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  1. so are you trying to say Gilby wouldn't have dropped RockBand:SuperNova to play with 3/5ths of GnR? bahaha that's the funnies thing I've heard today, thanks for that! after checking,it was 2 years after Contraband dropped
  2. who are the 4%? the tru blue nuGnR fans?
  3. he wasn't asked to join Velvet Revolver, or SMKC, or even retained after the UYI tour. Slash has played on 103 other artists songs inclduing his guest spot on Pawnshop Guitars; what you don't mention is that he never asked Gilby to join another band he formed after Snakepit. So I think there's more to the point that he's not really welcome
  4. so you take the Spaghetti Incident and Live Era seriously?
  5. coming from a touring member of the band, why not get the backup singers from UYI tour and get their opinion, at least they appeared on the album
  6. There Was A Time

    way better than the album version IMO, but TEHO
  7. There Was A Time

    so much better than the album version of this song; I can actually listen to it from beginning to end I got so sick of this song on the album after 2:30 min or so cause the solo's are pretty fucking boring even though thy hit all the right notes --------------------- on another note, I think they are going to put more CD songs in the rotation during the South American, Asian and Down Under tour as those markets actually liked the nuGnR ore so than the US at least
  8. who's to say there not working up songs while axl's out with AC/DC; slash has always written his next album while he's out touring the previous since he's been solo
  9. the 2nd shows may not be entirely sold-out but the 2nd metlife show was still ~90%+ full
  10. stop your worth every penny and you know it
  11. I must say, Frank got much much better on the AFD material after the April shows; when I saw them at metlife they sounded tight as hell
  12. breaking out don't damn me would be almost as sweet as them featuring COMA this entire fucking tour
  13. Melissa, Dizzy on Keyboard

    her backing vocals are great; I think she's there more for that more than playing keyboard; listen to Chinese Democracy and you'll hear her do all the high end vocals throughout the entire song.........
  14. this is Bullshit, I buy every bands album that I like. There's just not many bands out that I like right now. Didn't Adele sell 10 million CDs in about 3 months last year into this? Just STFU w statements like this.