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  1. tommy stinsons new cd, profits will go to help Haitian kids

    just a little haitians... yeah yeah
  2. Richard Fortus says GN'R plans Asian Tour in March

    Awesome, I missed them in MN since I was in Texas, but I'm moving to Japan in Feb. rock2
  3. Beethoven took roughly 20 years to the write the 9th

    Axl and Ludwig, different ballparks: 'this I know'. As for the deafness, LvB showed signs by symphony 2 and was probably completely deaf by Eroica (the 3rd) but he was still very prolific. Also Brahms wasn't deaf but he still struggled (being in LvB's shadow). The comparison I'm drawing is two egos struggling with themselves to get something nearly perfect (by their own standard). If the result is something timelesss, musically 'significant' or not, what difference does a couple decades make? Fact on the side: the length of the compact disc was determined by the length of Beehoven 9.
  4. What time has Axl been coming on stage

    The show usually starts around seven...
  5. Brahms took about 15 years to right his first. I'm not saying its completely the same with CD, but its not completely different either.
  6. Best show GN'R ever played?

    is it possible the ritz soundboard was tweaked to make it sound so perfect (like live era tracks) it really does sound flawless, a very minor gripe is that he only sang one verse of RQ and also didnt sing the very last phrase
  7. With a ''sweet'' hangover and the headlines true?

    hahahah, i thought it was 'bit of sulphur'
  8. With a ''sweet'' hangover and the headlines true?

    i used to think twat started 'broken packs of cigarettes' and 'pocket full of summer' also, i used to think nightrain said 'wedding car to the liquor store' >_<
  9. November is Ending...

    axl said late fall on trunk winter solstice is dec 22 so last possible tuesday is dec 19
  10. axl speaks about parkinsons gig

    I'm not talking about the tour, I'm talking about his appearance at the parkinsons gig (hence this thread). I'm just saying its a matter of tact: this is something entirely seperate from the tour and it would be bad to taste for Axl to go, 'yeah yeah parkinsons a bitch, by the way my band is touring so go out and check us out!'
  11. axl speaks about parkinsons gig

    Well, he wouldn't want to make it look like his appearance was just to promote his album. I don't think anyone here thinks that is the case either.
  12. Rumored Album Release Dates

    Plaxico Burress Ok, now use those letters to extract words
  13. Just Another Tuesday

    *posts in legendary topic
  14. HMV gets shipment of album titled "Blue Tree's and Greem Grass"

    hey, i posted that on HTGTH actually, I was searching this thread for this reason, heh
  15. AXL Not Smelling Like A Rose To Fans

    So I can't be a real Beethoven fan unless i'm 200 years old? fission mailed