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  1. Well this is my interpretation and speculation. The way I see it I think it is good that kids have a politician as hero or mentor. I don't like it when kids role models heroes are football players and celebrities. Corbyn's speech was not only setting goals for today but also for the future. 20 years from now those kids will be teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc. Well I think Corbyn meant to pass the torch. The world needs for those kids to care about the environment, education, jobs, NHS, etc not only now but also in the future.
  2. Round One... and more to come next month
  3. It is too much of an exageration to call Melissa hot or sexy. That's what I meant. You can go walking any street of any city in the world and you will find women a lot more attrative than Melissa
  4. People claiming that Melissa is hot are out of their fuckin' minds. Here, an example of hot and really beautiful woman.
  5. Well we can't discuss a new song just being perfomed in London, a new album just released or a new Axl interview because we don't have them. A lot of us would really appreciate to discuss all that
  6. I think it depends of what people hope to see. If someone buys a ticket just to see Axl and Slash together performing WTTJ, SCOM and NR. That person gets that so I don't think nobody will feel chated. But if someone buys a ticket hoping to see Indiana 91 show again. Well in that case that someone may end up being disappointed
  7. I've been to a couple of shows and I can tell you that this Axl is by no means the 92 Axl. But he is not the 2012 Axl either. He is somewhere in the middle. He struggles in songs like RQ, YCBM or SCOM
  8. Mr. Brownstone That's all I got so far
  9. I'm getting info from fans there on whats app
  10. Alfierose and Gracii are already at the gig, in their seats. They've been there for a while. Alfierose sent me a whats app
  11. @alfierose and @Gracii Guns are staying in a hotel opposite the Savoy. Lucky girls!!!
  12. Well it looks like Corbyn will be at Glastonbury
  13. Sorry I don't remember. Water of course will be cheaper than beer. Also the bigger the glass, the more expensive it's going to be. A wild guess would be 5 pounds or higher. I was just there for the show. I' m not in the UK
  14. Guys you can get drinks inside the Stadium as well. Last year I was there for AXL/DC. The park around the Stadium is huge. There are places to get food and drinks. I even saw people coming and going during the show to get beer