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  1. And he volunteered! To sing for the rock band that always sounds he same, according to some. Would love new stuff, whether it be some of the CD leftovers we've been hearing about for years, the project material before VR, or brand new stuff, or a combination of the 3.
  2. maybe they all agreed to disagree but came to a happy place where they could at least see where the other was coming fromin terms of the wreckage of the old lineup while realizing they are much better musically together than apart SMKC let's Slash scatch any rock itch he's got
  3. More Openers Announced!

    If Nashville, why not Halestorm? Doesn't Lzzy have an apartment down there? Wouldnt cost anything for them to
  4. Can't see having a tribute singer playing to a couple of hundred people when you have Axl Rose calling offering his services., who has toured the world and has played before 100,000 people in stadium tours. To me it would be like asking a beer league softball player to start for a major league baseball team.
  5. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    And don't forget motherfucking COMA
  6. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    25+ years later my Dad finally came around to like Gun N Roses......
  7. Prince 1958 - 2016

    But was he the most creative and versatile artist of all time. Without a doubt. Nobody has moved across genres as fluidly as he did" without a doubt and one of the best musicians as wel
  8. What Are You Listening To 2016

    prince all weekend
  9. like an entire re-write? lol
  10. Who is the weakest member of the current lineup?

    so you never heard a guitarist complain about a drummer not staying in pocket?
  11. So by calling Slash a cancer, maybe he was talking about Perla and now that that cancer has been removed, wahlah, re-grouping
  12. Who is the weakest member of the current lineup?

    he's playing rushed because of the drummer
  13. Who is the weakest member of the current lineup?

    like anything else, it's muscle memory and some of the setlist they are playing he hasn't played in over 20 years and his playing with VR and solo hasn't featured some of the bends he did on UYI -- like Axl's voice, give it time -- plus, I do't think you people that are criticizing Slash are taking into account the tempo of some songs is just way to fast and that may effect the tempo/rythm of his playing. As for his rig, we'll see what he brings out on the stadium portion of the tour
  14. Who is the weakest member of the current lineup?

    yeah, but she's not fucking up the tempo for every single AFD song like Frank does, and to me, that is much worse than being a hot keyboardist that has no point
  15. AXL earnings

    yeah, but he's also footed the bill for his 3 solo albums and subsequent tours som try to be fair about whoring oneself out