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  1. Finally! I'll be getting this for sure! http://www.guitarplayer.com/artists/1013/frank-zappas-long-awaited-roxy-movie-comingwatch-the-trailer--video/53925
  2. I saw Gillian at Fan Expo in Toronto last week, she's pretty awesome...funny as hell.
  3. Describe a forum member with one gif

    And then.. original GnR line up fans find out that Tommy Stinson might be out as well.
  4. Describe a forum member with one gif

    Sane fans reacting to "take the Slash glasses off" comments.
  5. Yeah, I just thought that video highlighted Axl's command of that song. The shows I saw in '91..everyone was focused on what Axl had going on with the song, I think the same would happen again with or without other keyboards, tanbourines or kazoos. I honestly don't think keyboards on springs or Dizzy's presence is going to make or break a reunion tour.
  6. Bran's not pooping all over it so that's a good sign. Can't wait to hear it.
  7. Describe a forum member with one gif

    nuGnR fans react to the news that Slash talked to Axl
  8. ..is the correct answer.
  9. Describe a forum member with one gif

    Original GnR line up fans react to the news that Slash talked to Axl.
  10. Go out for drinks boys, hit a titty bar, shoot the shit, come on man...bring it.
  11. X men and Fantasic Four Crossover

    Saw it. It was Marvel-lite..felt like it was made for 12 year old boys. I've seen enough tv Marvel/DC tv series and Dolph Lundgren/Punisher type movies over the years to know that this isn't the worst super hero fare I've seen, I wasn't that much less engaged than I was for Ant Man tbh. Guardians has been a hard act to follow, and nothing has matched it yet (for me).