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  1. Man, Axl really has a history with managers trying to screw him over ...
  2. Injured fan gunning for Axl

    Well, he should have tried catching it with anything else other than his teeth ...
  3. What was your/the general reaction to YCBM?

    With your ass in the air :xmasssanta:
  4. 18/12/2012 - Tokyo, Japan @Zepp Tokyo

    Catcher In The Rye again ... let's hope that a youtube clip will surface this time! Was that song even really (!) played in India? How can it be that no live video surfaced so far? It's always only the same standard clips.
  5. Catcher In The Rye & There Was A Time appreciation thread

    If only there were better clips on youtube available for these two songs. There used to be so many live videos while they were on tour, but hardly any stuff shows up for these Las Vegas shows. Especially clips that are NOT Welcome To The Jungle and Girls Girls Girls. So since this appreciation thread got already started, it would be a good place to gather any of those rare live videos with hopefully good audio quality. Now THAT would be APPRECIATED
  6. Guns N' Roses ads removed following outcry

    Ah, well ... since it's the US, they should have given the Cyborg a shotgun and have the woman's brain splattered all over the fence instead - that would have been no problem. Yay weapon violence! But anything that's sex-related in any way? BAN! BAN! BAN! Weird nation ...
  7. Exactly! What he said For the record: Finck's solo on "This I Love" is the most beautiful guitar solo ever in my book. I honestly can't take anyone serious who talks crap about that song.
  8. Wow, two weeks or so went by fast, dude ... :xmasssanta:
  9. Slash & Axl will Reunite in 2013

    What these fools don't understand: Slash back in GN'R wouldn't give us better new music! Slash was only the guy who did the solos. Just listen to everything he has ever done since quitting GN'R. Not a single song to remember ... Bring back Izzy and Robin - and Duff, if you may. Oh, let's not forget about Brain, of course. But I just don't see any need for Slash ... he's easily replaceable. THERE! I SAID IT!!! WHOOHOO!!!
  10. Silkworms and Oh My God

    No pole for me, thanks. I'm straight. But I took part in that poll ...
  11. GNR 1996: tons of songs

    How did it fall apart? Slash quit, that's how it all fell apart ...
  12. Don't think there's gonna be a DVD for us out there -> What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas
  13. Least Favorite Gn'R song from each album

    AFD - You're Crazy Lies - Reckless Life UYI I - Bad Apples UYI II - Shotgun Blues TSI - Human Being CD - If The World
  14. So let me get this straight: When Axl keeps quiet, he sucks and is an idiot 'n stuff, but when Buckethead keeps quiet, he's great? Hmmm ... interesting ...