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  1. Reunion Setlist?

    You think Civil War is complicated to play live and then suggest My World?! I'd think that would be slightly more challenging to replicate on live instruments
  2. Reunion Setlist?

    Yes. Why complicated?
  3. I don't mean the potential doesn't exist for it to occur, but "Guns N' Roses" would be playing shopping malls
  4. If it falls apart after this there's no going back to the GN'R name with Axl as the only original member.
  5. Following up on Tom Petty's 2002 quote, on his most recent tour in 2014, tickets were between $37 and $137, and each ticket came with a free copy of his current album. Contrast this with the Rolling Stones in 2015 who had prices between $39 and $395 for non-VIP. These prices were cheaper than their recent tours before that. Hopefully GN'R have a $40 option once the tour starts rolling.  
  6. Just so we are on a level playing field, this Tom Petty interview is from 2002 and $65 in 2002 is equivalent to $87 in 2016. I like Tom's attitude. He has good values, and respect for his fans
  7. Why doesn't Izzy want to work with them after this? I hope it's not because they're treating him as an outsider just because he left in 1991. Because everyone got frustrated and left - just because Izzy had a lower tolerance for bullshit and decided to do it earlier shouldn't make him less valuable to this. His contributions were immense
  8. Did this makes me sad. I was 11 when Izzy left originally and it really deflated me at the time. Izzy has always been my favourite. Can you give some kind of hint as to how you have this knowledge??
  9. any word on Steven

    And how are they rehearsing if this is the case? Are they rehearsing with different drummers on different days
  10. It seems unusual to miss the two shows in Mexico in the middle of all of this?
  11. any word on Steven

    How do you know this?
  12. Totally agree. It also gets the name out there again and the hype at an optimum level. Much better to release an album behind that than to release a new album when a lot of people may not be aware the band is even around anymore
  13. I agree that there will be a degree of nostalgia initially - it's reuniting players who haven't worked together under this name for 20 or more years, and who were in the biggest rock band in the world when they went their own ways. I do think the intention will be to move forward from here and create something new. Despite Axl not releasing a huge amount of music over this time, we know that he wrote a lot and intended for it to be released. Why would he not release it? As well as being creatively satisfying the record label are known to want the release of Gn'R music with Slash involved. I totally think they are going to Bowie us. Although news is irregular at this point I believe that once they have things in order we will be  seeing a lot of action. Exciting time to be a fan!    
  14. Dizzy and Fortus leave The Dead Daises....

    Yes please
  15. I don't think Matt is involved in the regrouping. But he wants to be and he knows not saying stuff at the moment is the only way to have a chance