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  1. It's one of my favorite GNR songs, loved it from the first time I heard it, but would definitely like to hear how it sounds with Axl's 90's voice and Slash's contributions.
  2. Getting arrested for pissing on a plane?
  3. Like we've all said before, his voice was strong and he looked great in 2006. His age may have caught up to him quickly or he just stopped caring but he just hasn't looked/sounded the same since.
  4. They should bring back Steven and Izzy and they should play a show in my town for free! No they should play for free but they should have to pay Steven and Izzy! And after the show they can have a bite to eat and then go to the studio to record an album! And they should have it out by my birthday! No, ON my birthday.
  5. I always took those lines to mean depression and shutting yourself off from everyone until they give up on you and you have nobody to blame but yourself.
  6. They shouldn't be having fun and getting along without Steven!
  7. Okay what's the deal here? Dude that shot the DVD is pissy because they might not want to release it now?
  8. Even with Better mentioning the title of "You're Crazy" in the song it's hard to say for sure since so many woman are crazy. It could really be about anyone.
  9. Has Axl had any kind of serious relationship since Stephanie? He's seemed content to bag models since then. Considering how much of Chinese was written in the 90's my guess is the lyrics about relationships are some combination of Erin, Stephanie, Slash and hypothetical.
  10. The record company wanting to save the albums GNR owes them for a reunion album actually makes sense and explains why they've been tough for Axl to deal with. I'm sure there's been some legal battles over whether Axl's GNR was what the record company signed up for.
  11. I mentioned this the other day, but I think TSI turning out to be GNR's last album hurts it. Put into context, they're good covers, they sound great, and it gave fans something off the heels of Use Your Illusion to tie them over until the next album. Which didn't happen, but that's not The Spaghetti Incident's fault.
  12. You're really not getting it.
  13. Axl just not going on tour likely wasn't an option at a time when GNR was the biggest band in the world.
  14. I think a lot of people are/were quick to write Axl off as just an egotistical asshole. The guy clearly had some issues and suddenly having fame and fortune didn't solve that - if anything it probably made it worse. I don't know how many people were have suffered through depression but there are times you don't want to get out of bed in the morning, let alone get in front of 30,000 and give a high energy performance. It's actually surprising/commendable that Axl wasn't the one who hit the booze/drugs the hardest to deal with it all.
  15. I always felt like whatever issues were between Slash/Axl were much deeper than disagreeing on musical direction or the future of the band. If they've made peace they probably don't want to disclose every detail about it to the media or risk re-opening old wounds. And really, what's the point? Axl, Slash and Duff made their peace with each other and seem content/mature enough to not have to air it to the public. They probably just told Adler that they're not airing complaints publicly and if he wants to be involved in the future to keep his mouth shut.