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  1. Section 5, row 26. I have no idea if that's god or bad - my first time in the US. Hoping to find some tickets for the pit to the first New York show
  2. After trying for 2½ hour it finally worked out - not in the pit, as I hoped for, but I got tickets
  3. Looking for 2 tix for 07.23 GA New York!
  4. Trying with my phone, but keeps getting the message 'Oops! Sorry we encountered a problem (41007)
  5. I'm looking for tix for both shows in New York. But ticketmaster doesn't seem to work for me. I am aware, that the first concert is sold out, and that the second isn't for sale yet. But no matter witch other concert I try to get tickets for, I get this respond: We were unable to process your request.Try again later. Am I doing something wrong? I'm from Europe, I know that other europeans had problems buying tix, can anyone help me?
  6. Axl/DC Roll Call

  7. I'm going to the concert in Denmark, pit A
  8. Demos for a special radio program

    Follow the link
  9. Someone wearing a Slash shirt
  10. 14 years! But I hope they chance it to 23 years ? New York ?