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  1. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    New Zealand announced! Feb 2 Wellington Feb 4 Auckland Wooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo!!!
  2. I think you could argue the decadence hit Slash the hardest. Without a defib built intohis chest he could go into a bad heart rhythm and die. Duff came pretty close with his pancreas. Seems a bit criticalto consider Steven any worse than either, at least in terms of taking things to the limit. Obviously Steven has had issues more recently, but still they were all in a similar league at different times. Sometimes I think that because Axl wanted Steven gone in 1990 some people feel they have tothink the same way. The rest of us can see that Steven is a great guy and a great drummer. Glad to see him back and I hope he stays and expands on his current role
  3. Is that Kim Basinger behind Charlie Sheen Edit - just looked at 2016photos of Kim Basinger and going to answer my own question. NO
  4. I don't get it - not a big fan of the sound of Frank's drum kit, but when Steven plays on the same kit it sounds great
  5. I wouldn't place a cash bet on this
  6. Hope we get a huge amountof Adler tonight
  7. Well that's awesome then!
  8. Anybody know? Just looked like there were a few empty chairs at show start. People should know by now that these are the shows where the surprises come out
  9. Axl works so much harder when the audience isn't full. It makes him hungry to prove himself
  10. Just joined this thread - is tonight's show being filmed?
  11. What's the bet Slash visits The Walking Dead attraction at Universal Studios in the next day or two
  12. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    When I was told yesterday (30 mins before I posted here) they said announced next Monday