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  1. Happy B-Day Axl

    Happy birthday
  2. Thin Lizzy is the best opening act I have seen so far, without a doubt. And I remember seeing Sebastian (who was great), Danko Jones (which i liked a lot), Rival Sons (they grew on me), Bullet for my Valentine (ok, I guess), Shaka Ponk (entertaining)...
  3. Does anybody else often dream about GNR?

    This night I dreamt that Guns N' Roses played at the local school. There was a lot of people, but noone at the front row. So Axl jumped of the stage and sang among the audience in stead. He was wearing his red shorts :krider: I was busy taking pictures. Woke up during November Rain... Dream that kind of dreams all the time. Sometimes I can't find the right stage, or I have to go to the toilet right before they gets on stage. But most of the times it has something to do with a concert in some form
  4. I MET AXL and AGAIN!

    What a great experience for all of you The video made me both smile and cry happy tears It reminded me of when I met Axl i 2010. My legs were shaking so hard, I looked like Elvis And SLAA you shouldn't feel embarrassed, I think Axl has that effect on a lot of girls
  5. How much is it worth?

    Thank you for all your help
  6. How much is it worth?

    How can I see if it is fake?
  7. How much is it worth?

    Thank you very much
  8. How much is it worth?

    Not even a 'xx is way to little', or 'probably around xx'? Any help would be appreciated
  9. How much is it worth?

    I'm thinking about buying this award, but I'm not sure, how much it is worth. It's for a radio station named wtqr, 1,000,000 sold albums... Can anyone help?
  10. Official Website

    Just won their facebook competition - free membership for a year Guess that doesn't include a bandana or a t-shirt
  11. Guns N Roses about to stream an upcoming Gig!

    Then why don't I get the mail Thanks for your answer anyway...
  12. Guns N Roses about to stream an upcoming Gig!

    I ordered 30 minutes ago with my Visa, but I haven't recieved anything. When i check my orders on the website - nothing... Have anyone else used Visa to pay?
  13. List of GnR songs that you HAVE heard on the radio

    Just found this link to a danish radio station. Guns N' Roses has been played 222 times since april 2011 - including Get in the Ring 28 times Paradise City at number 1 with 34 times. http://andyg.dk/p6trends/music/Guns_'N'_Roses
  14. best lyrics for a tattoo?

    We take for granted, we know the whole story We judge a book by it's cover And read what we want Between selected lines

    Happy birthday Axl 50, eh? Still hot as hell