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  1. Every other band out there as big as Guns could deliver 5 albums over an 18 year period. Guns produced 1 that came out mixed poorly and with no marketing. I love Chinese D personally, but I just don't hear anything on it that was worth the wait or should have taken so much time to release.
  2. enjoy the shows.
  3. Want to blast Axl singing ACDC in my car and what are my audio options? Have any soundboard tracks leaked? Anyone rip good audio from the youtube clips? I hope they release a live album of these shows on CD. Axl sounds amazing.
  4. I was GA both nights. Really enjoyed the second night SO MUCH MORE because we stayed back near the end of GA and just rocked out! Was great meeting GNR 1991 ....he's a REAL FAN. Who you go with will either make you love the show or just have an OK time. It's impossible to not like a GNR show.
  5. Hey gunners, 23 years for the band and 25 years for me. That's how long it's been seen Axl and Slash have been on stage together. It's hard to think about these shows without putting everything in context. Like many of you, this band has been a HUGE part of my life. I still miss the days when all we did was wait for Chinese Democracy year after year. When we all counted each Tuesday thinking one of them would be the day. When we first heard new tracks. When us, the fans, were the only one with the new tracks. And then there were the tours. I was there in 2002 front row center at MSG. I was there at Hammerstein, CBGB's, MSG again, NJ, Paris, Hiro Ballroom, Rosebar, Hartford CT...and more I'm probably missing. I became friends with Bumblefoot. I've met Axl a couple of times. Some of you got Dr Peppers And I was there in 1991 at MSG when I was 13 years old and then Faith No More / Metallica / GNR a couple years later. So I think I've got the whole "GNR FAN" thing down. For those of us who really waited for Chinese D and knew the vitriol Axl had for the old members, we never thought this moment would come. And now that it's here, how does it feel. I can't answer for all of you, but I can tell you that I am happy and sad at the same time. So happy they are finally back where they belong. Sad because so many years were wasted. But we always knew GNR would go this route. Axl was never just going to put out irrelevant album out one after the other like the Rolling Stones (no offense to Stones fans). He always wanted the music to be some sort of statement and finding the inspiration must have been nearly impossible after such early success. I still love Chinese Democracy because of what it represents...a genius musician totally unsure of which way to go in life...it's all there...it's a sad album, but it hits hard and rocks. What's weird for me is how much time has passed since they initially "came back". That was 15 years ago! The fan base has all aged 15 years since then. It was exciting to think what Axl had in store for us. But more and more the tours became a greatest hits tour so it only made sense to play the classics with the guys who wrote those songs, with the guys who FELT those songs, with the guys who LIVED those songs. So seeing Duff and Slash back up there is just magical. I'm going to try and give my review broken out into Pros / Cons. PROS: 1. THE SOUND: The new band could never get that classic SLASH sound right. You sort of need Slash. It's back. Him on a Les Paul playing November Rain, that's it. That's Guns N Roses. He just crushes it. Axl sounded amazing too. He was really hitting the high notes. Sure his rasp would go in and out at times, but who the hell, during a live show is caring / noticing? NOBODY. Don't let the internet babies over analyze this because they will. 2. THE SET LIST: Lots to be happy about with the songs they are playing. COMA live is worth the price of admission right there. Axl nailed the outro, which is damn tough to sing. 3. GNR T-Shirts EVERYWHERE: I don't think we'll ever see so many GNR fans take over an entire city the way they took over Vegas. Literally saw a shirt every few minutes in every hotel, all across Vegas. So it was cool to see an Arena completely sold out and filled with fans. 4. Layla: The 3 of the jamming out again...priceless. CONS: 1. No SLASH Interaction / Appreciation Moment, At All: So I sort of had a big issue with this since all of us spent so much money to get there and priceless amounts of emotional energy supporting this band for decades. They sort of just started the show with a song that doesn't put SLASH front and center. Why didn't they have SLASH just stand there for a minute so the crowd could welcome him back and then have him hit those first chords to jungle? They sort of just went on like it was another day. And maybe that was the point. But you only get one chance to give the fans that moment and I wish they would have done something a bit more...Also, Slash never spoke to the crowd once. Again, this moment meant a lot to the people attending and there just wasn't any acknowledgement of that by the band. Maybe I am reading too much into this and just being there was enough. 