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  1. Ticket Prices

    The prices are high in Europe, but pretty much on the same level as AC/DC or Bruce Springsteen, maybe slightly higher. And compared to the US - the Front of Stage tickets are much cheaper.
  2. Really do not know what you did there. Prices on ticketmaster.at for Front of Stage are 165EUR max. Maybe you bought the golden circle early entry package? It is the same as Front of stage with early entry and some crap nobody needs.
  3. Oh happy day Prices are expensive, but no way as bad as in the US. About AC/DC or Bruce Springsteen level. Also they do not have this crazy segragation into 200 different categories and tickets on the floor are of course standing only - like it should be for a rock show. Prices for Copenhagen, Denmark: Golden Circle: 950DKK = 128EUR Seats: 510DKK; 610DKK; 700DKK;950DKK = 69EUR; 82EUR; 94EUR;128EUR Standing: 700DKK = 94EUR Prices for Zurich Switzerland: Front of Stage 1: 208.10CHF = 193EUR Front of Stage2: 179.05CHF = 165EUR Seats: 179,05CHF; 208.10CHF = 165EUR; 193EUR Standing: 120.95CHF = 112EUR
  4. I thought that was pretty funny....am sure the Mexicans loved that. Having said that I could imagine a whole lot of people that would have deserved that.....Can`t wait until we get a reaction from Donald Trump himself. I assume he will take this very personally and ban GnR from reeintering the country until he figured out what`s going on... (as non-American who survived a decade of W Bush I take the whole President Trump thing rather amused. However as US President he needs to improve his anger management and concentrate making America yuuuge and tremendous again).
  5. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    I have never been to an Open Air show in Europe with as many segments as in the US. The maximum they have is 2 kinds of seats and 1 GA and 1 "Golden Circle" front of stage before the barrier. I would be really surprised if Guns would try to push the US marketing plan with 50 different categories and seats in the stadiums here. I do not think people are willing to pay more for Guns than for AC/DC (and that was about 130€ max). Anyone knows what happened to that show in Bangkok? Is it still on? or was it cancelled because their king died and they are ordered to mourn for a year!?
  6. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    He is even writing himself in that tweet that it is only about money!??? Not sure what this has to do with integrity...It is his right to want more money and it is the full right of the others to refuse that. About Izzys songwriting. Yes it was a huge influence on Guns, but people tend to forget that Guns had a collective height in songwriting, a magic that I assume was because of the right people, the right vibes in the right time; and most likely this can never be repeated. Nearly all of the songs have more than one credit, it has been a collective effort. Nobody would know how thesesongs would sound like if the influence of the others would not have been there.The only big gun Izzy wrote himself is Patience. And about stage presence; the songs were one thing, but without Axl`s wild and maniac behaviour and rock star looks andattitude andSlash`s coolness, iconic top hat and riffs, Guns would have never become anywhere nearas big. And frankly if I go to a live show I care about the performance and it is not the breaking point for me if a person that cowrote the songs is on stage or not. It would be nice to see all 5 back together, but if it does not work out, I am happy seeing Axl, Slash and Duff and keep the hopes for seeing Adler for the sake of the good old times.
  7. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    You are right, this is the essenceofrock n roll stage presence! I am sure the band would have been just as succesful if it would have consisted of 5 shy hippieguys hiding behind the amps.....
  8. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    Izzy does not even like to tour; that is one of the principal reasons he quit Guns in the first place....He contributed a lot to the GnR sound, no doubt about that, but he was always a rather underwhelming live player, so not entirely sure why he should be paid the same as Axl.... Guns without Axl can never happen.. Instruments can be recreated more or less, but the voice never. Guns w o Izzy worked quite alright live wise in the past 25years. Stage presence can also notbe replaced that is why it is so important to have Slash and Duff back, even Adler. But Izzy never looked quitecomfortable on stage.... Also I do not see anything contradictory between what Axl said and Izzys pissed of tweet. Axl said more or less that he thought they had found an agreement and the next day apparently Izzy slept over it and said no. Absolutely no need from Izzy for this harsh tone.....
  9. Obviously that was a promo interview and not a detailed interrogation as some fans would have loved to see it. However for what it was I thought it was pretty good. Axl seems to be very relaxed and controlled these days. It was nice to see these 2 guys sitting on the couch together. Also the interviewer did a decent job for a promo interview, he might have phrased his questions in a "harmless" way but it gave Axl and Duff the option to elaborate on things they wanted totalk about. Loved how Axl discussed Izzy without really being asked about it. Maybe next time we will have all 3 in the same room....
  10. Awesome interview....Axl is full of surprises. Anyone finding the interviewer peculiar....that guy is billionaire Sir David Tang, he is not a professional journalist. He is the founder of the China Exchange (amongst other things). So maybe that explains why he is a bit bossy in his (own) house and asking some weird questions.
  11. Will Brian Be Allowed To Return ?

