarassement to Dubai of having their Superstars being stuck in traffic). Vocally for me the best song was This I love....even I do not really get that song as much...
  10. Frankly, checking the ticketmaster website from Israel is way too much work. You must not only have to choose a ticket type ahead but also the exact block to be able to see if tickets are available for that specific area. It is absolutely insane how ticketmaster websites are completely different everywhere; and they all suck more or less. This is one of the companies that could go bust as far as I am concerned. About any partner websites and secondary markets; I did not check out those. I assume it is possible to get tickets for all shows still if you pay higher prices.
  11. Thanks for the tip; pretty good band; did not hear of them before. Similar to Backyard Babies. Good music comes from Sweden!
  12. You are right; stupid ticketmaster fooled me there; unlike anywhere else in Europe they do not show you all areas at once in the chart. Standing is sold out; maybe a good 20% of seats are left. Do not think this show is struggling. Prague on the other hand, all areas available. I do not know though how big that field. All areas on this tour in Europe are really big; 50k to 110k people, maybe Imola is even bigger
  13. I do believe the Euro tour is selling really well considering the timing and ticket prices; I checked out the shows today as I had second thoughts about attending another show; about half of them are sold out; about 35% selling well and some shows (Bilbao, Lisbon; Prague) with lots of availability. (sold out means that only secondary market or VIP tickets are left) Dublin: Sold out Bilbao: Golden circle sold out; other tickets available Lisbon: All tickets available Madrid: Sold out Zurich: Only 2-3 seating blocks left; will sell out Imola: Sold out Munich: Perhaps less than 2% seats left; will sell out London: Sold out London: About 20 to 25% seats left Gdasnk: Standing tickets sold out; 40% of seats available Hanover: FOS sold out; standing tickets available (no seating available); do not know how many; huge area for more than 80k people Werchter; Golden Circle sold out; standing tickets available (no seating available), do not know how many Copenhagen: Some limited view seats in the back are left; will sell out Stockholm: sold out Finland: Golden circle, sold out, standing tickets available Prague: all kind of tickets available Paris: Maybe 15% of the seats availalble, standing tickets available Vienna: Less than 10% seating area left; will sell out Goffertpark, NL: sold out
  14. That is completely absurd. Have absolutely zero inside knowledge, but I think whoever talked to you, told you a bunch of BS. Axl`s voice is the best that he has had for years; have seen him with AC/DC, his voice was pretty much above everything (in that particular show, actually too strong). If it is strong enough to shout over 2 hours over AC/DC in hardest Bon Scott style, it definetely is strong enough for Guns. They hired Frank and Fortus to be as loud as possible??? People that have been in the band for I don`t know how many years? Also it is not really up to the musicians how loud they are in the mix.... Going back to the topic; I do not have high hopes for an album; with their (presumably) 3 year tour they earn so much money they never have to work again...But maybe they have some magic nights during those years where they sit together and try a few things and come up with something.
  15. The prices are high in Europe, but pretty much on the same level as AC/DC or Bruce Springsteen, maybe slightly higher. And compared to the US - the Front of Stage tickets are much cheaper.