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  1. Most venues have a cap on how many performing artists can wear top hats due to fire safety and laws inplemented by homeland security after 9/11. They went with the guy whose hat was the least stupid, thus the reunion of Guns N' Roses sans Ashba.
  2. Is Axl the best frontman of all time?

    I don't know if anyone in rock ever had as high of a peak as he had. But the fact it lasted only 6 years or so is a demerit. He's top 5. For a guy whose peak lasted only 5 years and two original albums, it's not bad at all.
  3. Much ado about nothing. The guy stuck by Axl through shit times, collecting a paycheck or not he was there. There is an unshakable sense however that as hardcore fans, so far the reunion has seemed like Slash and Duff just joined Axl's band rather than an honest to godreunion. In fairness, it hasn't been necessarily marketed as a reunion by the band. Perhaps calling out Richard could play into this notion, but really it felt like Axl saying "hey, this guy is no scrub." I doubt Slash and Duff would have a problem with that if they're playing with the guy.
  4. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    UTLH was pretty rough, but all the other videos looked great. I haven't found the live stream vids yet. Halp?
  5. Richard a bit overbearing?

    He's not doing Hogan ears. We're good.
  6. You either die Mother Goose, or live long enough to see yourself become the Wicked Witch.
  7. Weird request for Axl dirty old man pic

    Essentially yes. But Louis CK was involved and it's a whole thing.
  8. Weird request for Axl dirty old man pic

    I'm trying to prove a minor point to a friend. That's not the one though, might be the same girl but not that picture. The girl was in a thong hugging Axl with her backside towards the camera. There was a minor to-do about it because the girl was only 19 or so and she posted the pictures on her Instagram.
  9. Does anyone have that picture of a few years back where Axl is in a hotel room with some 19 year old in a thong? It was really weird and awkward and funny.
  10. I was trying to find it but have failed. Can anyone help me here?
  11. I've seen a couple of tepid reviews. In fairness this is a weird festival to have the reunion at. GNR was hipster chic at one point but I feel like that time passed. It looks like the performance was great but you look at the entirety of the bill and it just seems odd.
  12. Anyone remember that picture of Axl and that 19 year old girl in a thong in a hotel room from a few years back? That was weird.
  13. Anyone point me to the pro shot vids?
  14. Can I be honest? I've never heard how he played it incorrectly. Can someone show me a side by side comparison of how it ought to be and an example where Frank plays it incorrectly? As far as Frank's tempo, that's not really up to Frank. See that earpiece? It isn't just a monitor. It has a click track in it. If Axl's 30 year career has taught us nothing, it's that the way songs will be played will not be dictated by the drummer.
  15. Sure Kurt would roll over in his grave, but the Foo Fighters are on break and we all know the drum gig in GNR is essentially a session deal. Why not get one of the best in the biz? If I were the petition making sort this is one I would do. Realistic? No, but after seeing Axl show up on time and perform Coma sitting in Dave Grohl's literal throne, I wouldn't rule anything out anymore.