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  1. New Toho Godzilla in 2016

    It's a one night only cinema event in my area on October 12. Tickets purchased!!
  2. Is this the same guy who knew where all the secret club gigs were, that didn't happen?
  3. Oh good, I missed the first leg.
  4. New Beatles Documentary

    So it was good but, kinda unnecessary. I think Ron Howard was just playing fan boy, he did a good job though.
  5. New Beatles Documentary

    Well the new documenaryjust aired on cable TV here. I watched about 10 minutes of it and stopped. It was hard to turn it off butstill want to see it on the big screen. It seemed very much like Anthology but there was stuff I hadn't seen before. The live footage looked very fresh and polished so that was cool.
  6. New Beatles Documentary

    Quite true about Quite true. I've had a decent bootleg for years, but am still hoping for an official release.
  7. Last full album you listened to?

    Beatles Live At The Hollywood Bowl
  8. New Beatles Documentary

    Going to see this Monday night on the big screen. Really looking forward to it. I just listened to the new Hollywood Bowl cd that was released in tandem with this docu., it sounds great and bonus songs were cool (looks like the well ain't quite dry yet).
  9. You did say they went "right back" to the new guys. You also said they love money more than life itself. I just mentioned that the original guys stayed together for 4 years and three tours, even if it was for that which they love more than life itself. As for trying to recreate what was once great didn't work out for them, I witnessed a rabid fan base at a sold out Tiger Stadium in '96 that would likely disagree with you. That crowd roared just as loud as anything I heard at the Toronto GnR show this summer, as well as the many other Kiss shows I sawduring the 3 tours with the original guys in Canada and the U.S. What both bands have in common with reunion / semi-but-not-really reunions is giving their fan base a real treat and a hell of a good time. In that, both have been quite successful. In essence, it rejuvenated interest in the careers of both bands on a greater scale. Which has worked out quite well for Kiss. Whatthe reunionmeans for GnR at the end of the day, I dunno...maybe we'll see in four years.
  10. Kiss did the reunion fora little over four years with the original guys. Not quite a quick cash grab and run.
  11. KISS did it. It was a massive success for quite some time.