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  1. Me too, glad I'm not alone feeling that way!
  2. In celebration of Guns N' Roses returning to New Zealand in February 2017 I've uploaded some news reports from when they visited in February 1993. Quite rare stuff that I found on an old VHS tape. Apologies if this is the wrong place in the forum
  3. New album this year rumour

    Axl has changed so much over the last year that I don't know if we can rely on past patterns to be a reliable indicatorof future activity. I think we're going to get something, in some form, relatively soon. My guess is Slash and Duff are actively involved in this right now. Or hopefully they have laidthe foundation and Axl has come off the road straight into the studio to do his stuff
  4. New album this year rumour

    Maybe they're in the studio right now... maybe Slash and Duff were doing their parts while Axl toured with AC/DC...
  5. Who was saying he "stares at his shoes" and "doesn't move"?
  6. Street Of Dreams song,.??

    Not playing The Seeker > The Seeker
  7. Duff vs Izzy

    Genius post. Good work
  8. Duff vs Izzy

    They should both be there end of story
  9. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    25% is $6.5million. A lot of space between that and $40,000. How is $40,000 the only alternative to 25%???
  10. Pitman suing Axl

    So basically Axl will need to dedicate 30 minutes of his next AC/DC show to earning the money to pay this. I don't think this will phase him too much
  11. Anybody know if the band minus Axl are in a rehearsal during this downtime?

    At least the band knew you were a real fan by choosing the photo option

    Awesome! Good choice withthe pictures
  14. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    What'swith all this cave or in the desert stuff in reference to Izzy?Believe it or not he has a life outside of Guns N' Roses and heprobably liveshis life like anyone not in a band. I've never heard of you before this, should I assume you just came out of a cave because you haven't had your every move published online?
  15. Izzy Stradlin comments on reunion

    By the time Duff was playing full shows you could say he was basically back in the band again, even if it hadn't been made official. And if you're going to argue behind the scenes work is either that much commitment or deserving of band statusthen we might as well get the accountant on drums and Axl's lawyer on rhythm guitar. Because they did the hard work on that one. Saying yes or no to something, instructing a lawyer to do something, or turning up somewhere for 30 minutes to sign a document is hardly hard work or deserving of huge amounts more money than someone else who wrote two thirds of the originalsthat are being played live