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  1. Kerns said talk had been happening for over a year and a half, timeline fits to where Matt would know about it and may have either chose his words carefully to maintain the possibility of involvement or is in. There is also the possibility he was just speaking his honest opinion regardless of any relationship with Axl.
  2. I'm so happy he acknowledged how awful drum sounds were in the mid 80's seeping into the 90's. Hell, there's still too much reverb on UYI for my liking. While its said that Nevermind killed big hair or stadium dinosaur bands, I think Dave Grohl and Steve Albini did more changing the sound of rock music in that beautiful perfect drum sound. Albini got a beautiful drum tone on the Pixies record he did, Surfer Rosa. On In Utero it's a similar sound, but with Dave Grohl's monster pounding drumming.
  3. Had no illusions of it being a heartfelt reconcilliation, Tommy just made it all the more obvious it wasn't. That isn't to be entirely cynical and a part of Axl and Slash may have realized "we're 50-something year old men, why in the hell are we holding twenty year grudges," but circumstance and dollar signs obviously comes into account. I was just saying that this bit from Tommy illuminates a bit of that circumstance. I was a little surprised he made it seem as if Axl had some realization he didn't have a band, then called up the old guys.
  4. This sort of makes the reunion seem a lot more like Axl's nugnr fell apart more than some heartfelt reconciliation.
  5. There have been rumors all over since the NWA movie that NWA would regroup with Eminem/Snoop taking eazy's place. In this instance, an NWA reunion would be mostly a greatest hits tour of their stuff and early 90's solo stuff, things from the family tree
  6. I generally like the recent slash stuff, but if I only had three options it's not likely they would be any of them. I'd like to see fall to pieces above all.
  7. Okay, I've cleaned up this thread in light of Teejay's admission this was made up. I get that a few of you have had a game going to see who could come up with ludicrous rumours for clickbait sites however this was a little too plausible. Consider this a general warning to knock off this sort of posting as it spreads much wider than mygnr right now and doesn't exactly create a great impression for anyone coming here looking for genuine news. That said, well played Teejay but do it again and we'll take it more seriously! My apologies, I've had my fun! Haha
  8. Thats a good picture of him petting Duff. Chris is like "Don't worry, I have your back with these synths." lmao " petting Duff" I'll never understand the need for pitman or his supporter's. The guy is the biggest tool in the history of the band.I don't think he actually has supporters outside of an inside joke that's been running for 10 years. That in itself is worthy of praise.
  9. I wonder if a new GNR release would be called CD2? I also wonder would it be like 8 CD era tunes, a couple of Slash Dad rock tunes? More collaborative affairs?
  10. Hit up an open mic night at a wild wing cafe in Minneapolis.
  11. I mean, it wouldn't be entirely beyond the scope for coachella to be the UYI lineup then tour as the hybrid, would it?
  12. I probably most admire Duff, the ways he's gotten a handle on life and turned things around.
  13. If a CD song or two is played in place of nonsensical jams, AC/DC covers, and 10 minute solo spots, fine by me.