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  1. well, I bought it from the artist and not someone making money off the artist so I'd consider it a commercial release, right? Or at least a bottleg produced by the artist himself
  2. Not 100% true; I got soundboard CD from SMKC during their 1st tour from the NYC show that has no overdubs and was cut the night of the show
  3. I remeber hearing him bragging about how he brought cocaine into the mix as opposed to heroin
  4. if this was the case they woldn't have fractured after the tour ended......false news matt
  5. fake guns did but I couldn't watch it when AXS aired it as it was cringe worthy
  6. some peopel just don't know half of what they think they know
  7. I'd say they were the 2nd most popular band to the 90K or so that went to the Monsters of Rock at the old JFK stadium in Philly back in 87 or 88 --- the surge when they came on sucked me back about 10 rows of people
  8. Julius Knoche should look in the mirror before calling anyone fat
  9. talk about the pussification of people. The only reason to this day I'd still see a Metallica show is because of Garage Days, Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets. After that, it's been all down hill with the exception of Enter Sandman
  10. I could have sworn I heard him give them credit for bringing out Coma and Estranged every night and tackling the newer material from CD so no, e's not calling it a strictly nostalgia tour; but he did compare it toother nostalgia tours like VH and Motley Crue. Let's be accurate here!
  11. Yeah, but fake GnR in 2012 could not sell out a 80K seat stadium in one day. To compare selling 80K tix across a number of shows is a completely different animal than selling out 80K in a day and having to add another date to accomodate the demand.
  12. for one show? in 2012? 80K tix? Prove it.
  13. the initial point was that axl ruined his own reputation. My point is that though he's been great the last year, too many, his actions from 1996-2014 overrule / outweigh anything he's done the last year. While some like myself is willing to forgive and forget, for those that haven't been on the GnR train the last 20 yrs or so, they mat be less willing to embrace "the new axl". But your analogy about the college drunk guy lost me