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  1. Cruising (gay movie with Al Pacino)

    Yup. Good film.
  2. They're my two favorite singers but Cornell's voice has definitely changed but it still strong. I've seen them 3 times within the past 18 months, seeing him again next month. Also, in Axl's defense, when we perform, he's pretty still, not running around, which helps him keep his breath better. Axl's issue is his breath I think more than the actual voice. Cornell is also in much better shape than Axl, which account for a lot of breath. But when Axl's on, he's fucking on. Two great singers still. Ironically, my first ever concert was SG opening for GN'R @ MSG in '91.
  3. Are you sure about Dead Horse, Right Next Door to Hell and Shotgun Blues??? I know Perfect Crime was played in '86. Also, not sure about Yesterdays & The Garden. I think those are '89 tunes... To my knowledge, the UYI tunes in existence during AFD were November Rain, Bad Obsession, Perfect Crime, Don't Cry, You Could Be Mine & Back off Bitch.
  4. Well, the Blu-ray will be 1080P with a much better encode and lossless audio, whereas this will be 1080i or 720p with probably a DD audio. I'm watching it Sunday but I'm definitely getting the BD when it comes out...
  5. According to DirecTV, it's 2h35m, at leas that's what my satellite box says...
  6. Pretty good. Mine would be very close, though maybe Prostitute instead of TWAT. (I'll make mine a bit different for fun though). Don't Damn Me Prostitute Rocket Queen
  7. How about a NIN/GN'R/QOTSA Tour?

    NIN wouldn't open for Gn'R… They're arguable bigger… Even Soundgarden who is a well-known band is co-headling with NIN, but I bet SG will play second... Gn'R, NIN & SG would be the dream concert… Funny, because everyone has played together, just not all 3 together.
  8. The Official Blu-Ray Thread

    Nice! I just got Blue is the Warmest Color. Great film.
  9. Today's Alice in Chains > Today's "GNR"

    Well, I don't know what their personal lives have anything to do with the quality of their work, but okay… If you say so... Sorry you aren't a fan of CD. I am. I am also a fan of BGWTB. But I find CD more interesting and enjoyable. But it's like comparing apples to oranges.
  10. Today's Alice in Chains > Today's "GNR"

    I like Black Gives Way to Blue. Not so much Dinosaurs… Though, Black doesn't compare at all with Facelift, Dirt, Sap or even their self-titled album/tripod. I prefer Chinese over Black or Dinosaurs… I do agree on Staley being one of the all-time great vocalists. Unfortunately, while Duvall is fairly decent, he's no Staley by any stretch of the imagination. I'd rather see Axl's new band than AIC w/Duvall.
  11. Moving Forward

    Hi Everyone! I used to be a regular around this forum but I've been working a lot lately. I'm an up and coming writer/director. just launched a Kickstarter for my film. Here's the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/182107723/moving-forward - check it out! If you could contribute anything, that would be really great of you. Also, if you could share it on Facebook, twitter, whatever you use, send e-mails to people you know who may be interested in helping out, I would appreciate it a lot. Thank you guys so much! Dylan
  12. London O2 Palladia Airdates Announced!

    However, including commercials, it's only 90 minutes...
  13. London O2 Palladia Airdates Announced!

    According to TVguide.com it's playing March 2 @ 11PM: http://www.tvguide.com/search/index.aspx?keyword=Guns%20N'%20Roses
  14. GnR doing 12 shows in Vegas General Discussion Thread.

    Where'd you learn to do math? That's 85%, bud
  15. Least Favorite Gn'R song from each album

    AFD - My Michelle Lies - Mama Kin UYI 1 - Bad Obsession UYI 2 - I like them all, but if I had to throw one there, I'd say Yesterdays TSI - Attitute CD - Riad & The Bedouins