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  1. What's a pop-up store? Like a temporary merchandise site?
  2. Thanks! And love the profile pic. Bonzai!
  3. Didn't Ashba re-write the Better intro? I thought someone posted a remix or something he did that used the current live intro.
  4. What show did they open you You Could Be Mine?
  5. I don't know if expectations are that high. At least not yet. I think people kinda get this is a nostalgia thing, and that's a big part of the appeal. See Axl and Slash, "real" GNR, play. All you have to do is look at them and know it's not 1991 anymore. If they let the "Axl/Slash/Duff" reunion linger too long people will start to want/anticipate new music and have expectations for it, but if they just got something out it'll be what it is. It'll sell. Probably be decent. I think Contraband is the level they should shoot for, fun rock album that's worth picking up and an enjoyable listen, even if it doesn't change your life or stick with you. The longer they wait to put something out, the more it becomes "Chinese" thing where it's going to be the most epic thing ever.
  6. For better or worse, Slash/Duff seem pretty content to just write music and it doesn't necessarily all have to be amazing, epic music. Jam, write, record, release, repeat. Maybe they need a guy like Axl or Scott to really force them to reach their full potential.
  7. NuGNR were Axl and then a bunch of guys on the same level who were under the impression the music they'd recorded already was going to get released somehow, so when they were asked, that's what they said - it's done, they hope to get it released. If he's been recording recently, it's with some combination of Axl/Slash/Duff, and those guys aren't recording or letting him say anything about it if they're not at least exploring a new album.
  8. Was there ever any reason given for the teleprompters? Because if I can remember the word to every GNR song, you'd think Axl could have. And he was usually the most sober one on stage back then.
  9. Slash and Duff being back is a major difference, don't undersell it. Everything this reunion/tour has been professional. From the Troubadour show, to the merchandise, to them wearing nostalgic t-shirts/clothes on stage, there's been a lot of thought and detail put into this that wasn't there before. They're touring the world and filling stadiums, on the back of little more than "Slash is back now". They didn't have to talk, they didn't have to tell their story, all they had to do was get the world out that it was "real" GNR and now they're in stadiums and receiving offers to continue touring the world. And, to the people filling those stadiums, Axl/Slash is "real" GNR. A record company would be 100% behind releasing a GNR album if one was turned into them in the near future and Duff/Slash being in the band increases the chances of that happening.
  10. With the money this tour is making, I imagine a record company would release anything they can slap the classic logo onto and get onto shelves ASAP.
  11. The thing that gives me hope is that this is the Axl/Slash/Duff machine and no detail about this seems to have been left to chance. There seems to have been thought and effort put into every aspect of this. The hired guitarist isn't going to be suggesting a new album is coming unless he's under the impression it's something they're planning on.
  12. There's no way Fortus is saying that if it's not a real possibility.
  13. Speaking of Velvet Revolver, I threw on Contraband today for the first time in a while. I knew I liked it, but I didn't realize how much of it I liked. It's almost a play-straight-through album for me.
  14. How about a Steven Adler appreciation section so not every topic has to get twisted into complaining about how they treat poor Steven.