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  1. why does axl constantly run off stage?

    Couldn't said it better.......
  2. Guns N' Roses guitarist comparison (YouTube)

    Check out Buckethead and Ron Thals stuff......
  3. Nice link on youtube... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVV0qlukPVw What do you think..... My option YCBM: Slash NR: Bumblefoot NT: Buckethead Bucketheads night t. solo was incredible
  4. It's alright

    Agree Axl's voice is brilliant.
  5. It's alright

    Det var riktig, er Norsk ;=) Men, er dårlig på ishockey, så jeg er verken Henrik Forsberg eller Espen "Shampo" Knudsen
  6. It's alright

    Ja, jeg skal ikke si noe. Har ikke hørt så mye på Black Sabbath, men likte iallfall Axl sin stemme på den sangen.
  7. It's alright

    Okeeey! Thanks for the info. It must have sound better with GNR then Black Sabath
  8. It's alright

    What is the history of the song called "It's alright", performed by Guns n roses live? Is it a coversong? I thought it was a great song performed by Axl live....
  9. There Was A Time For Me Has Done A Sweet Child

    I didn't like it the first time, but now it is amazing. An Ron Thal play it as good live as Buckethead did on the demo. Ron Thal is the man rock1
  10. Catcher in the Rye

    Then TWAT must be there...... rock1
  11. Oh My God

    Far away the best GNR song in my option. Maybee the worst song, among with My World. But, thats in my option. I think Sympathy for the Devil is better....
  12. Track Listing?

    Do you think it is posible that Knockin on heavens door 2006 version is on Chinese democracy. The 2006 version of the song from the European Tour?
  13. Chinese Democracy -wich song should be on the record?

    Twat is better then cather in the ray in my option! Awsom guitarsolo from Buckethead on that song.... rock1
  14. to all members when cd does come out

    absolutely buying
  15. "There Was A Time" growing on me

    No, i don't like it. Better, IRS, Madagascar and Blues are better songs in my option! I think The Blues and Madagascar is more like november rain then twat. And they are better songs too. rock1