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  1. Absolutely Fabulous

    An AB FAB movie? Noway! I have the entire series, itis sooo good. I'll be seeing this for sure.
  2. It's a good gig for now. She can always go back to the Holograms.
  3. Toronto is prime Guns territory, always has been. And with Slash back?? Get the fuck outta town, we're getting a second show!
  4. That song is going to be a monster by the Toronto show, Slash will have that fine tuned like a motherfucker.
  5. Foxboro got a second show?? Toronto is getting a second show, I call it now.
  6. Toronto tickets arrived a few days ago.
  7. Prince 1958 - 2016

    or Prince
  8. Prince 1958 - 2016

    Prince's music did nothing for me, at all. But I could appreciate his talent and I understand the immense sense of loss for his fans. Sad.
  9. Axl/DC Roll Call

    Depending on the dates, if I can make Buffalo or Detroit happen, I will. I wanna see this!
  10. This. I just think they're amped up on stage and having a blast. It's a live show, not a studio session. It's their gig and they're having fun. Personally, I like the revved up shit. I take it as a sign they are not calling it in, they are digging it and going full throttle.
  11. Well, anyway, it's nice to get some rockin' news after sitting here watching Man-Bun Fest on youtube.
  12. Don't blow your voice out before the Guns tour....
  13. God damn, can't handle all this hipster shit....fawk!