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  1. Checkmate / Jackie Chan I like the part I've heard and, for me, the GNR saga will never be complete until I've heard the rest of this song.
  2. Do we know if the full Checkmate / Jackie Chan is out there? I was on this board the night the original 15-20 second clip leaked (5/17/2006). Who is the guy that cuts in around 16 seconds in and says "Did I mention?...f*!# you!" ? I don't remember what that was all about. The prospect of hearing the rest of this teaser is about all that keeps me occasionally checking in on the saga.
  3. I've heard a bootleg of Weird Al performing the song "Chicken Pot Pie" at a concert, a parody of "Live and Let Die" performed in GNR's style. A cool thing about Weird Al is that he never records a parody without getting permission from the original artist (even though he legally could get away with it). Anyway, in interviews Weird Al has stated that he asked Paul McCartney for permission to parody the song, but was turned down because Paul is vegan. He told Al that if he changed the lyrics then he wouldn't care, so Al decided to not record it. Regardless, it was pretty funny based on the live recording I heard.
  4. Ron Thal doing a Reddit AMA on June 5th

    It must have been cancelled. It was previously listed to begin at 12:30 PM EDT, but it's no longer on today's schedule at all.
  5. Los Angeles December 21st

    I have time to watch them, but the iclips site won't even load for me now. WTF
  6. LA Forum and Dec. 30th LV Joint Shows on Live Internet PPV!

    I just hope they don't have some type of protection on their non-free videos that would prevent the Flash download method from working.
  7. LA Forum and Dec. 30th LV Joint Shows on Live Internet PPV!

    The shows will be available to stream for a 24 hour period following each show. I'm assuming you can replay as many times as you wish during that 24-hour period.
  8. LA Forum and Dec. 30th LV Joint Shows on Live Internet PPV!

    Once the finished videos are posted, there is a way to dowload the video files which are playable using VLC Player (and other players). I tested it with one of the free videos on the iClips site and it works. Here is the method that I used and you can practice on this page: 1. Go to the video's page, http://iclips.net/watch/dumpstaphunk-3 2. In your browser (I use Google Chrome), right click on the page background and choose "View Source". 3. The source code opens in a new tab. Scroll down in the code until you see the following: baseUrl: 'http://hwcdn.net/b3q6e2n8/cds/', scaling: 'fit' }, playlist: [ { url: '2008_05_30_dumpstaphunk_0_01.f4v' } , { url: '2008_05_30_dumpstaphunk_0_02.f4v' } , { url: '2008_05_30_dumpstaphunk_0_03.f4v' } , { url: '2008_05_30_dumpstaphunk_0_04.f4v' } , { url: '2008_05_30_dumpstaphunk_0_05.f4v' } , { url: '2008_05_30_dumpstaphunk_0_06.f4v' } , { url: '2008_05_30_dumpstaphunk_0_07.f4v' } , { url: '2008_05_30_dumpstaphunk_0_08.f4v' } ] }); 4. Construct a usable web addess by stringing-together the baseurl and one of the url's, like this: "http://hwcdn.net/b3q6e2n8/cds/2008_05_30_dumpstaphunk_0_01.f4v" 5. Copy / paste the web address into your browser's address bar and hit enter. 6. The download should start. 7. One you have it downloaded, you can play it with any video player that plays Flash video files, like the free VLC Player.
  9. LA Forum and Dec. 30th LV Joint Shows on Live Internet PPV!

    Will the opening acts be streamed too? I would love to catch the Steel Panther set.
  10. Axl and Dj on That Metal Show

    Coincidentally, my Comcast DVR guide has the 11/11 That Metal Show description with Slash and Sam Dunn. Looks like Slash's segment might be axe'd (or Axl'd)... Here is the description as it's currently listed: That Metal Show Slash / Sam Dunn TV Listings Fri, 11/11 11:00-12:00a 473 VH1CL
  11. MYGNRFORUM *not* closing

    As my final post, I too wanted to thank the admins. I've been a member since 03 and I don't post often, but I do read the forum daily. It will be missed.
  12. You have to hear this.

    The song isn't new...floated around here years ago. It's by "Handsome Hank and the Lonely Boys":
  13. Rumored Album Release Dates

    Here is the website for the "Backstage Cafe" that held the party: http://www.backstagecafe.com/ For reference, it appears that the party was held there last year too: http://www.allaccessmagazine.com/vol4/issu...stage_cafe.html
  14. Rumored Album Release Dates

    Can you post a link to this "bulletin"?
  15. Rumored Album Release Dates

    I checked the barcode against UPCdatabase.com...they show it as a "dummy UPC code". Sounds like it's just a Virgin specific number, not the actual barcode from the packaging. http://www.upcdatabase.com/dummyupc.asp?upc=2601000007754