    As far as I understood the "news" about this, it is that this improved in ear monitor is no way finished and fully tested so I assume this "problem" between Axl and Brian may not show up anytime soon. So far all we know is that Brian tested this device in a laboratory and thought it was good and that he can`t wait for them to miniaturize it and use it. I wish all good to Brian but we do not know if his doctors will approve this device, if it actually works in the long term at his injury and how it can be used on stage at AC/DCs sound levels. So for this year I do believe AC/DC will stick with Axl. And if they should decide in a couple of years to produce another album with Brian who will be over 70 then, I am absolutely sure that Axl will in no way object.
  12. AXL/DC Düsseldorf Airport

    I do believe that will be a waste of time unless you can wait outside the executive terminal. Last year AC/DC was travelling in a A319 private jet, I doubt that has changed. Think you might have better chances to see them in front of the Breidenbacher Hof.
  13. 05/29/16 - Berne, Switzerland - Stade De Suisse

    Alright my quick review from the show. 1) Setlist: Rock or Bust Shoot to Thrill Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be Back in Black Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Rock 'n' Roll Damnation Thunderstruck High Voltage Rock 'n' Roll Train Hells Bells Given the Dog a Bone If You Want Blood (You've Got It) Sin City You Shook Me All Night Long Shot Down in Flames Have a Drink on Me T.N.T. Whole Lotta Rosie Let There Be Rock Encore: Highway to Hell Riff Raff For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) 2) Overall impression: It rained all day nonstop but the crowd was in a pretty good mood (for Switzerland). The sound was absolutely horrendous though(and much too loud in general)where I was standing (3meters from the end of the walk in stage); I assume a very bad mix and the acoustics of this square stadium did the job, also Axl`s michad quite some disturbances (he handled it pretty well). In the first part Axl was much too loud, almost painful. He really gave it all, but for example in Back in Black his voice was much too sharp in the mix and sometimes (not of often) he lost control of his voice when he was really pushing it. In the second part of the show his voice was almost too low in the mix. Generally his voice got better the later the evening and especially the Bon Scott songs were really really good. His voice got really close to that of Bon`s. Riff Raff, Rock n Roll damnation etc. were great.Also songs like "Have a drinkon me" or "if you want blood" were pretty good. The chair was gone for good, Axl was in a good mood, talkative and cracking jokes, dancing and moving all over the stage. His stage presence was immense, he used the walk-in stage much more than Angus. His presence gives AC/DC shows a brand new characterbecause now there is this competition between Angus and Axl. Brian always stood more or less in the back but with Axl it is a whole different story. The walking,moving and dancing all overthe stage did not really effect his singing as I had feared earlier. He still seemed to have a little bit of a cold though as he was blowing his nose several times. Both Axl and Angus did a good job, both not concerned about getting wet in the miserable weather. 3) Memorable moments: Axl introduced himself the band by the words: "Hi, my name is Axl and we are not the Carpenters". Then he showed some Schadenfreude when Angus had some guitar problems: "Boy, I am really happy that it is not me who is fucking up" and then to pass the time he went on to tell some jokeabout "3 guys walking in a bar...." he never finished the joke though but concluded " oh man I just chickened out". His remarks about the miserable weather: "somebody must have misunderstood something....we came here to bring youpain, not the rain." He seemsto get along with Stevie very well as he was on his side frequently trying to make him move a little more, that was rather funny. Also Axl imitated Angus Duck walk several times, I just really hope that thisdid not have a bad impact on his foot. His movements did not show any special care for his foot. It is pretty clear that Angus is the boss though, at one point he wiggled his finger at Axl to make the obligatory guitar run at the song`s endwith him together. 4) Third party impression: I did not hear or see any dissapointed fans; the reactions I heard around were pleased, the tenor was that Axl did a pretty good job.The paper`sreviews for this show have been pretty good: "1000% Hard Rock in the pouring rain, that was strong AXL/DC"http://www.blick.ch/people-tv/musik/1000-hardreock-im-stroemenden-regen-von-bern-das-war-stark-axl-dc-id5088921.html "AC/DC excite fans - despite rain and Axl Rose"......"Axl Rose showed as worthy replacement for Brian":http://www.20min.ch/entertainment/musik/story/AC-DC-rocken-in-Bern-25634750 "AC/DC at the Stade de Suisse: Axl Rose rocks himself into the heart of the fans"http://www.aargauerzeitung.ch/kultur/acdc-im-stade-de-suisse-axl-rose-rockt-sich-ins-herz-der-fans-130307523 "AC/DC at Stade de Suisse: Hard Rock in v 1.0"......"His chainsaw voice lasts. Yes one could say that his pitched high pressured singing catapults the band back a couple of decades to that time when the best of all AC/DC singers -the untamed Bon Scott - had abused his vocal strings for AC/DC.....One could actually say that now songs are rather sung now than croaked"http://www.tagesanzeiger.ch/kultur/pop-und-jazz/ACDC-im-Stade-de-Suisse--Hardrock-in-der-Version-10/story/11777628
  14. 05/22/16 - Prague, Czech Republic - Letnany Airport

    touch too much was actually ok I thought, but you shook me all night long sounded pretty bad. Someone nail him back to the chair please
  15. Chris Slade: Rock Or Bust Is Not The End Of AC/CD

    Phil Rudd will definetely not come back, I do think that Youngs have made that very clear. Even Angus looks (close up) that he is ready for retirement, his words (during interviews) and his actions (during the shows) do not implicate that he does want to stop. And personally I think that is a good thing. AC/DC `s great songs are from a jurassic period, but their shows are not just any rock show, they bring together all generations and they are simply mega good times party events. The die hard fans will always complain, but as long as Axl does a good job ( in my opionion much better than Brian did in the past couple of years) they can tour until Angus rides to Rock n Roll Valhalla.