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  1. Robin Finck Pictures

    that's one of my favorite pics of him no prob Nathalie! call me Mandy please! i missed this thread here, although there's no new pics of him lately but anyway
  2. Robin Finck Pictures

    up! i just thought i should bump this thread back to life hehe, it's been a while
  3. bossa n' roses

    well, duh it's "bossa", brazilian music, you shouldn't expect anything else from it, it's like a 180º turn from the real GN'R sound
  4. Whats up with axls voice in Chinese Democracy? - Download Festival

    i didn't download it, but isn't that audio part of Axl's ear monitor bootleg? if it is then that explains why he sounds so different than every other bootleg, cuz it's not what we are supposed to hear, that's like Axl's voice in the raw
  5. Axl and Co. Achieve the Impossible

    that, my friend, would not only be a huge joy for us GN'R fans but would be so convenient for today's music scene.. a rock band like GN'R taking the spotlight once again.. lots of things would improve
  6. Axl and Co. Achieve the Impossible

    woohoo, I'm just so happy to read all these nice things coming from critics about Robin
  7. Axl is still The MAN

    hahaa that's amazing, taking the piss of the pigeons of shit metal words? and the solo joke should have been with Pitman lol
  8. Your fav. NEW Gn'R lyric quotes

    err.. as much as i love that you called Robin a genius, he wrote the music, not the lyrics, that was Axl (not that i know for sure, but it makes more sense)
  9. who wrote the leaked songs?

    i'm just guessing here as we all are, i think Axl wrote all the lyrics (and maybe some music, like piano parts) and then the other guys wrote the music, but i don't know how did they share it, all we know for sure is that Robin wrote Better's music
  10. Axl Rose By Sante D'Orazio

    ^isn't that Beta?
  11. Axl Rose By Sante D'Orazio

    haha true! ^ btw, @ Darth Vader: right, this just makes me more excited for CD's artwork!! i think it's gonna be legendary, everything about CD, artwork included
  12. Axl Rose By Sante D'Orazio

    you can say that ^ but i just love the make up somehow, it works for the photoshoot, it makes it more artsy/glam
  13. Axl Rose By Sante D'Orazio

    thanks for the scans, although crappy still very much appreciated!!! wow, i still love the red shirt one and now i also love the one with the cigar, the other ones are badass but why does he have to be with a woman??
  14. Axl Rose By Sante D'Orazio

    cool Indianna Rose, i just thought people still complained about the cornrows btw, this topic and photoshoot reminds me of GQ issue from September.. i think there was another article of sorts there?? did it have new pics as well? no right? where can i find the scans for that article?
  15. Axl Rose By Sante D'Orazio

    i might be in the minority here, but i don't think he looks bad at all, i mean his look now, the goatee and cornrows, etc.. i really like it, i guess i got used to it, but i think he looks handsome in his unique own way, and i'm not missing young Axl anymore