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  1. Sound Academy
  2. After the first nuGnR gig I saw in 02, every-single-person I knew asked the same question "what's with the fuckin chicken bucket". The comments grew less kind as the years went by. I saw interest in nuGnR reach the low point where they played a half full bar in Toronto...and even there it seemed most people were tired of hearing these guys play 2 hours of classic GnR with a couple of old-new songs tossed in. Momentum fizzled..I think most everyone got bored, from the fans down to Axl.
  3. This was the first one that came to mind...
  4. If looking towards the 70's is being considered as a foundation for an answer..inregards to the first, High Voltage and Aerosmith's debut could arguably be removed from the list of contenders. Alice Cooper,Killer sweeps those two right off the table.
  5. Child In Time is a monster.
  6. The first "true" hard rock album, theintentbeing heavy, Deep Purple In Rock...gets my vote.
  7. Honestly, I think this entire semi reunion thing is about the final cash in and the realization that time is now a factor in pulling it off on a larger scale.
  8. Absolutely Fabulous

    An AB FAB movie? Noway! I have the entire series, itis sooo good. I'll be seeing this for sure.
  9. It's a good gig for now. She can always go back to the Holograms.
  10. Toronto is prime Guns territory, always has been. And with Slash back?? Get the fuck outta town, we're getting a second show!
  11. That song is going to be a monster by the Toronto show, Slash will have that fine tuned like a motherfucker.
  12. Foxboro got a second show?? Toronto is getting a second show, I call it now.
  13. Toronto tickets arrived a few days ago.
  14. Prince 1958 - 2016

    or Prince
  15. Prince 1958 - 2016

    Prince's music did nothing for me, at all. But I could appreciate his talent and I understand the immense sense of loss for his fans. Sad.