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  1. Well now that you know hopefully you can stop whining about them getting paid for doing their job.
  2. Based on your complaints and accusations based on them making money I didn't think you were aware.
  3. They're allowed to make money.
  4. They don't want Adler around all the time but they don't feel either of them are entitled to equal 'loot'. It's not because Axl's struggling to get by on $150 million and once this tour is over they'll be all kinds of things he can afford to do finally!
  5. They don't want Alder around full time and they didn't feel Izzy was entitled to "equal loot". Axl's worth $150 million personally. He's not happy now because he can suddenly afford to do things he hasn't been able to until now.
  6. Oh he's making more money now but he's always had it. It's not like there were things in life he missed out on because he was only worth $150 million before Slash and Duff came back.
  7. Well "Axl's happy because of the zillion dollars" isn't any more proven than "Axl's thrilled to not have Steve Adler around", so what's the difference? Axl's always had money. Maybe having two of his closest friends back in his life and back in his band is making him happy? The money was always there if he wanted more of it.
  8. Or, maybe every day he opens his eyes and realizes he doesn't have to deal with Steven Alder today he just floats out of bed like he's on cloud 9.
  9. I know there's a lot of "they're in it for the money" being thrown around about the reunion but, I don't know. Axl seems like an man unburdened lately and I don't think an appearance like this, or AC/DC is something he'd be doing if he wasn't just happy - which, maybe, it took reuniting with Duff and Slash to achieve.
  10. I got the impression that Duff was annoyed with how Matt dealt with Scott, with the challenging him to fights and such.
  11. It's one of my favorite GNR songs, loved it from the first time I heard it, but would definitely like to hear how it sounds with Axl's 90's voice and Slash's contributions.
  12. Getting arrested for pissing on a plane?
  13. Like we've all said before, his voice was strong and he looked great in 2006. His age may have caught up to him quickly or he just stopped caring but he just hasn't looked/sounded the same since.