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  1. I saw The Damned in Toronto in April. Captain Sensible took a nasty fall off stage and broke a rib. Killer fuckin show though. Loved it.
  2. I don't recall the image being exactly like that, I'll check it out next time I go. Might be random, but I took it as foreshadowing of what's to come. I guess it's open to interpretation.
  3. I asked my nephew if he saw the Obi Wan image at his first screening, he said he didn't. I told him when to watch for it, he went the next day and he sent me a message this morning that he saw it. If you go again, watch for an image of Obi Wan with his hood up and holding his light sabre over his head. Hint: the image is on its side, and somewhat blended in to a landscape.
  4. Did anyone see the image of Obi Wan?
  5. "Fucking amazing" sums it up nicely. OK, well... it took 5 attempts to capture the essence of the original trilogy, but Rogue One achieved it beautifully. Not since the first time I saw Episode 4 in the theatre back in the 70's have I felt completely transported into the universe on the screen. It was magical, I loved it. I feel compelled to at least one more viewing on the big screen.
  6. http://www.newsarama.com/32016-george-perez-joins-in-boycott-of-red-states-conventions.html Seems a shit thing to do, especially to younger fans who weren't even old enough to vote. When Trump stated that he might not accept the results of the election, Hillary stated that was "horrifying". So who's not accepting the results of the election now? To start being exclusive as to which fans he will acknowledge based on election results is quite ignorant in my opinion. Fuck that guy..keep your art buddy, I don't need it that bad.
  7. Fuck off 2016, seriously!
  8. I've got tickets to see the Damned in Toronto next April and I am majorly stoked! 40th Anniversary tour and they ARE playing all of the first album! As for Guns' version of New Rose I think they put their own spin on it and I like it. What I love about TSI is, a major rock band on top of the fucking world just took a breather and had some fun recording tracks from artists who had a major influence on them. It wasn't supposed to be done, it went against the rules-for-rock stars handbook and I god bless 'em for it...I play TSI a lot!
  9. Hey if it steers a few kids towards the real shit, I'm all for it.
  10. I'm sure many were willing to view this as a reunion, but to many it feels like Slash and Duff sitting in the with nuGuns and special guest "who's the chick?". To that end, what Kirk said resonates to many as quite true, (not to all). It is what one sees it as.
  11. I thought the old argument was Dylan vs Donovan? (which was amusing, at best) Cohen was in his own stratosphere.
  12. For Len... *mwa* http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/7573301/johnny-thunders-biopic-new-york-dolls-jonas-akerlund
  13. OH and, this.....