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  1. Well, I think you guys need to stop saying GNR fans won't be there. It will be packed with die-hard fans. This show has NO promotion really and sold out in seconds. No Chinese D show ever did that.
  2. SO FUCKING DUMB...you can't get 2 tickets together in ANY SECTION. How's that possible?
  3. Oh I am in the waiting room. Been for 30 minutes. I just don't trust these sites at all. Question, if you have more than one waiting room open, does that hurt you?
  4. If anyone gets through and gets GA for Friday, I'll pay you $500 for them. That is if you don't want them
  5. This shit makes me sad as hell. That's 15 years ago! And what since? Axl had so many good songs ready to go and just imagine if Prostitute was released then with an epic music video...But nothing ever happened. Once Bucket and Brain left the new band became a bit of a joke. Bucket & Axl could have been Axl & Slash...but it's almost as if he never wanted to give the new guys a chance to succeed. The delays, lack of support, lack of new material and the horrible way Chinese D was released (Best Buy really? with no interviews or promotion at all) was just sad to see.
  6. Still kicking myself for not buying the VIP GA seats for $650 each. This process sucks.
  7. You guys are nuts. This thing is gonna SELL OUT FAST. Welcome to 2016 boys where GNR fans are in the PRIME EARNING period of their lives. I am pissed I didn't grab the early access Silver VIP GA seats for $650 each. They are ALL sold out for both nights.
  8. You're TOTAL mistaken my friend. The only people that might be a bit bored are US, the Chinese Democracy faithful who have seen them A LOT over the past 10 years. To most GNR fans who are loyalist and passed on Axl's new band, this will feel like 23 years ago to them. You forget that GNR alienated so much of its fanbase when it became a new band. Look how fast these shows are selling out tickets. Boring? No way. I'll tell you what was boring about new GNR. The crowds were fucking lame. At the Vegas shows, people just stood there and watched. At every show I went to, there was no energy in the crowd. The only shows that had energy were MSG in 2002 and the Hammerstein Ballroom gigs. Other than that, a big crowd not really into it. Slash is going to make PEOPLE GO NUTS. Slash on top of the piano at the end of November Rain boring? Think again!
  9. No GA was available. The best bet would be the Silver VIP GA seats. Should have grabbed them last night but they were over $600. Airfare, hotel, tickets...man almost $2,000 to see Guns?
  10. Guys, be careful. There is a link to buy now that is basically their Re-Sale (stubhub) deal. People are flipping GA seats now for $900 EACH! HAHAHAHA https://tickets.axs.com/premium.html?wr=3505a5a9-ab46-4016-aa81-133eb6ab5b5c〈=en&skin=tmobile&ec=LVA160408&preFill=1&modRes=1
  11. Gonna just have to wait until Saturday. I also am a CitiCard member and they have a pre-sale too. What I don't get is how some got the code and others didn't when we are all members.
  12. I'm just gonna buy them on eBay or stubhub. These things are dumb.
  13. Well i never got a code. So fucked up.
  14. Why are people not sharing the code here. Guys, that's FUCKED up.