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  1. Is Axl the best frontman of all time?

    I would not say that is the best front man. If you look at the energy and passion on stageof a Bruce Springsteen or Angus Young (who I consider to be the frontman for AC/DC), Axl is not even close. But I do consider Axl to be the last real mega rockstar, in the same league as Freddie Mercury, Jim Morrison or Mick Jagger (when the stones were still about rock n roll). His charisma, excentricity, erratic fits, attitude, the wildness in his younger years, the way he dresses...it does not get closer to thedefinition of being a rockstar. So greatest frontman no, but greatest still living rockstar.
  2. so why exactly is this quote an issue? Richard`s 16 years in the band are a fact.
  3. Axl Rose gifts personalized tour jackets

    Schwarzenegger and Stallone were also at Coachella during Guns gig, at least Arnie should have gotten this jacket too! But most likely it is has nothing to do with Axl giving out gifts, but belongs to the highly professional marketing campaing for this tour.
  4. Richard a bit overbearing?

    oh good, another one of these threads.... As the Frank, Melissa and now Richard bashing threads are already open Iwonder what is next? some suggestions: Axl Rose a bit too stiff on stage Slash`s hat is a little overwhelming Duff is too tall for the stage
  5. hard to tell....Guns is the better band for me for sure, even I like Maiden. Bruce indeed has a lot of energy and really works with and pushes the crowd, so he is pretty good as a frontman. However one has to consider that Maiden shows go only for about 90-100 minutes only and Guns is usually 2,5 hours. Also Axl on the other hand has a much more of charisma on stage and is like the prototype of a rockstar. Wonder how Bruce know sounds nowadaysafter his throat/tongue cancer therapy....
  6. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    this whole discussion is so useless.... Didn`t Axl once say: "This ain`t Burger King, you can`t have it your way"..... all this "Axl should do this, Axl needs to do that, Guns should have done that, they need to do this to be big again...." It is what it is, and it is the biggest year for Guns in decades.Personally I think it is awesome that I at least get to see Axl in Europe this year. Really do not get the complaining, the Americans get the full Reunion tour AND Axl/DC shows and we Europeans at least get Axl/DC.
  7. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    The "hardcore" AC/DC fans have propably seen their band more than enough in the past 40 years, let them riot on the internet. AC/DC shows here are pretty much family events, they will sell out even if the "hardcore" fans decide to boycott the shows. Actually most comments on the Youtube for the Coachella vids of Whole Lotta Rosie and RiffRaff are positive. So I guess once Axl pulls it off in the first few shows decently I think most people will be happy that they had to chance to see (the remainsof) AC/DC live for one last time....
  8. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    complain, whine, bitch.... I really do not understand why anybody would be unhappy to see his favorite singer (well at least should be in a Guns fan forum, not so sure though actually), to take a once in a lifetime chance to tour with the second biggest rock band on the planet (I guess onlythe Stones are bigger). Also it is not like the reunion would be a flop because of this (absolutely no logic behind that anyways....):The reunion tour is going great so far, I think Axl sounds pretty good, everybody in the band seems to have a good time. Well except for some "fans"....Adler is not there, Slash will cry and get upset because of Angus, it is all Axl`s fault that Izzy does not want to tour, Frank is the worst drummer on the planet, Guns should only play club venues, 26 stadium (!!!?) shows are not enough, the bad press gives AC/DC more attention than the Guns reunion (what do you want to do? there was decent news coverage about the Guns reunion, but AC/DC just is the much bigger band nowadays), Axl will ruin his voice by singing (seriously?? he is a SINGER, that is what he does for a living!?), because of these20 dates there will be never be no new guns album ever, Axl will fail miserably, Axl does not look like he looks on the poster in my room from 1989 anymore, Axl just broke his foot to get out of this reunion,everything is bad and can only get worse... I mean what is wrong with you people? This is the most exciting year in Guns history in the past 20 years and half the forum still complains... While I have a little more understanding for the AC/DC fans complaining, because that band is really dissolving rapidly, I do also do understand Angus. AC/DC has always been much bigger than the individual members (except for Angus) and if he wants to finish their last tour and give a million fans the opportunity to say goodbye.And if Anguscan do it with a bang by signing one of the biggest names in rock, what the f.... is wrong with that?
  9. Axl/DC Roll Call

