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  1. Yeah, well she is alot better lookng
  2. New album this year rumour

    What would be most interesting to me is if they did a double album. CD Leftovers on Disc1; and the VR/Project album with Izzy onDisc 2. Both have been talked about by band members and friends of band members to death and I'd really like to hear if there as good as people claim. IE Disc1 -- how long have we been hearing about what epic songs these are. The General Silkworms Soul Monster Jackie Chan Atlas Shrugged Ides Of March Seven Down By The Ocean Zodiac Thyme Berlin Cuban Skies Goin' Down Light My Fire Blood In The Water
  3. i don't know but I love that he posts fullshows. With him on the case, no need to pull out the phone to take video, the shit never comes out good anyway thank you for posting all the great GnR footage, I've seen quite a few of the shows you posted, cheers!
  4. average ticket price is $5 more than Bruce's, so maybe, mabye not
  5. so in 2 months ax made more than he's made in the entire nuGuns era; and this is actually the most extensive tour since the UYI
  6. so for the 25 dates they averaged about $4.6/mil show and 40K pershow. the only tour that's grossed more per show this decade is the U2 tour. But you got to figure the US is their weakest market, if rock is bigger in S. America and Europe and Asia, right? so the numbers should increase?
  7. reading thru the 1st page of comments I can see why these guys are so reluctant to do interviews; 1st time Duff and Axl do a sit down interview and all you get is a bunch of crybaby posts about why not this and why not that, jesus fucking christ get a hold of yourselves...
  8. yeah, I know; sometimes I think Slash players smaller venues to his detriment, where he could fill a much larger, he could probably sell out MSG as a headliner; maybe not every arena, but LA, CHI, PHI, MA he could probably sell out arenas. Though I love his club shows
  9. I don't know about the top grossing tour of all time because I don't think they'll play enough dates as some of the top grossing tours of all time played. That being said, they may be in the top 2 or 3 in terms of per show haul/ as right now they're pulling in 4.5 +/-mil per show which is in the top 2 or 3 per show averages. Who knows, maybe that picks up overseas where they retained more of their popularity than in the states.
  10. Slash has played stadiums at festivals ovrseas and outdoor ampitheather's in the states and headlined the Jersey festval last year, so not just small 5000 person clubs
  11. not even close, I've been trashing nuGuns for Gilby was nothing more than a replacement touring guitarist.....Fortus did appear on a Guns album with original material which is technically more of a contributuion than Gilby made, at least IMO.....even if I don't particularly care for CD, or Fortus's conrtibution to it......
  12. Gilby's put out 2 albums in the 2000's -- Izzy put one out once a year, if not once every two years. Izzy doesntt tour. Gilby's set lists are straight from 94, he plays 8 covers and 4 of Pawnshop.....yeah he makes a living but look at his set lists from any show he's given and it's almost the same 12 songs event though e has multiple solo albums out, he only plays shit off Pawnshop and covers......but yeah, I saw slash in tiny clubs, shit I saw him at the album debut show in nyc for his last album at a 300 person club and it was awesome.
  13. Coma makes it all worthwhile to see it live; should have been played more back during the UYI tour, Catcher or TWAT may be a crumb, but Coma's a 5 course meal,
  14. i'm very interested to see if they make any changes to the setlist when they go to south america, japan and down under since those markets were much more supportive of the nuGuns lineup than North America was