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  1. This should really be titled 'ask me some things'
  2. Any other photos or do we know the registration number of this one?
  3. You got some great shots!
  4. They didn't piss on a country. Donald Trump is not America
  5. Hilarity. All the disrespect Trump has shown to so many throughout his reality-show worthy campaign and you expect him to be shown respect back. He's getting the level of respect he's earned himself Proud of Guns N' Roses on this. They know how they feel on this and they're not afraid to show it
  6. Definitely needs more Steven
  7. I guess they only let Steven do OTGM and My Michelle and if Axl doesn't feel like singing one of them then that's that. Bit lame though
  8. He's not a bad drummer, I was quite impressed watching some clips of him with another band. Also I have to be honest and say he sounded much better when I saw the two Vegas shows in real life. He just doesn't sound quite right for the band generally though
  9. + Civil War and Patience
  10. Come on, we all know that you're Frank's mom, aka Jennifer Boogie, and you've come here to stick up for him
  11. Link me, anyone please
  12. Fuck I'm tired of Knockin on Heaven's Door
  13. So the GnR webcast broadcasts him to the world like an advertisement for everyone to see and get excited about, selling more tickets, but in reality they barely let him play. Let's hope for Paradise City
  14. Maybe they're giving him paradise city later