2. Tired / Lame Fans: Not the bands fault, but I'm always shocked at how few people sing / dance at these shows. Me and the crew I was with were going crazy for each song. And there were moments I would just look around and see people just standing there, staring blankly at the performance. Really? Guns N Fucking Roses are back after 23 years and you're just gonna watch emotionless? Part of this boils down to the fact that the fan base is older, and let's be honest, these shows are past most of their bed times Mine included. There's also an energy to the shows that goes up and down, which is my next point. 3. Sporadic Energy From Songs: It's sort of been like this for a while, but some songs just ZAP the energy from the Arena. I know Axl needs to pace himself, so it's understandable. One song that just won't end is Knocking on Heaven's Door. The part at the end where Axl sings one then the crowd sings one goes on for a good 5 or so minutes. After each Axl / crowd part theres a long guitar solo that really breaks up the energy that used to happen in that part...what happens is the crowd is pumped to sing along and then you are waiting, not knowing when to come back in...again, maybe just me, but I would just sing that song they way the originally sang it. As much as I love songs like COMA / Estranged, TIL...they really bring the energy down. Would happily trade one for Out to Get Me or Used to Love Her...Like when Sebastian Bach came out, he really got the crowd going with My Michelle. Why? Because he talked to the crowd and got them pumped. Back to point 1....not having Axl running around was bound to take the energy level down a bit, but you can easily get fans pumped with a few speeches / rants All of which will come, I'm sure as they settle in together. Overall, I had a great time and the last point I'll make is the most important one. ENJOY YOURSELF AT THE SHOWS! Don't worry about the ticket prices. Don't worry about the people around you. Just lose yourself in the music and you will remember it. Bring friends who love the band and rock out. Don't just go to see them. Go to feel like that kid you used to be when you first discovered Guns N Roses. It's not very often you can sing and dance to GNR for 2 1/2 hours straight without annoying the fuck out of someone. HAHA. This is your chance. Can't wait to see them in NYC at Met Life stadium I'm taking my girlfriend to see them for the first time. She lucked out SLASH!
  6. Exactly. Fan base in their 40's-50's and they are much more tired by the time the show starts. I'll say this, the energy level of MSG 2002 in NYC was the best I have ever experienced. They hit the stage around 10pm that night. These LATE LATE starts are killer.
  7. I have to say, I made the HUGE mistake of arriving at the arena around 9pm last night. Still on NYC time and by the time the show started, I was sort of beat. First hour I was good, having fun, but the last hour I was beyond tired. Still had a blast, but I made the rookie mistake: I waited on my feet for hours. God I wish I had a seat. Tonight, I"m just going to hang near the back of GA, arrive around 11:30 and enjoy the show more. Constantly getting pushed for 3 hours, being on my feet for 6+ hours, it's just no fun. IMHO.
  8. You guys need to stop analyzing these songs in a vacuum. At the show, like WHEN YOU ARE THERE, everything sounded great. These guys are playing for the crowd in front of them, not the youtube critics. It's rock n roll and it sounded awesome. Every. Song.
  9. You guys are crazy. Was at the show last night. He sounded AMAZING. Every think someone's voice doesn't sound epic when you're recording the audio using shitty cell phones? Also, remember, Axl couldn't go backstage and get his oxygen like he normally does due to be stuck in the chair. He did go backstage some, but couldn't do it mid song, like during estranged.
  10. Might have some VIP Paradise City Package ticket to NY show...those tickets are now sold out.
  11. It only takes one guy at Tower Records / Troubador to tell a friend, and wham, 250 people know.
  12. guys, you'll never get a PIT ticket with the pre-sale. Why do people even try?
  13. Got Section 3 on the floor, Row 2, seats 1-4. Course I did the $750 Paradise City VIP tickets. The presale stuff was all garbage. Managed to get 8 tickets via the Paradise City VIP. $6,000 in tickets. YowZER.