    count me in for Bern, Switzerland
  10. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    Just watched Whole Lotta Rosie and Riff Raff a couple of times, actually Axl is doing pretty good. Most of the not hardcore AC/DC fans I talked to were pleasantly surprised. The hardcore AC/DC fans whine of course, but to be honest they will be a minority for the shows in Europe. The AC/DC shows I attended last year in Europe were more like family entertainment events, I actually think many will find it rather cool that 2 of the biggest names in rock history collide on one stage. In any way, I guess it is a once in a lifetime chance to see Axl playing with AC/DC, I really do not understand why any rock fan would not want to see that. I reckon it will be AC/DCs last tour, so they go with a bang. Marketing wise also for Guns I think it is actually pretty good, the amount of news coverage is simply crazy....it has been everywhere from CNN to the tabloids to business magazins...
  11. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    only just found this thread...at least for me the forum is behaving very weird in the past couple of weeks (threads appear and dissappear and get not shown properly!?) I think this is awsome news. Maybe once in a lifetime to see the biggest rock band in the world together with the greatest rock singer. I thought that Whole Lotta Rosie yesterday was pretty good. I look forward to see more
  12. Axl Joining AC/DC? New pic posted on TMZ

    http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/ac-dc-confirm-axl-rose-is-new-lead-singer-joining-band-on-tour-20160416 So as this is officially confirmed now, is anyone else as excited about it? Just bought tickets for several shows. The biggest hard rock band in the world together with the greatest rock frontman that sounds just too awesome.Also Whole Lotta Rosie sounded really great last night together with Angus; can`t wait to hear more! Who would have guessed that (at least in Europe) we gonna see Axl Rose as AC/DC singer long before the reunion...
  13. Why are the standing areas so small?

    I guess the main reason for all the seating in the US is, that they can charge more money for the seats. I really wanted to go see some shows in the US, but after I have seen how the US ticketingworks with so many different ticket prices, packages and shit I refuse to support this. First of all compared to European tickets are ridiculously overpriced. E.g. I have seen AC/DC (which is the much bigger band at least in Europe) 3 times last year and the highest price I paid was 170USD. And there I was able to get front of stage, like 10 meters away from Angus. I have to say I absolutely loved the AC/DC ticketing system. They had only 3prices in the stadiums. One for GA standing on the floor, one for good seats, one for worse seats. So if you are a huge fan, allyou had to do, youhad to be there about 3 hours before the opener started in order to get free access to the area front of stage area which is seperated with a barrier. There you get a special wristband whenentering so until the band starts you are free to move all around the stadium, have beers, food, meet people. If you are really a hardcore fan you can still choose toreserve yourself a place right in front and not move for the next 6 hours The argument about security: I have been to so many shows, the biggest one with about 120.000 people with about 80% GA standing. Yeah sometimes it gets a little tight and once during a Rage against the Machine concert it got really a little too wild, but I have not seen once a really serious incident. Even in the moshpit, where it can get really exhausting, people would always help you up when you fall, or make room when you wanted to get out. Also the stadiums are usually secured with several crowd barriers, that prevent the ones in front to get smashed. Maybe it is also a different mentality in the US: Maybe people go to shows there like they go to the movies or a sportsgame; have there reserved seat, everything is organized, on time, light beer and then go home. I don`t know, but this is not for me. For me a concert is a unique event that I look forward to for days or weeks. Therefore I don`t mind at all being a little early there, meet all these new people who are also there early, sitin the sun listening to the DJs long before the show, have a smoke, wonder how these kids next to you were able to smuggle in a gaint stash of weed, while the father next to you tries to do his best to convince his 3 kids that the band they are going to see is so much better than Kanye West,have a few drinks with old and new friends, rock outduring the shows, sing, headbangand scream together with complete strangers, and flirt with thatsweaty rock chick that just fell into you while crowdsurfing (because you were to fascinated towatchAxl scratch his balls instead ...), getting lost when coming back from the beer stand and try to carry 20 beers for all your new best friends though the crowds (of course on the way some beers always magically vanish...), For me all this little things belong to a real rock event. I don`t just want to "consume" a rock show, I want to live it. I really don`t see that happening with super organized blocks with chairs everywhere, several hundred bucks VIP tickets blocking the front of the stage, while the real fans are spread all over the place (because of the price, super limited GA availability and of course that the stupid ticketing system does not give you the tickets you want).
  14. Coma, because it is just an awesome underrated song San Diego, CA
  15. While I don´t really think that Melissa`s part is necessary as a second keyboard player, she also does not disturb me. She is nice to look at and actually her backing vocals are prettygood in some songs and in general a big improvement to Pitman. In the UYI tours they had a whole girlband on stage.... "The most dangerous band in the world" was a long time ago, some people really to live in the past (perhaps those will be the first ones to complain if a show starts late...). We now have members with a masterin business, a pacemaker, a good 20 pounds too much and advertisement deals with Taco Bell......oh not to forget with seating in GA for aged fans (which still highly amuses me as European ) I look forward seeing them again on stage together, listen to the music I love, have a great time aged and some beers....