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  1. You're probably right. Got a bit of a time machine with a private jet though and they could fly into the next showan hour before showtime for all we know. But all just guessesbased on wishing and dreaming from a weakrumour so yeah, not much to get excited about here it seems
  2. Song for Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Total guess though based on previous speculation of others. Might not even be them in the studio anyway, though dates seem coincidental and if a song is written already recording at least some of it in a day wouldn't be too difficult
  3. Any truth to the rumours of the band having studio time in Atlanta while they're there
  4. Hypothetical New Music

    I hope they don't overthink it
  5. Seriously? He's just basically changed everything about his band in the space of a year, then took on a second band where he's playing a whole bunch of new songs. It's going great. I think he knows it too. I think we're in for more change as well because these changes have been going so well for him!
  6. Don't think so. Once they do that it's going to be hard to revert back to Richard and Frank from a fan perspective, even if it is only a song or two, because the media would jump on it and it'd take on a life of its own. I personally think if we're getting Steven and Izzy together it'll occur between tour legs and they'll rehearse and be back permanently. Not sure if I'd bet cash on it ever happening though, but then a year ago what's happening now didn't seem possible. I hope I'm wrong though and we get them tonight! Pretty sure Steven only got two nights though to really hammer home the point that he was visiting, before the crowd got too used to it.
  7. Hmm idno, Gilby had that old school classic rock vibe but Richard is a bit more modern rock. Technically Fortus gives Slash a run for his money so I'm not questioning his skills. I guess it's just whether you like the band to lean more towards a classic rock direction or a modern rock direction. I'm not a huge fan of Chinese Democracy, but I can see how Fortus fits into that modern sound better. I think the band live with Gilby sounded more like the album than the live band now does, maybe a number of reasons for that though, and probably more to do with Frank than Richard. I'd pick Izzy over either anyway because technical ability isn't all that counts he just had a vibe that really made the band Guns N' Roses
  8. No way is Frank better than Matt, not in a billion years, certainly not for the job he's been hired. And Fortus may be a technically better guitarist than Gilby, but Gilby was much more similar to Izzy, which lets be honest, that's who they're there to emulate. I'm not complaining by the way. I saw the band at both Vegas shows and they were great. I just don't think you're giving Gilby and Matt the credit that they're due
  9. Well technically his face also isn't made out of cake if you wanna get picky
  10. Are there tourbooks now? If there's another thread can some lead me to it? Would like to see some pics
  11. So did Contraband actually sell more copies than Chinese Democracy?
  12. I think it was an unnecessary album and an example of theexcess and bloat thatripped the band apart -a badidea that grewout of control because nobody knew how to say no to the band. Best case scenario the bandshould have chosen the three strongest tracks and recorded them forbonus tracks onsingles