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  1. I didn't mind the sound at all. It's a great way to listen to the old songs with modern sounding production.
  2. I haven't bothered reading this thread, but are there people who actually think he is wrong?
  3. If we're talking purely musically, GNR 2016 is a much better sounding band than GNR 1991. Sure we miss Izzy but it was the raw energy that made those 91 performances. It isn't fair to expect them to conjure that now, it is fair to expect a good functional show. Money disputes can get solved, there has to be a reason beyond that they didn't link up. I don't know if I would bend over backwards to invest in a guy who has been happy as a nomad for the better part of the past 25 years to commit to a 1-2 year long tour, even if that guy was special 25 years ago.
  4. Do you think Jon Bon jovi and Vince Neil read about this tour how GNR just wakes back up and is in stadiums again and get angry?
  5. Like most songs on CD, Catcher was probably a great song 30 tacked-on ideas prior.
  6. Anyone notice the tone improved on this leg of the tour?
  7. I can't be the only one in the I don't miss Adler camp. This is a cool novelty, but he isn't even fourth of my list of GNR drummers.
  8. I like frank fine enough. Playing every song about 5-10 bpm too fast is pretty off putting, but technically speaking he's great. However, I will never understand what the huge problem is with Matt wherein he wasn't a part of this reunion.
  9. I kind have never connected how much the song Chinese Democracy sounds like velvet revolver song until Slash played on it. Not as if anyone bit off of anyone, obviously, but similar 3-4 chord drop D tunings.
  10. https://theringer.com/rebooting-axl-rose-2089c11efce5#.gyog8isby Neat essay on the reunion and the first gig. Also hails the greatest line ever written about Duff McKagan, that he looks like he walked off the cover of "casual badass" magazine.
  11. What song does he use a firebird on?
  12. His tone sounds a little different than with Myles. Seems to have upped the gain a ton. I think someone else noted he went back to the jubilee marshals. Anyone else notice?