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  1. Double album of CD big guns and The Project unfinished album. Then work up the next album on tour
  2. Marc's contribution to the new BBC documentary

    Hey Marc, Why not try to get a sit down with these guys and put it on their website? They'd surely trust you not to take any cheap shots and your probably one of the few who could get them to talk.
  3. Some of us kept ourselves in great shape
  4. Yeah, been hearing that for years till Adele sells 7million albums in a little over a month .
  5. Oddly it seems I don't give a fuck about any of the nu guns lineup
  6. Does anyone else want Dj ASHBA back?

    Lmao, you're kidding? I hope but millenials aren't the brightest bulbs in the sky
  7. Who/what started the reunion?

    Why not try to get the 1st sit down interview with Axl, Slash and Duff. They all know and trust you.
  8. From what I've seen in recent years, these prices seem about what other tickets go for. It's just way more than what Slash and Axl would charge separately.
  9. if reunion, is Myles Kennedy out of work?

    Yes, Todd did write about this topic and yes, the Conspirators knew about the reunion for months and no, Myles was not laid off by Slash and no, Myles is not outof a job by any means. If anything, it's a well deserved rest.
  10. Good for Vegas, now how about some NYC shows
  11. Not in the least bit. More like it's about fucking time
  12. Lmao, does a bear shit in the woods? Yeah, Axl definitely has the most to lose if this goes south.