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  1. His back appears mended. Any signs that it was an actual problem or just a rumour?
  2. A million tickets sold for the tour already? That's awesome. Whoever says rock is dead can suck on that
  3. Axl Rose On TMZ

    Looks like hesin a bit of pain poor dude
  4. Exactly. Talking about Duff's work ethic, I kind of see it that he has taken on therole of band communicator and organiser. I feel that he will basically drive the machine forwards, carrying out what Axl, Slash, and Duff agree on as a unit
  5. They've done the hard work by getting past whatever the issues were for the last several years - they would be fools to throw it away at this point. The way I see it, when this ends (hopefully a long time in the future) then the band is done, because there's just no point in going back to anything less than this. The world needs them. The stadium-filling bands of years past like The Rolling Stones and AC/DC are basically done. The world needs a band besides The Foo Fighters that can actually play stadium shows. Guns N' Roses was always meant to be that band, and once again they are
  6. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    Exactly. If that was the whole crowd the stage is only 15 feet across including the mega screens
  7. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    Oh wow Axl's really grown
  8. May / June

    Let's pray nobody tries out a new hairstyle
  9. What can we expect during the May / June down time? Axl is obviously busy with AC/DC but do the others have a plan? Perhaps rerecording song songs from CDII or some entirely new stuff?
  10. Looking forward to Slash guesting at an AC DC show?
  11. I don't get the people who bag his voice now, he was never perfect live back in the day. None off them were. At least Slash isn't monged out on drugs anymore so sounds much better live now
  12. Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates

    I thought that too. It's not on theirFacebook or anything yet