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  1. What album? Where is the official statement from the band or the record company about a new album?
  2. There is no need to speculate. This is Guns N' Roses
  3. Funny all that stuff from France I was in Paris and Normandy recently. I didn't see much of all that. Things have changed, that's true. For example if you enter a shopping mall the security guys check your backpack. But they barely look. You don't really waste any time. At museums, security guys check belongins more carefully. In the streets there is more police or military prences like for example around the Eifel Tower. But it is far from being a war zone or hell. People go on business as usual. I took the tube in Paris a couple of times. Nobody check anything. And I didn't see any rape or robbery either.
  4. My point is that the UK is facing a new era. There is a lot of uncertanty. Brexit is a big gamble. It could go wonderfully right or horribly wrong. And the leader of the opposition comes up with bank holidays? WTF????
  5. What the fuck does Corbyn smoke? All he could come up with is bank holidays to celebrate Patron Saints Somebody please save Labour from itself
  6. I use donation to Africa as an example of spending the money in a better way. There are a million things they could do. Instead they spending a lot of money on a billboard that has been on displayed for 3 months. We know about another tour in South America including a couple of festivals in Brazil. Yet we still don't have a clue what that billboard means, assuming it has any meaning to beging with.
  7. Not food, but every year I donate clothes to charity. Have you ever donated something? Anyway I'm not a millionaire wasting money on some stupid billboard
  8. Corbyn is Mr. Original. He stealing from Trump. He is now anti ellite and man of the people. Is he expecting people to believe all that crap?
  9. Why should I enjoy another U.S., RIR and South American tours with more of the same? If they go back to the same places they need to offer something different.
  10. I think at this point what would make people happy is a AFD line up reunion, set list changes, interviews/news and a new album. I will not buy tickets if they play arenas or The Roxy every day if all they bring is more of the same
  11. Fox is going to find somebody else just like him to fill the open position. It could be Anne Coulter or some other right wing nutter. After the Glenn Beck conversion. I wouldn't be surprised if the next one is Trump
  12. Seriously, is there any Macron like candidate in the UK? Someone who can unite Remain voters left and right, an outsider not the Lib. Democrats